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11:38 A.M. EST

If it seems like this place has been a mess lately it's becuase the Holidays
have been "Hella Hectic". The new year will bring very important changes and
additions to the site. Here's a run-down of what I have in mind:

HARDWARE REVIEW: You get a perspective from yours truly (that would be me)
on the latest hardware for the Sony PlayStation, such as the Dual-Shock
Analog controller and the DexDrive, both of which kick ass. More importantly
I'll update the reviews with how well the items work with PSX Quake II
(unless I already have the game once I do the reviews :). This should prove
to be a VERY useful resource to visitors of the page.

DEXDRIVE SAVES: This should also prove to extremely useful. I'll compile
DexDrive saves that I've created, visitor submissions, and saves from
established sites such as DexChange ( Ordinary game saves
are certain, but there may also be a lot more depending on what features are
included in the game (custom skins, levels, etc.). I think this will be one
of the best features of the site.

SCREEN SHOTS: Holy crap! I finally got the screenshots section together!
Too bad there's only a total of 2 (two) screenshots so far. This section is
already up, but it should really get moving once the game is released and
there are reviews up with screenshots of the final product. Keep and eye out
for this section.

As you can see, QuakeStation is gonna start kicking some serious ass in 1999!

I just Quake (I) last night for $10! Since my history with PC games is kinda
whacked out (maybe I'll get into this in a future .plan update), I never got
the original Quake until last night. Anyway, this game runs exremely well on
my PC. I guess that's because my computer was top-of-the-line 2 years ago :)
It added a Quake icon to Netscape Communicator which looks cool, and I guess
you click on that for on-line play. I also want to try some deathmatches, as
all I hear about is that Quake is better for on-line play than Quake II!
We'll have to see about that...

Anyway, in case I don't update this thing again before '99 hits, Happy New


7:47 P.M. EST

Two years ago today I had my appendix taken out :)


4:30 P.M. EST

The cool stuff I got:

NFL Gameday '99
Sony Dual-Shock Analog Controller
Busta Rhymes: Extinction Level Event
A cool new computer chair (basically for the whole family)
An awesome recliner with foot rest for my room
Godzilla (movie)

Got some other stuff that was pretty cool too! Gotta get back in my room
to play some games and watch Godzilla!


11:53 A.M. EST

Merry Christmas! (like I haven't said it enough times already :).

I got the DexDrive! Damn does this thing kick ass! I afraid that I'm not
gonna get any sleep from playing Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil 2 over
the course of the next week.

More updates for sure!


08:00 P.M. EST

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season as
much as I am. Remember, party hard, but party safe!

Now some relevant info:

There will be a few content changes for the new year. Due to the fact that I
accidentally deleted the wishlist on my computer and in my folder,
that thing is history. I am going to replace that with a codes section,
which will much more usefull. The wishlist is useless at this point anyway,
as the game is very close to completion. I am also going to get rid of the
JAVA chat room, even if I don't get an IRC channel. The chat room I have now
is pretty much useless. The codes section will be for standard codes as well
as any available GameShark codes. I will add a DexDrive section also. Last
but not least, I am going to add a hardware review section. I'll review
nifty items like the Dual-Shock controller and the DexDrive. I am perfectly
satisfied with the design of the site. That's perfect. This will be the
first two-month period that I haven't modified the design (If you don't know
what I mean, check out the archives). These additions are necessary as once
the game comes out, people will come to this site for more than just news.

Other stuff:

Metal Gear Solid is the best game ever. 'Nuff said.

I've been downloading some DexDrive saves since I believe I'm getting
DexDrive as a gift tommorow. Hopefully all this stuff with the file types
and hooking the DexDrive up to the computer works. Check out DexChange
( for a lot of cool saves. Owning a DexDrive also
means you never have to buy another memory card becuase you can just back it
up on your computer. Kick ass!

Expect a bunch of .plan updates as I am now on Christmas vacation. Until
then, Merry Christmas!


09:45 P.M. EST

Great! By some $#^%ed up server accident, the wishlist was deleted from my
site directory AND my computer, meaning its vaporized. If anyone somehow
downloaded that HTML file (wishlist.html) PLEASE send it to me. I can't
figure out a way to retrieve it right now. It looks like that thing is gone
for good. What a bummer... :(


09:26 P.M. EST

Happy 5th Birthday to the game that started it all, Doom.


01:45 P.M. EST

Happy Birthday Quake 2!!!!! I can't believe it's already been a year.
Can't wait for Quake III Arena (if I somehow mangage to get a computer that
can play it; or upgrade my system) and PlayStation Quake II. Time flies when
your having fun! Keep on Quake'n...


05:55 P.M. EST

First, something I've been meaning to put it in here but has slipped my mind:
my AOL Instant Messenger screen-name is "dbsamurai" (without quotes). Don't
worry, I don't use AOL, I just have the instant messenger that you can down-
load from

I hope some news comes up that I can report on. This seems to be one of
those "calm before the storm" things where there is no news for a while and
then when the game comes out there will be a ton. We'll see...

I have absolutely no idea what I want for Christmas. Maybe some PlayStation
stuff. It isn't even snowing out where I live (Boston), so it's hard to
believe that Christmas is less than three weeks away.

I really gotta play Metal Gear Solid more. I have gotten pretty far in it,
but it seems like I never have time to play the damn thing. Hopefully I'll
start getting some free time in the near future. Soccer ended, but I'm still
one busy ass person.

This chat room thing isn't going to be resolved any time soon. I have no
idea when GamesNET is going to get their channel registration service back

As you can see, all I have running through my head right now is random crap,
so I'll stop now. Really though, I hope there is some good news coming up
during the holiday season. Things really need to start getting more


08:15 P.M. EST

Well, first things first: Happy Thanksgiving! I had a good day of eating
more than I needed to and watching football until I uh... stopped watching
it. :)

I was glad to find out yesterday that this site hit the 5,000 hit mark! Like
yesterday, I'd like to thank for their great job in hosting the
site, the people who continue to visit the site, and Blue and Planet Quake
for hooking me up with the hits! The site really seems to be getting into a
groove as far as hits go. From what I've seen today, I seem to be getting
about 50 hits a day when the news is flowing, which is great. I think I am
still yet to hit me peak as far as the popularity of this site goes.

Another good thing is that there is a lot of relevent news popping up these
past few days/weeks. The interview at IGNPSX with Hammerhead Interactive was
a great suprise, especially since it hasn't been featured on the main page of
the site yet. As I mentioned a long time ago, I also report on news that
somehow related to PlayStation Quake II, like the DexDrive and the Sony Dual-
Shock controller. The reason for doing this is that these products could
have a huge impact on the game in one way or another. Random thought that
just occured as I am/was writing this: maybe I should add a hardware section
where I p/review products that would work good with the game. Hmm...

I am renting Crash Badicoot: Warped (a.k.a. Crash Bandicoot 3) right now.
The game is great in every aspect. The control is smooth and responive, the
sound is great, and the graphics are fantasic; easily some of the best seen
on a home console game, for any system. Great textures, colored lighting,
etc. I think this game just about uses every graphical trick in the book.
The water effects are some of the best I've ever seen in a game. As usual,
the game is also quite colorful. The one problem with the game? It seems
that it is too short, especially for ace gamers like myself :) It has 35
stages total, which seems like enough, but in less than 24 hours I have
already completed 20. This is largely due to the fact that I am a 4 day
Thanksgiving break from school right now, but if I got this game for
Christmas, it would pretty much be the same situation. Since I've got the
game until Sunday night (blockbust 5 day rentals :), I'll definately beat it
by then, thus elimating it as a possibility for my Christmas list. What a
bummer :(

I think I am going to write an article about games that are grossly over-
rated. This Zelda 64 shit is starting to piss me off...

Oh well, I've still got a few days off from school. Kick ass!!!!! :)


02:00 P.M. EST

I feel as if the site is finnally reaching the level of quality that I have
strived to achieve since it started back on July 1st of this year. After
close examination, I can tell that the new design (logo, pages, etc) is now
much better looking and is also more practical. The site facelift was a
success, and now I am beggining to focus on the content of the site. Last
night I did a huge news update, and I also got around to updating some parts
of the site that I hadn't done anything with in a while. I finally added
another wish to the wishlist regarding ducking (the wishlist hadn't been
updated since August 25th before last night!). I updated the articles
section, which will be revamped eventually. Just before writing this, I
added a new link to the links section. The news section has never been a
problem, I just don't want to run a 1D (one-dimensional) site. If I can
manage to update all of the sections of a fairly regular basis, than things
will be just about perfect. Speaking of updates, it has occured to me that
this is (only) the 3rd time I've updated my .plan this month. I remember the
time (back in the summer) when I could have updated this thing just about
every day becuase of all the crap that was running through my head. It's
amazing what school can do to a kid, huh?

Speaking of school, I was very glad to find out that I will not be losing
internet access as a result of my crappy-ass report card. The site lives on
for now...

METAL GEAR SOLID: What else can be said about this game? It's truly
fantastic. I'm really getting somewhere now in the game. I will have had
the game for a month tommorow (I got it the day it came out), and I'm still
not even through the first disc yet! (2 discs total). One reason it is
taking me so long to beat is that I am not using a strategy guide, but the
real reason is, ofcourse, school. It's fine with me anyway. The longer I am
playing this game, the better...

NBA LIVE '99: I am renting this game right now and it is pretty good. I
hated it at first, but it grows on you after a while. I don't think I will
be putting this one on the Christmas list, though. NBA Shootout '98, which
I alreay own, is better, so I know that NBA Shootout '99 is definately going
to be the best basketball game around. It's funny how down-hill EA Sports
has gone in the past few years. I remember a few years ago when they made
the best game for each and every sport on the Sega Genesis. I just played
Madden NFL '99 for the first time yesterday, and now I know that NFL Gameday
'99 is a much better game. 989 sports is doing something right.

Back to playing MGS and NBA Live '99.


07:20 P.M. EST

This update is going to actually have a point to it (!): QuakeStation chat.

I added a JAVA chat room a few days ago. I know from my own experience that
it was working at one time (I was in it for while last saturday). I got that
chat room a while ago with a service called "Parachat" for another website.
That site is no longer in operation. So, I used the chat room on this site
and everything was fine until XOOM crashed. Appearantly, in the time since I
first registered for the chat room and now, XOOM merged with ParaChat as way
to provide people with free chat rooms for their pages. Needless to say,
XOOM crashed last week, losing all of it's pages and member services, which
includes my chat room. The only problem with the chat room that I noticed
when it was operational was that it was somewhat distracting with all of
the banners they tacked on and could cause you to get a headache. The other
problem is that the JAVA could cause your computer to run sort of slow after
a while. The clear alternative to this chat room is to get an IRC channel
for QuakeStation.

Now, the problem with IRC: after realizing that the chat room that I was
already using was a pain in the ass for most people, I tried to get a channel
on's IRC server, (hosted by GamesNet). I couldn't
get a response from any of the operators in the #staff channel or the
#cservice channel. After a while, I finnally got a hold of NetGuy, who is an
IRCop and the primary news updater for I learned from him that's channel registration service was temporarily down, and that they
had no idea when it would be back up. So, until they get their channel
registration service back up, there won't be a channel on
Whenever I do get a channel on there, it will almost certainly be

So, as of now, things aren't running too smoothly in the chat department.
Hopefully, things will get straightened out as soon as possible.

Yeah, I'm pissed, but there still isn't any thing wrong with my Madula Oblin


10:40 P.M. EST

That golden day has finally arrived. It's still the school year, but things
have gotten much better since yesterday. My high school soccer season ended
yesterday. This will allow me to have more free time during the day and I
will also be able to get much better grades next quarter in school (I hope!).
Now the site:

The facelift came out better than I thought it would. The new logo really
seems to blend in well with every other aspect of the site. The news section
is now more "colorful" and lively. The archive sections for the news and my
.plan(s) is working out great, and the best part is that this means much less
work in the future after another two months rolls by and its time to clean
out the sections again. I think I'm finally reaching the point where all the
work being done on the site is updating and only a small amount is creation/
publishing. This means it takes less time to work on the site since the
setup is complete and all that needs to be done is supply the necessary info
(such as the news). If it comes down to putting it into one sentence, than
this is it: "Everything is organized, and it looks damn good too!".

I haven't gotten anywhere in Metal Gear Solid. But then again, the sports
season is over, so I will finally be able to play the game and enjoy it.
I am going to see how well I can do w/out the aid of a strategy guide.
Hopefully, Game Pro will put one out the next/December issue (a review of the
game would be nice as well!). Overall, Metal Gear Solid is one the things
that I can truly begin to enjoy now that I've got some time on my hands.

I was pleased to see (in Game Pro) that NBA Shootout '99 is coming out in
time for the Basketball season instead of coming out in March. The funny
thing is that at this point, there isn't even an NBA basketball season yet!
I'm going to rent Shootout '99 (I own Shootout '98 which is an awesome game)
and NBA Live '99 in order to see which better (it looks like a pretty close
race at this point) and which one I'll get for Christmas. I love this game!
(Pun intended).

How was my Halloween? Let's just say having access to an automobile (a seven
seater, sliding door van called the "MattForce" to be exact) opens up a new
world of possibilities... :)