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02:00 A.M. EDT

Ahh... FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!

I was gonna post a .plan update sooner, but what can I say, I've been a busy
little boy (if being 6+ feet tall qualifies as little).

We're going for all out "Brain Droppings" on this update, so hold on...


Some of the movies I've seen recently:

Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (twice)
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Big Daddy

Movies I plan to see:

Wild Wild West (opens later today :)
Summer of Sam
Eyes Wide Shut
Lake Placid
Deep Blue Sea
The Haunting
Mystery Men

I concluded earlier today while I was the previews before Big Daddy that this
year is absolutely, positively, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt, the best year
ever for movies. Last year was easily one of the worst (maybe I'll venture
into that in a future .plan update).


Just trying to enjoy the fact that I'm out of school. I haven't gotten that
jolt of "I'm out of school for two fucking months!" energy yet, but the way
I'm looking at it (yeah, I know, this is a run-on sentence), I'm
"decompressing" like George did before the "Summer of George" on Seinfeld.

I definately need to get a job for the summer. Trying to get one has already
become a MASSIVE pain in the ass.

Hopefully this will leave enough time to play games and update the site... :)


Oh you didn't know? The site is re-opening after a two and a half month
hiatus (due to school). Things are (hopefully) going to be pretty much the
same as they were before everything got screwed up by school.

Everthing was re-organized into new directories in early May which should
help to make maintaing/updating the site easier and less time consuming.

I've got some work to do later today as far as getting the site ready.

There are no guarantees as far as timeliness on the updates goes (bad gramma,
huh?). I have no idea what my schedule is like from day to day (things
should be even worse once I get a job), so news may not be as timely as you
would like it to be. Deal with it. That's about all I can think of right

Here's to a kick ass summer...


10:45 P.M. EDT

One week left... :)


06:00 P.M. EDT

The School Related .plan update...

One of the most retarded trends I've noticed in the video game industry is
that all the good stuff happens in the fall. Take a look at this fall:

- Final Fantasy VIII
- Resident Evil: Nemesis (RE3)
- Dino Crisis
- Dreamcast (and the number of great games coming out with it)

Why? Going back to school is bad enough, and knowing that there are great
games coming out that you aren't going to be able to play is ever worse.
The reason I got this stuff rolling in my head is because of Tenchu. I
didn't get this game because it came out at the beggining of the school year
(I started school on 09/03/98, Tenchu came out (I think) on 09/17/98). I
didn't get this because I knew I wouldn't have time to play it, and because
Metal Gear Solid was coming out which also a stealth game and appeared to be
better. WRONG!!!!! Tenchu is easily one of the best games ever made. I'm
scared to think of what else I'll be missing out on just because of school.

Rolling into the next idea...

Once I get out of school I'll most likely be getting Tenchu, Syphon Filter,
and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. WWF Attitude isn't looking so hot, and I'm
not sure what else is coming out for the summer. I'm not sure if I gonna
just go and buy the games or figure out how to copy them (haven't had time to
figure that out, because of school). Either way, those games will be great
for the summer. Should have Syphon Filter already, but again, school sucks.

Just felt like getting this crap off my chest...

I'm gonna be busy as hell for the next 2 and 1/2 weeks, so I won't be around
until I get out of school.

God, I can't wait for June 24th...


04:00 P.M. EDT

Star Wars kicks ass!!!!!

I saw it Friday night in a stadium seating theater (I can never go back to a
regular theater. I've been going to stadium seating theaters for about a
year. I went back to a regular theater in February and it was horrible).

The special effects are easily the best ever in a Movie. After seeing the
movie, its easy to believe that 95% of the movie was done on computer. My
favorite part of the movie was the lightsaber battle with Darth Maul. Darth
Maul would have to be my favorite character in the movie. Like I said
before, the computer/special effects are incredible. At one point there must
have been about 1,000 characters on the screen. The scene I am talking about
is like a computerized version of "Braveheart" (I am going to as vague as
possible so I don't give anything away to people who haven't already seen the
movie). The movie is about 2 hours and 20 minutes. But trust me, it goes by
fast. Luckily, Jar Jar Binks wasn't as annoying as I thought he would be.
Contrary to what I heard before seeing the movie, I could actually understand
just about everything he was saying. Unfortunately, Samuel L. Jackson (my
favorite actor) only made a brief cameo in the movie (don't worry, this isn't
giving away anything). However, I've heard he is going to get some major
screen time in Epsisode 2. The rumor running parrallel to this is that he
battles Boba Fett in the next movie. Definately gives me something to look
forward to...


Special Effects - The best ever in a movie

Acting - Suprisingly good, considering Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor must
have spent a good deal of time talking to a blue screen

Story - Depends on how you look at. This movie is truly unique in the fact
that you already know what happens to the characters after (there was
no way that Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) or Obi Wan Kenobi was
going to die, they are in Episodes 4-6). Overall this kept the
movie from being suspenseful. Other parts weren't really clarified
as well (I'll let you figure it out when you see the movie). Despite
these facts, the movie is still very entertaining, as 90% of the
characters are new (or old, keeping in mind that this movie is a
prequel). I'm pretty sure any loose ends will be tied up in future

Overall - The best movie ever. I can't wait to see it again.

I can't wait 'till this movie sinks Titanic.

May the force be with you...


03:00 P.M. EDT

Well, a few things running through my mind:

Ridge Racer Type 4 kicks ass (more on that in a moment).

If I got brand new computer and a Mediaone RoadRunner Cable modem, I would
do the following:

-Get Quake III Arena
-Get Half Life
-play Unreal (I've had it sitting there collecting dust for the past year)
-run game servers
-run a Hotline Server
-host my own web site

I've just had this crap running through my head. My computer is O.K. for a
few purposes. I use it for school, and I can run a web site (well, when I
have time. In case you didn't notice, QuakeStation is kina in shut-down
mode). I use to find info on video games. I think being successful with a
computer depends on knowing what you can and can't do with it (am I rambling
or what?) I just wish I could play some of the kick ass PC games that are
coming out (and the ones that have come out recently). I don't see myself
getting a new computer (or a cable modem for the computer I have) anytime
soon. Oh well, it's nice to dream about...

Ridge Racer Type 4

HELL YEAH!!!!! This game kicks ass!!!!! I was severely dissapointed by Gran
Turismo, so this game was all the more satisfying. Gran Turismo isn't that
bad, but it was so hyped up that is became a massive dissapointment. Ridge
Racer Type 4 is great in every aspect. The sound is excellent, the control
is great (best use of the Dual-Shock controller in a racing game yet), and
then there's the graphics. Outstanding! Even better than Gran Turismo.
RRT4 has great textures, a 30 FPS frame rate, and excellent lighting. The
resolution could have been slightly better, but I think that was sacrificed
slightly so the game could maintain speed, which was the right decision.
Another nice feature is that NAMCO included a disc with an enhaced version
of the original Ride Racer that runs in high resolution at 60 FPS!!!!! If
anyone knows PlayStation hardware, it's NAMCO. I think that's the big
difference between consoles and PCs. Console developers really get to know
the hardware. You don't have to have the best hardware if you know exactly
how much and what you can out of what you are working with (like NAMCO does
with the PlayStation). PC developers just rely on people getting faster
processors, more RAM, and better 3D Accelerators, which why I have grown to
hate the PC gaming industry in many aspects. Almost forgot to mention:
Ridge Racer Type 4 is the first console racing game I've seen that has
of stuff off with PlayStation, its scary to think what they might be capable
of doing with the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2...

Well, it was nice to get those thoughts out. This are going to get real
busy for me (what else is new?). I probably won't have another .plan update
until I get out of school (06/24/99). I might pop in to do a review of The
Phantom Menace whenever I see that. Well, you know how the saying goes:



05:00 P.M. EDT

I can't wait to see Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.


07:30 P.M. EDT

A few things to talk about:

THE SITE: You may have noticed a change to the site. I reorangized the
QuakeStation directories. The /html/ and /images/ directories containing
QuakeStation pages and QuakeStation images were moved to the /qs/ directory.
This makes things more organized. The other reason is that QuakeStation
won't be the only site on QuakeStation can hardly even
be updated for two reasons: 1) I don't have any time, and 2) Even If I had
time, there is no news to report anyway. If something major happens, I will
definately report on it. The site is being left up anyway as a resource for
people. The message board and archived news could be of use to some people.

WHAT'S NEXT: I am thinking about writing a weekly column similar to those
done at GameFan OnLine. The column would be about games, the internet, etc.
This seems like the best thing to do, because I still want to have a website,
but I don't have the time to update a site like QuakeStation like I used to.
The difference between the weekly column and my .plan file (you're reading my
.plan file right now :) is that the column would be focused on a new topic
each week. If you didn't already know, it's "Anything Goes" in here.

Quake III Arena: Damn! I wish I could play this game! Too bad my computer
is too slow. I don't think there is any chance of me getting a new computer
any time soon, so it looks like I'm gonna miss out on Q3A. I hope id
considers making Q3A for at least one of the next generation consoles.
Dreamcast will have a 56.6 modem, which would be nice to play Q3A on.

Oh yeah, I can't wait for Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Maybe
I'll be able to see it the opening weekend. There has to a theater
SOMEWHERE that won't have huge line wrapping around it (wishful thinking :)

Stay tuned for info on exactly what is happening with the site. QuakeStation
is still open as a resource, but don't expect an update any time soon (I'm
still busy as hell).

Still can't wait 'till summer... :)


11:00 P.M. EDT

Well, It's May :)

An overview of what I mentioned last week:

Things are going to be extremely quite for a while because of my very, very
busy schedule. Here's the crap I gotta do:

-School work
-Driver's Ed.
-Get a part-time job (and spend a lot of time working there to make some

All of this results in a web site is the almost never updated. There isn't
much I can do about this. All of that stuff is REALLY important, and
REALLY, REALLY time consuming. I was considering changing things totally.
My idea is to write a weekly column about videogames, the internet, etc.
We'll have to see how this pans out...

Life can a bitch sometimes, huh? Well, its straight on 'till summer... :)