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We aim to provide you with all the information, examples, and resources you will ever need to create Quake II DLL's. If you've never programmed before, our Tutorials will get you up to scratch fast! Then move on to writing full-blown modifications in C and/or C++. We will cover development in all sorts of environments, including professional ones (MS VC++ and Symantec C++) as well as freeware alternatives. You can contact us at dll@quake2.com.


2 March, 1999
Getting GBPaker and other stuff

Warzone, who's been kind enough to host my GBPaker site, is changing providers and upgrading their servers, so temporarily, my site is unreachable.

For those of you who want to grab GBPaker, I've added the files here so you can get them easily.

GBPaker 0.9c for DOS/Windows
GBPaker 0.9c for Linux ELF/glibc

On the Q3 Arena front, I've received word back that the Q3Arena folks are interested in me managing the coding section for the new site, so look for announcements about this site moving in the near future. While the move develops I'll keep working on a HUD tutorial, which should be pretty cool.

-- Brad 15:51 GMT

25 January, 1999
WTF?! It's Q3Arena!?

If you're confused, you're not the only one. I reloaded my browser three times before realizing that the switch had occurred. R.I.P. Quake2.com, all hail Q3Arena.com!

I've emailed the Q3Arena folks, and have offered to maintain the coding section of Q3Arena's Game Info section. If they are willing, I plan to move most of this site's content over there, and begin to plan for Q3 tutorials to come. You are probably aware that the Q3 plan as it stands today is to have a server side DLL ala Quake2, along with an interpreted or p-code type client side module. If this method remains the route id chooses to go, the DLL tutorials presented so far should still provide valuable insight for Q3 programming. As I get reliable info on the p-code stuff, I'll present code covering that side of things also.

I still plan to deliver the HUD tutorial soon, in the meantime, and am looking at ways to improve the forum portion of the site. I may resort to programming my own in order to make it as easy to follow and archive as possible. If anyone has info about a killer forum software package that's freeware or cheap shareware, email me, please.

-- Brad 22:39 GMT

4 January, 1999
It's here!

Wow! Happy New Year. For the first post of '99, I present the final installment of the Realistic Weapons Tutorial! This wraps up the series, and focuses on how to enable firing of multiple ammo types from a single weapon. Please make sure you've read and worked through the earlier tutorials, especially the Sabotage tutorial before trying this one. Enjoy! Next up, a HUD tutorial.

-- Brad 15:32 GMT

22 December, 1998
Happy Holidays!

First, Happy Holidays to everyone, regardless of your religious persuasion (or lack thereof).

Second, Yes I am still working, and the last part of the weapons tutorial is due any day. I've had several Real Life(tm) things come up, including moving to a new house, a crash of my main web design machine (Winbloze 95 based, saved by Linux, of course), and work on GBPaker to support Half Life and Sin.

Finally, after the final weapons tutorial, I'll be doing a HUD tutorial, showing you how to do an enemy proximity detector, ala Aliens. After that, I'm not sure, but I may start doing some Half Life work. I've been playing Half Life, and frankly. Valve has done it right IMHO. Keep your eyes out to see what develops.

Again, Happy Holidays, and thanks for the support of Quake2 DLLs! Shouts to mr_slippery! Thanks for the plug on Qdevels!

-- Brad 17:31 GMT

14 October, 1998
GBPaker released

If you're a Quake or Quake 2 mod author, you might want to check out GBPaker. I released it officially today. It's a utility to allow authors to distribute pak file updates that are merged into the exising pak files, saving end user headaches and disk space.

Hmm... two shameless plugs for stuff I've done. What am I becoming? #8^D

-- Brad 16:58 GMT

8 October, 1998
Editorial followup

It didn't take long to receive a reply to my editorial rant this morning. ShockMan sent me this email. I've posted it with his permission:

I saw your rather "negative" post on quake2.com/dll about my decitions [sic] 
not to give out my fog code to everyone... I really like a chance to
comment on it if I may?

First, I do not wanna [sic]start a war or anything over this... ok? fine.

The reason I have released the code like I have is that I didn't wanted
alots [sic] of people takeing [sic] the source and just copying it and then saying
that they made it. (i know, there's alots [sic] of those people around...
saddly [sic]). After all I wouldn't have had to release the code at all, now
would I? All I have done is to assure that the people that wants to use
the fog really are developing an TC and put the code to good use.
I've already replied to him. I'm sure he's a decent guy, but I stand by my initial comments. I still think you either put your code out there for all to see without restriction, or keep it to yourself and keep your mouth shut. Anything else is grandstanding.

-- Brad 21:58 GMT

8 October, 1998
Fog Tutorial and an impromptu editorial

My partner in crime, Rohan, has finally completed his Fog Tutorial. Take a look at it if you want to know how to do fog in single player Q2.

Related to the above, I ran across an update on the Chemical Existence TC site that really pissed me off. Here you'll find ShockMan posting a note about how he has created code for fog. In order to be able to get his source code, he requires a laundry list of requirements one must meet.

People, none of us would be here doing this stuff if it wasn't for the willingness of others in the community to share what they know. If you are this hungry for name recognition, get a job in the industry or found your own company and write the Next Big Thing(tm).

What really cracks me up is that this 'secret code' is nothing more than a few lines enabling a GL switch that renders the fog. It only works in Single Player mode because of the structure of the Quake 2 engine. It's the same basic premise that Rohan discovered through reading the OpenGL Programmer's Guide back in July. So in essence if you use this guy's 'code', you'll be required to paste his name in the credits of your TC, and ask his permission to distribute it for nothing more than failing to do your homework. I guess if you're willing to make that deal, you deserve it.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe instead of publishing tutorials I should be copyrighting every piece of code I write, even when it's just a derivative of work someone else has done. Maybe I could even get a job at Microsoft, doing it for the big bucks...

-- Brad 19:42 GMT

18 September, 1998
New Recruit & Proposed changes

Hi. I'm the new recruit. I'm serving as webmaster for the immediate future, and hopefully increasing the amount of updates this page sees.

And onto the proposed changes:

  1. The FAQ will be updated from its' somewhat sorry state.
  2. The Tutorial section is to be reorganised to be more "user friendly".
  3. Links will be updated (more accurately, one of the links will be updated).
  4. The inPVS / inPHS transposition in the reference texts will be corrected (and other errors checked for).

That's it for the first wave of changes, but more will come. Direct any comments, questions, suggestions or abuse to Watters.

-- Watters 20:19 GMT

10 September, 1998
Weapons Tutorial Part Two & Some changes a comin'

Part 2 of the multipart weapons tutorial is up here. We tackle implementing realistic features in this installment. Reloading and out of ammo are covered, along with several associated tips and tricks.

I'm also somewhat sad to announce the JohnC is no longer able to keep his hand in at Quake 2 DLLs. He's graduated from college and landed a real job. Kudos to JohnC for single handedly maintaining Q2 DLLs at times, and providing a very valuable resource to the Qmunity. Please don't send him any more Quake2 email. I'll be deactivating his links, but will leave his bio up as a tribute.

Along the lines of changes, I'm contemplating some look and feel changes, as well as some new resources for handlind programming questions that keep flowing in. Keep your eye on the site for news, and if any of you are interested in helping maintain Q2 DLLs, I could use a hand. It's just me right now. If you're interested and willing to commit some quality time, email me here

-- Brad 23:42 GMT

25 August, 1998
Navy SEALS released

Apologies for the shameless pimping, but I can't help it. #8^D

Navy SEALS:Dev. Group (formerly code named Navy SEALS 2) is now available in initial beta form. Drop by The Navy SEALS Homepage to grab your copy. While you're there, take a look at the next phase of NS:DG development, CGF (Computer Generated Forces). Grab the demo and prepare to be totally blown away by what NS:DG will look like in the end. A tip of the beret to JohnC, who had some small influence in the development of CGF.

-- Brad 14:35 GMT

10 August, 1998
It's here!

Part one of the new multipart weapons tutorial is up here. We start with creating a new custom weapon in Quake2, and a few tips and tricks of the trade. Watch for part two, where we add cool real world functions like reloading.

-- Brad 17:55 GMT

2 August, 1998
OK, OK, you ask, I try to deliver.

I'm working on a three part tutorial covering almost all aspects of weapons creation and customization. We're going to create a new weapon, the Mark 23 Special Operations Command pistol. We'll explore weapons creation, function, and customized feature addition, with things like reloading, round per clip counting, and multiple projectile firing from the same weapon. Look for part one coming later this week.

-- Brad 14:29 GMT

6 July, 1998
He's ALIVE!!!!

Yes, I am alive. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Qdevels for your tutorials... I've been busy coding for the Navy Seals 2 TC. But with the lull in the action, I've managed to come up with a bunch of new tutorial ideas. Check out my GreyBear's Tutorials for a new one on inserting your own custom items into standard Quake 2 maps.

-- Brad 17:37 GMT

16 June, 1998
Sorry about the lack of updates recently we`ve all been very busy. Fortunately now I have some more spare time so the site will actually get updated again! I`ll be adding a few more tutorials on bots (getting the current ones uptodate with 3.14 source first) and other areas of interest to myself. If anyone wants to help with the site all volunteers would be welcome.

-- John 18:00 GMT

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