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 John Crickett (aka JohnC)
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 John is 21 years of age and has just finished at Swansea University in the UK. He did a BSc. Computer Science. He works on both Oak II and is the lead coder for Team BDP . John is a member of the QUTA Quake Clan and you will find him on UK Quake Servers under the nickname of QUTA:Spartan. John has now left the DLL team, but this section remains as a tribute of sorts.

 Brad Davis (GreyBear)
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 Brad is an over 40 computer geek who's been trying to learn to program since 1986. As a founding partner in DreamPark Development, he helped create The PowerDrive, the first 1.44 meg floppy drive for the Atari ST. He also helped develop several software gaming editors, most notably The Cartographer for FTL's DungeonMaster. DungeonMaster was the Quake of it's time.

Brad is currently the lead programmer for Navy Seals: DevGroup, a Quake 2 TC.

 Rupert Watters (Watters)
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 Rupert is a callow youth of 18, currently employed as a website designer at a law firm in London, before heading off to Oxford to study Theology and Philosophy. Unlike the others, he has not achieved much in the field of Quake 2, but is endeavouring to learn to code for it.

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