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08:55 P.M. EST

I just threw this in to let you guys know that there may not be another news
update until next monday (March 1st). Every time I go to update the current
news page, I get an error message stating that there isn't enough memory in
my computer. I'm not exactly sure how this happens, I don't have the time
to get into it now. I think once the news gets archived (the end of February
is the end of the two month cycle) everything will be fine.

I've got a million things running through my mind that I'd love to put in
here, but I just don't have the time. It'll get in here, I just need a
chance to get some free time.

Only God knows when that will happen... :)


12:00 P.M. EST

Orginization kicks ass. I just backed up this site and my DexDrive saves
folder on my hard drive to floppy disks. Did this just in case something
bad happens. You never know...

I can't wait till I get to talk to some kids in school about using their CD-R
drives. I know it works with the Game Enhancer and shit because Thrill Kill
had been great so far. $4 per PlayStation game. The joy! :)


02:35 P.M. EST

Ahh, I slept 'till 01:00 P.M. today! Thats right, I'm on school vacation!

Time to enjoy life:

- Play videogames
- Go to the movies (Rushmore and Office space look good)
- Use the internet (haven't been doing too much of that lately)
- Update the site
- Anything else I feel like doing

I'll try to get an update up tonight or tommorow.

I love school vacation...


09:05 P.M. EST

There has been some good news to update but right now I'm racked with the

Next week will be bad as it's a regular school week. The week after that I'm
on vaction, so I hope things will pick up then. I think I may lose internet
access because of my report card, but I'll leave the site up as a reference.

I got Thrill Kill in the mail today. Damn does that game kick ass! Big
mistake on EA's part in not releasing it.

Can't wait till vacation.

Gotta get back to bed. The flu sucks.


09:00 P.M. EST

Strictly site stuff:

I'm gonna try to get some articles added to the list. Despite the fact that
I haven't updated that section in almost a month, I really haven't missed
anything. The articles section is meant to be for in-depth articles and not
news blurbs. Thus comes the news and articles sections. I will add content
at my own discretion :)

Expect a new hardware review this weekend. The item? The "Game Enhancer".
What's so cool about it? Wait 'till this weekend to find out.

I'm sure the rest of the sections will work them selves out as usual.

Hopefully things will pick up on the IRC channel this month now that the
recent news boom has sparked interest in a lot of people.

We'll see...


10:40 P.M. EST

Broncos, Baby! As if there was any doubt?

Good game, but it seems like the entire world agrees with me that last year
was the best Super Bowl ever. Good 'ol James Brown said that a pole
conducted on showed that Super Bowl XXXII was the most liked
among fans. I knew that a was damn good game last year.

I tried to get in an update today but I was busy and shit. Between being
busy with meaningless bullshit and not being able to get into the FTP server,
a lot of updates have been less than timely as of late. Yesterday's update
was originally done of Friday, I just couldn't get into the damn server.

Oh well, tommorow is the start of a new month (same old shit, I'm guessing).
Hopefully I'll get the update that was supposed to up yesterday up tommorow.



03:15 P.M. EST

I just got my Game Enhancer in the mail :)


10:08 P.M. EST

Yay! NBA Shootout '99 has been cancelled! Things just keep getting better
and better, huh?


08:17 P.M. EST


Not sure where to start. I've been very busy lately, and there a
appears to be a news drought, so I think it is pretty much safe to say that
things suck right now.

I've been looking to do a meaningful update for a while, but jack shit is
taking a walk down the news pipe (does that make any sense at all?).

I've been spending some time posting on the Katastrophe message boards
lately. I was the "post master" until today, when some shmuck without a life
passed me for total posts today. I don't think I'm gonna bother trying to
catch up. I'll probly start posing a lot less now that I'm not trying to
increase my lead anymore.

My upcoming report card is most likely gonna suck. Not sure if I will lose
internet access because of this. The funny thing is, my parents expressed
interest in getting a cable modem, which would be very nice. We'll see how
this works out.

Right now, I can't wait to receive my bootleg CD-R copy of Thrill Kill and
my "Game Enhancer". More on that later...

How to make a boring ass religous retreat fun:

1. Drop peanuts on people through the vents.
2. Laugh at some kid who busted his knee getting up off the ground playing
"Ameba Tag" (don't ask)
3. Put vasoline in some fag's room.
4. Put a soaking wet brownie in some kid's sleeping bag, and find out later
on that people think that he got shit on himself.

I'll probly talk some more about that stuff once I get myself together. I'm
not really focused right now. Man, I really have to start doing better in
school this quarter.



12:00 P.M. EST

Snow Day! I love staying home from school...

It appears that I'm spreading faster than a monkey virus. I've had my name
mentioned on Blue's News, sCary's Shack, and hopefully Redwood, whenever he
updates. I also sent along word to Blue about Unreal coming to PlayStation,
so I should be mentioned again on his site. What's the point? HITS!!!!!!!!
This month has been painfully slow in the hits department. I think there
will be a large amount of hits once the game is released, but I'm trying to
build up some momentum now. I'm trying to keep up my average of 1,000 hits
per month at this point. We'll see how it works out.

Unreal on PlayStation? How are they gonna do that? By the way, isn't this a
PlayStation Quake II site? Yes, it is. I said a few months ago that I was
broadening the content that I would cover. It doesn't always have to be
directly related to the game to be considered news. I do news updates about
new Sony (or sometimes Sega, Nintendo, etc.) systems as there is a chance
that Quake III Arena or some other form of a Quake game could be released on
those systems. As far as Unreal goes, that is likely to be good competion
for Quake II as the best First Person Shooter on PlayStation, so I deemed it
worthwhile to make a news update about it's existence. I love Metal Gear
Solid, but I'll never make a news update about it, and I'll never make a news
update about the latest patch for Half-Life. I have a fair amount of
discretion as far as what is liable content for the site. Trust me, I know
what I'm doing...

By the way, Gran Turismo is one of the most over rated games of all time!
The graphics are nice, but the music blows and the control is awful. I have
more fun playing Daytona USA on my Sega Saturn.


2:10 P.M. EST

Not really sure where to start. I guess I'll start off with a look into the

This month has been slow so far and it looks like it's gonna get a whole lot
slower. Here's the schedule:

Next week I'm getting bombared with tests, despite the fact that I'm supposed
to be studying for mid-terms (are teachers idiots or what?)

On the long weekend, I'll be studying for exams. Since I'll be in the whole
weekend, it looks like that will be the best opportunity to update. After
that weekend, I will be taking the actual exams.

The weekend after exams, I have to go on a religous retreat [UGH!]. This is
sure to kill the whole weekend.

On top of this, my grades are looking quite crappy this quarter, so I'm not
sure how long I will have internet access. Is this site gonna go down the
tubes? I sure as hell hope not. I'll work on this site till the moment I
lose interest access. I only use the internet on the weekends anyway, but
I have a feeling I'll still lose it if my report card sucks.

So, as you can see, things are looking really shitty.

On a positive note:

Any one check out the "Pic of the Day" (for today) at Planet Quake yet?
I've seen that Quake symbol (or whatever it is) on Jay Leno's set a million
times, but I never thought of telling anyone about it. Weird...

NFL Gameday '99 truly kicks ass. I just finished a season with the Patriots
and my record was 16-0! Too bad they lost in the Playoffs...

The NBA is back! Kick ass!

Despite all of the cool stuff that has happend recently, at this moment, the
bad outweighs the good.

New year, same old shit...


04:30 P.M. EST

Gonna party like it's 1999... oh yeah, it is 1999! I hope everyone had a
safe and enjoyable new year. Mine was pretty good, and now I'm making plans
for New Years 2000. That's gonna kick ass!

Some site stuff:

All of the new sections are working out great. They all blend seamlessly
into the site, and will be easy to maintain. In November, I finnally got the
design down, now I'm starting to tackle content. As the game nears
completion and is released, people will come here for more than just news.
I'll be ready...

I finnally beat Metal Gear Solid! Holy shit! Saying that this is the best
game of all time is an understatement. And judging from the ending, there is
some more gaming goodness in store :)

My 1998 Awards:

Game of the year: Metal Gear Solid
Album of the year: DMX - It's Dark and Hell is Hot
Movie of the year: The Negotiator

1998 wasn't as chaotic as 1997 (that's a good thing). The most memorable
moment of the year? Jordan beats the mormons with a jumper! I love this
game! Now if we can get back to playing the game...

Right now I'm renting Tenchu: Stealh Assassins. Very cool game. I've been
looking for a cool Ninja game for quite some time, and Tenchu fits the bill
quite nicely. In terms of a stealth game, it's not as good as Metal Gear
Solid (it will be a while before someone tops that game), but it's an
enjoyable game. The grappling hook is especially cool as you glide from
building to building in search of your target. All in all, a cool game.

The year started on a Friday, so you know it's gotta be good!
Here's to a great 1999! :)