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10:00 P.M. EDT


And he's done the impossible: top his first album.

Coming back with a much harder sound, less "look I'm loaded" bullshit, and
some great lyrics, "Forever" can't be missed.

You should either be listening to it or be on your way to the store to pick
it up...


01:45 A.M. EDT

A few things to talk about...

UPDATES: I didn't think it would happen this soon, but, ah, it did...
I knew I was eventually going to have to post something in here explaining
that the news updates (and any site update, in general) would be horribly
slow once school started. Well, summer is ending early (to be honest, it
feels like it never started). I am going to be very, very, very busy the
last few weeks of vacation (two to be exact). I'll be working (not a bad
thing; making money; it's a good use of time), getting ready for school (gee,
there's nothing like RELAXING so you feel REFRESHED for the coming year...
geesh...), and I should be doing my "driving hours" pretty soon as I'll be
getting my license next month (should have had my driving hours done a long
time ago, but I'm doing driver's ed. through my shcool, so that explains why
the situation is so messed up). What does this mean? Untimely updates.
Yes, there will still be updates. They may be very, very late, but there
will still be updates. Maybe just on the weekends or whatever. I have
absolutely no idea what my schedule is going to be like in the fall. I have
absolutely NO INTENTION AT ALL of closing the site down (again). I've put
too much time and effort into this site to shut it down right before the game
comes out. Sorry, school isn't going to win that easily...

SOUL REAVER: (Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver to be exact). Wow. This game
kicks ass. I mean MAJOR ass. This game ranks up there with Metal Gear Solid
and Resident Evil 2 as one of the best games on PlayStation. If you don't
have it already, run to the store and pick up a copy NOW.

That's about it (for now).

So, to quote the Notorious B.I.G.:

"If you don't know, now you know"...


02:30 P.M. EDT

Quite a lot of stuff to talk about. Some stuff I've been meaning to mention
over the past month or so, but, ah, haven't.

Final Fantasy VII: I picked up this game on the 4th of July (yeah, old news)
for $20, as it is now a PlayStation "Greatest Hits Title". I wonder how they
are making any money if they're selling a 3-CD game for $20. Hmm... Anyway,
it's an excellent, excellent game. But, there is one staggering problem:
It's too freak'n long! The game takes something like 40-70 hours to beat!
(It could take more or less depending on how you want to play). I stopped
after being 8 hours into. I like this game a lot, but I simply don't have
the time to play it, and I'm summer vacation! (not for long, though... :( )
That and the fact that it's kinda hard to play the same game that long. The
only games I could actually play that much are fighting, racing, sports, etc.
An action/adventure (or in this case RPG) shouldn't take that long, since
you're essentially on the same/quest mission for the whole time. If there is
one thing I have learned from this, it's that I WON'T be getting Final
Fantasy VIII any time soon. If I don't have enough time for a game like this
now, I shudder to think about how bad it'll be once school starts. ACK...

WWF Attitude: Just got this game the other day. Awesome. Definately worth
getting, even if you already own WWF Warzone (sudden flash of deja vu - I can
remember talking about Warzone in my .plan sometime a little over a year ago.
Does time fly or what?). There are a few downpoints: the charcter movement
is slower and they are less detailed, there are less moves for each character
and the button combos are different for returning characters. However,
everything else is an improvement: the intros are 10X better, there are a
SHIT LOAD of modes (not mention you mix modes up, so to speak. Try a
"Hardcore Lumber Jack Match" for bloody good time). There are way more
wrestlers, a better "create-a-wrestler" mode, and you can now pick your
opponents in regular game modes. This is nice, the matches will sense. I
remember in Warzone the computer would always select one of the "Headbangers"
and the match would make absolutely no sense. Overall, WWF Attitude is by
far the best game of the Summer. Not that there was that much competition,
but, it's still the best of the Summer.

The Blair With Project: UGH. This has got to be one of the worst movies I
have ever seen. Scary? Scary my ass. I almost fell asleep. There are more
parts that are funny. This movie is a prime example of exactly what "hype"
can do for a film. Most of it was built up on the internet. What ever
happened to movies being successful simply because they kicked ass? This
movie is the one blemish in what is the best summer for movies ever. Save
your $5...

That's it for now. Expect some more interesting updates in the near future.
It'll be nice to put my mind to good use before it goes to waste. Yes,
school is near... :(


02:15 P.M. EDT

Well, just completed my first update of the month. Very interesting news.
Confusing, but interesting.

There are a TON of hot PlayStation titles coming out in the next few months.
My CD-R drive is ready... :)

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to pre-order a Sega Dreamcast.
$199.99, all those kick-ass games, and that 9/9/99 release date. It seems
pretty much irresistable. I think I can get enough cash together by 9/9/99,
but my problem is I don't whether or not I'll have any free time to play the
damn system. Well, I've got a good month to figure out what I'm gonna do...

A word on updates: As you know, the only guarantee I can give on updates is
that I can give no guarantee. I have no idea how much time I'll have to work
on the site in the coming months. With back to school looming, things are
looking quite grim. The last thing I would do is shut down the site. I've
spent too much time and effort to close this site down. Plus, this site is
too damn cool to shut down :)

Just be wary (is that the word I'm looking for?) that in the future, things
might get downright ugly (that's what I'm counting on happening). You've
been warned.

In case you were wondering what I do to preserve this site (in case of a
server crash or some unfortunate event like that), I've got this site in/on
three places:

1.'s server (duh!). This server runs on Redhat Linux, so don't
count on it crashing anytime soon... :)
2. My hard-drive. For those of you who aren't website-savvy, I create a
page, save it on my hard-drive, and upload it via an FTP client.
3. On a floppy disk. This may suprise you but, even with all the graphics
and everthing, this entire is site is less than 1.5 MBs! I can back up
the entire site to 3.5 inch floppy disk! Cool, huh?

As of this time, the site is in/on all three places... :)


10:45 P.M. EDT

Well, July went by FAST.

Almost as fast as Oprah Winfrey chasing after the ice cream truck... :)


03:15 P.M. EDT

Ahh... the damn Syphon Filter CD was too scratched to copy :( Oh well...

I saw "Deep Blue Sea" yesterday (opening day!). That movie kicks ass. It
has all the right elements: Good story, good acting, excellent special
effects, cool soundtrack, and ofcourse, Samuel L. Jackson. I'd say its the
third best movie of the year so far (the best being Star Wars: Episode 1 and
the second best being The Matrix). This has definately been the best year
for movies EVER. And it looks like there still some kickass stuff coming out
later this year (the Bond flick and Scream 3).

Expect even more rambling in my next update... :)


02:15 P.M. EDT


I copied a PlayStation game! Nero 4.0 kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!

I just copied Ape Escape, and it's working perfectly.

Tommorow, Syphon Filter... :)


03:15 P.M. EDT

I will be attending an out-of-state family wedding this weekend. In the un-
likely event that the biggest news story in the world occurs this weekend
(and with my luck, chances are it will :), please DO NOT send me e-mail about
it. I'll be back either Sunday or Monday, and if anything happened over the
weekend, I'll do the update then. Thank you.

On a side note, you may have noticed that lack of .plan updates lately.
Since I'm not in school now (Summer Vacation! :), I haven't been bored out of
my mind. That basically means there is less "brain droppings" for me to put
in here. One thing that has been on my mind is...


I feel confident in saying that this is the most organized I have ever been
as far as maintaining a website goes. This is excellent, because updating/
working on the site is once a gain a fun hobby, rather than a chore. I think
it's working out this way because when the site was closed down (May - June),
I was doing A LOT of "behind the scenes" work. I was re-organizing
directories and crap like that. There has been a good flow of news, which is
good. I'm also glad that some quality screenshots have surfaced. Good good

The one thing that has been a bad thought lately (always has been) is the
return to school. The game is coming out August 15th (according to Game
Dealer -, and I go back to school VERY EARLY in
September (before Labor Day). It wouldn't be bad if it worked out that all
of the on-line reviews came out within the first two weeks of the game's
release, and then by the time September came around, it would be o.k. if I
had absolutely no time to update (that's what it's looking like now). That
and the fact that I have a part time job (just got it, start a week from
tommorow; being a broke-ass student sucks!), means once September hits, I
will pretty much have absolutely no time to do anything that is remotely
enjoyable, which includes working on the site. This is all looking down the
line, but I think it gives you an idea of what the fututre may be like.

Anyway, like I said, I'm out for the weekend.



02:17 P.M. EDT

E-Mail is fixed! You can now submit all cheers, jeers, praises, complaints,
questions, news items, credit card #s, and death threats to :)


04:00 P.M. EDT

QuakeStation strikes again!

That's right. After two plus months of being on hold, QuakeStation is back
and better than ever! The site is back in full operation. I'm hoping that
there will be plenty of news to report on as the game nears release. I am
hoping that everything else will get up to speed as well, which includes the
screen-shots. News updates may not be as timely as some would like, but it
will get there sooner or later. Remember: When news breaks, I fix it!!!!!

A few things left to work on are cleaning up the message board (if I can find
the password) and fixing my e-mail address problems. Right now, the e-mail address forwards to, which hasn't been
working for several months. I'm hoping that Blitz can change it so that forwards to I'll keep you guys posted on
what happens with that stuff.

Oh yeah, one more thing...


Thanks for everyone's support!!!!!