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12:35 P.M. EDT

Well, a minor victory.

I got the CD-R drive working to a point. I made an MP3 mix CD. I bought
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko yesterday. Better than that, I got to play Sonic
Adventure on a Sega Dreamcast at EB! I can't wait until September 9th.

I just felt like throwing this crap in. I haven't already read the notice,
this site is going to be extremely quite for a while. Why? More reasons
than I can list here.



08:00 P.M. EDT

Of all the games I want (and there are quite a few), I absolutely NEED to
have Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, Syphon Fitler, and Tenchu: Stealth Assassins.

I'm almost willing to fuck recording them and just pay the $120 for them.

So, you can probly tell that the CD-R drive STILL isn't working. This thing
is just flat out pissing me off. This upcoming weekend is the beggining of
April vaction, which is will be the last draw. By two weeks from now, I'll
have those games one way or another. The whole point of getting the CD-R
drive was to save money on games, and play games more since it would only be
costing me $5 per game, I would be playing games that I wouldn't consider
worth paying $40 for. So far, it's backwards. I have hardly played games at
all recently, and I sure as hell haven't saved any money yet!

Well, last weekend was very good. Besides being a three day weekend, I did
something I haven't done in a while: sit down and play a video game! I
spent several hours playing Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, which, as of now, is
tied with Syphon Filter as best game of 1999. Hopefully since next week is
school vacation week, I'll be able to play games a good deal. There is even
more crap running through my head that I'll probly discuss next week.

I can't wait for all this crap to get straightened out.


05:30 P.M. EST

Mega Ugh. CD-R drive STILL isn't working. I think I need some program
called Nero 3.0 or 4.0 or something like that. By the time this thing gets
working, there are gonna be a shitload of games to copy. On that topic,
there are two more games to add to list that I compiled last week: Ehrgeiz
and Ridge Racer Type 4. I played the demos to both game yesterday, and they
both kicked ass. I haven't been playing games at all lately. This is mainly
because I haven't bought any of the new games coming out because it would be
a waste of money for me to do so. I just gotta get this damn CD-R drive
working. Like I said, after this thing gets working, I'm gonna overdose on

Now the important part. This is gonna be kinda hard to understand, but stick
with me. I'm going to describe the status of a web site relating to terms
that Windows users know about:

ON - The way this site was running for a while
SLEEP MODE - The way things have been running lately
SHUT DOWN - Site no longer in operation, but still on the web
PULL THE PLUG - take the damn thing offline

Due to an appearant news drought and a busy personal life, this site has been
in "SLEEP MODE" for a little while. I was thinking about putting the site on
hold for a while, but decided against it for a few reasons. One, I'm not in
a "news race" with any other site, so it doesn't really matter how timely the
updates are. The second reason is that if there is big news, I could a
little time on the weekend or something to throw in an update. An example of
this would be if new screenshots were released on a Wednesday, and I reported
about it on that Friday or Saturday. I wouldn't be competing with anyone as
to who reported on it fastest, and I'd still be keeping site visitors
informed. With the lethal threat that school, driver's ed., and a job (I
need to get one so I can start making some more CA$H), the site will suffer
somewhat. The best I can hope for is that things will be back to "normal" in
the summer.

So if this seems somewhat confusing to you, let me simplify:

Things are going to be very, very quite for the next few months. Good night.


01:30 P.M. EST

Ugh. This CD-R drive shit is starting to really piss me off. First, let's
take a look at the kick ass games that have come out, were just recently
released, and are coming in the near future:

-Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
-Syphon Filter
-Silent Hill
-Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
-WWF Attitude
-Legacy of Kain 2: Soul Reaver
-NBA In The Zone '99

So far I've tried to copy Syphon Filter and Silent Hill, neither of which
worked. I'm disgusted with Hewlett Packard and their whack software that
makes copying a friggn' CD a complete and total pain in the ass.

I'm renting Silent Hill right now. It's ok, I guess. It's not worth $40-$50
but it's definately worth $0! I'm gonna have to look around and see if there
is some software that will allow me to copy these damn games. The amount of
time that I spend playing games has been jack shit lately. I'd never stop
playing if I got half these damn games copied. Something will work out, it's
just a matter of time. I just hope it's sooner rather than later...


08:45 P.M. EST


Well, let's take a look:

-I turned 16 :)
-I got a CD-R drive :)
-I got my learner's permit :)
-I stayed home from shcool today :)

These are the kinds of days I live for. God knows it's back to same old shit
tommorow, but for now, IT'S ALL GOOD!!!!!


05:29 P.M. EST

30 minutes, baby! The next time I update this thing, I'll be 16!!!!!


12:00 A.M. EST

Yours truly turns 16 today (17 hours, 59 minutes to be exact) :)


04:45 P.M. EST

I just my CD-R drive for my birthday! (which is next Wednesday).

Hopefully the installation and everything will go fine.

I hope to get in an update this weekend if I have the time and something bad
doesn't happen while installing the CD-R drive.

More later...


05:00 P.M. EST

Rest in peace to Christopher Wallace, a.k.a. The Notorious B.I.G.

May 21, 1972 - March 9, 1997

You're still the best.


03:30 P.M. EST

Well, it's March. :)

Things are going to be pretty quite this month. Here's some of the crap I've
got coming up:

-Schoolwork (as always)
-My birthday (ahh... day off...)
-Gotta get my Drivers Permit (studying for it will be a bitch)
-Working/making money
-Did I mention shcool work?
-Gott a play videogames more (haven't been doing too much of that lately)
-Hmm... forgot the last thing... oh yeah! SCHOOLWORK!

Being busy sucks. It still isn't as bad as last fall, but the stuff I'm
going to be doing sucks, so maybe it's actually worse. :(

I'm gonna try to focus on updating the sections that need updating. I need
to add some more links, update the articles section, and maybe dig around for
a few new screen shots. If I get a chance (which isn't likely), I'll post
a review of the "Game Enhancer" in the hardware section. News is always top
priority, and that will continue to be updated at the same consistent rate.

If there is anything to look forward to, it would be my birthday. I'm most
likely getting a CD-R drive. This means I'll be able to start playing Syphon
Filter again because I've got that backed up onto my computer. This also
means I can copy any game I rent, which will save me a ton of cash, which is
a good thing.

I should really have more free time than I do, but somehow I don't. Oh well,
at least the good weather is coming...