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06:46 P.M. EST

Eggs Galore! Eggs Galore!

Site facelift will be 100% complete by tommorow night (hopefully).
The news section looks whack now becuase I'm more busy than you can imagine.
If I get to do everything I want to tommorow, than everything will be all
set. Enough rambling, got to get to egging!


06:18 P.M. EST

Only a few days left until I finally get my life back (sort of). Here's a
bunch of crap that's been running through my head:

Site redesign: Once again, not as drastic as I first thought it would be.
Not even quite sure what I'm gonna change yet, but I think I'll make a few
modifications to the sidebar, change the logo, and do something slightly
different with the news section. As I've said a bunch of times before,
it will basically be for looks and not ease of use. Unless you visit the
site on a regular basis, chances are you won't even notice a change. The
only problem is trying to figure out exactly when I can do this. I get my
life back on Saturday, but that day is booked. I have my last soccer game
of the season, and later that night is Massive Property Damage, reffered to
as "Trick-or-Treating" by the younger kids. I think I'll just spend the
afternoon working on it. That will be a good way to some energy back from
running around after a soccer ball and to get ready for running away from
cops (trust me, I'm not kidding).

A few things about the content of the site: Not much will change here
(meaning the site), except for what is neccessary. Since there will be more
than one "old" page/section for the news and the .plan(s), an archive section
will be added where you can select what section you want to go to. Another
thing that has to be updated is the "Wish list". I've got some ideas running
through my head and It will most likely be updated on November 1st (11/1).
Another idea is that I am going to begin to write my own articles for the
articles section. If I get some junk in a .plan update that is actually
worth-while and can be expanded upon, it will turn into a full-blown article.
Continuous improvement is the philosophy around here...

Metal Gear Solid: Due to a very tight schedule, I have barely been able to
scratch the surface of this game. However, I have played it enough to say
that any and doubts are totally wrong: Simply put, this game kicks ass, and
it's without a doubt the best PlayStation game since Resident Evil 2. This
game is another reason why I can't wait for Sunday.

So, this weekend soccer ends, I get to fuck stuff up on Saturday night, I can
start doing better in school (hopefully :), I get to play MGS more, and ofcourse,
the site improves! If it wasn't for the absolute horror that is waking up and
going to school every morning, I would say: "It's all good!"


09:39 P.M. EDT

It's finnally here. I picked up my reserved copy of Metal Gear Solid today,
and in the store was a frenzy like I've never seen before for a single video
game. The guy behind the counter was all decked-out in MGS threads and the
guy on the phone said he had been calling people for 7 hours and there were
over 125 people who reserved the game in that store alone. This could very
well be the best game of the year, and could even be the best game of all time.
I've played a little bit of it so far, but I'll get into big time this weekend.
The game was fantastic in every aspect, and there's way too much to get into
right now. God I can't wake for the weekend!


08:35 P.M. EDT

Well, there has certainly been alot going on lately. I'll start with the re-
cent boom (and I mean boom) of hits from the screenshots being released.

It's pretty cool being mentioned on the three best Quake2-related news sites
on the net: (no big surpirse, they host me), Planet Quake, and of-
course, Blue's News. I've gotten somewhere between 500-600 hits in less than
a week! It looks like I'll maintain my goal of 1,000 hits per month by gett-
ing 4,000 hits total by the end of this month. I'm glad that my site is fin-
ally being discovered and appreciated by some people. I'm also glad to see
more people posting items on the Message Board. As long as you're not an AH,
than I'd love to hear from ya!

Site re-design: I've been thinking this thing through quite a bit. I've de-
cided that I don't want to sacrafice functionality/ease of use just to make
the site "look better". I may use the new logo and change the sidebar some-
what, but nothing drastic as many people (including myself) seem to like the
way the site "works" now just fine. I think most people will agree that the
new design is an improvement.

The screen shots deal: I mentioned this somewhat in the news section, but
since I like to keep that "junk free", I'll go into it here. I posted the
screenshots from IGNPSX because those were the very first screenshots, and as
you can tell, that's big news. I am not going to add every screenshot from to the my screenshots section (not online yet...) beacause
keeping track of every single screenshot released is redundant and useless,
and the images up at that site are of a very low quality. I'm only going to
use the best screenshots that accurately show what the game looks like.

Whack issue of Game Pro: every issue is good in it's own way, but there are
some things that bother me about this issue. It basically revolves around
making the Turok series look great and making the Resident Evil series look
like crap. They have Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Resident Evil 2 presented as
the first "Game Pro Classics". They basically summarized the original reviews
and re-printed them. The thing that bothers me is that Turok got a perfect
score and Resident Evil 2 didn't (4.5 in control; big whoop). They also have
this big cover feature about Turok 2: Seeds of Evil making it out to be the
biggest game of the year when the truth is that Resident Evil 2 is a lot bet-
ter and Metal Gear Solid is really the game of the year by a long-shot.
On top of that, they had these whack-ass reviews of the Dual-shock versions
of Resident Evil 1 & 2 giving them worse scores than the originals. If it
could get any worse, Metal Gear Solid, which was the cover feature last month,
is coming out on Wednesday :-) and they don't even have the review for it yet.
It's funny how every once in a while a big game comes out for Nintendo 64 that
makes it look better than PlayStation, when the truth is, there are five Play-
Station games coming out that are a lot better than the Nintendo 64 game.
Get on the ball Game Pro!


03:50 P.M. EDT

If you were going to celebrate someting today would it be:

(A - Comlumbus Day
(B - Thanksgiving (in Canada, eh?)
(C - No School! (or work!)
(D - Planet Quake's Second Birthday!

I'm going with C and D...

With all these wacky thoughts, you'd think I was on drugs or something:

Happy Second Birthday to Planet Quake! Two years old and they're still going
strong. Here's to another great two years.

Lot's of weird stuff has been going on lately. (and consequently,
my site) was down for about two days: Friday and Saturday. The weird thing is
that Blitz posted a message the day before we went down talking about how had been going for a 100 days straight (that's over three months for
all of you math majors out there) and how the site had sent out over 300 gigs of
info/files in that time. Looks like my bad luck is starting to rub off on

I'm renting Wild 9 right now for PlayStation. It's by the guys (Shiny) that
did Earthworm Jim and are currently working on the much-hyped "Messiah". It's
a really cool game, but I don't think it lives up the expectations alot of people
had for it since it's from the same people that do Earthworm Jim, which, in my
opinion, is one of the best games of all time. I like the "Rig" which lets you
do a variety of things to your enemies. The game is very fun and it's one of
those titles that once you play for a while you're hooked. You feel like you
have to beat the game. I guess that's just the ol' Shiny touch. I think I'd
pick up the game if it wasn't this time of year. It's definately worth $40,
but, Metal Gear Solid is coming out and nothing compares to that. And after that,
it's Christmas time, so there's another two games. Maybe I'll get Wild 9 used
in a couple of months at Funco or anywhere once the price drops.

Lot's of stuff running through my head about fingers: I'm thinking about adding
a Stomped finger tracker (or PlanetQuake finger tracker) to the news page in
the near future. Not sure if Blitz would have a problem with that, but if he
did, than I'd see if he could supply one. No big deal. I've been thinking
about trying to get a finger account at Planet Quake, that way I'll only have
one update at a time in here, and the PlanetQuake finger thingy automatically
archives your stuff, so there is alot less work involved.

Site facelift: I'm currently planning out a new design for the site. I never
ended up getting Photoshop 4.0, but I got Adobe ImageStyler 1.0, and I can make
some pretty sweet graphics with that. The facelift will be more for visuals
than functionality. The sidebar will be more or less the same. I've already
got what could be next logo done (bad gramma huh?). The re-design of the site
isn't going to be enormous and the site probalby won't even be closed down for
it. I think the new design will be in on that special day: November 1st.

Hopefully all of these things will work out. Still waiting for Metal Gear
Solid and November 1st :)


01:22 P.M. EDT

September is over at last. Now I just have to get through October and I'm all
set. I hope. Anyway, here's the usual messed-up thoughts:

Things are going very well with the site. A lot good news has become available
in the past couple of days. The best of which is the "Off The Record" article
from PSX.IGN.COM that I reported on yesterday. I think it pretty much puts
all doubts to rest surrounding the game and the lack of screenshots and whatever
else people were worrying about. The other good thing is that the site turned
three months old a few days ago, and I am keeping on track with about 1,000
hits per month. Thanks to all the people who continue to visit the site and
recommend it to others.

It has occured to me that Sunday, November 1st will be "the day". The High
School soccer season ends the day before that, so the amount of time I have to
actually enjoy life will be increased a great deal. Also, that will be the
beginning of the 5th month that this site has been around, so the news and this
.plan will be cleaned out and archived. Not to mention that by this time next
month I will be play Metal Gear Solid every moment I can. On top of that,
it's pretty close to the time for 2nd quarter of the school year, so it seems
like November 1st is the day that things get back to being somewhat normal and
everything has a new beginning. Does this sound lame or what? Bottom line:
November 1st = very good day :)

[LAST BUT NOT LEAST:] I seem to bursting with ideas as of late. This usually
happens when I'm in school because I get so board I start thinking of something
that will keep me conscious. I've got a lot cool ideas for this site and for
other sites in the future. I'm not revealing any of the plans now. Maybe when
I get my sanity back on November 1st I'll let you know what's going on. Maybe not.


09:12 P.M. EDT

A .plan update containing a lot of relevant information, and it's not on a
Wednesday? What's the world coming to? Where should I begin? I guess I'll
start off with what's been going on with the site for the past couple of days.

This site originally started off with the address and my
e-mail address was originally (don't worry, this story is
actually going somewhere...). After a while, I got the name changed to and the e-mail address changed to
(which is just really a forwarding address). This was done becuase it worked
better having my name/alias in the e-mail and url, and there was already
someone with the alias "psx" and a lot of people were confusing me with him.
I later realized that my finger address was and not, so I decided to have that changed too. Needless to say, it
got changed and I couldn't get in and update for the past couple of days.
This is why there is an update from Wednesday that didn't appear until
yesterday. But now everything is back to normal. My url, e-mail address,
and finger login are all "dbs", and today is friday, so the bottom line is
"it's all good".

Since that fiasco was explained, next is the PlayStation 2 stuff. All of this
stuff is from PSX.IGN.COM and is mostly just rumors, but since parts of them
could be true, than they are worth mentioning. Like I said before, the news
updates have been made a bit broader as to include information that could
affect the PlayStation version of Quake II. This news is relevant becuase
there is a possibility that Quake II (or better yet, Quake III Arena) could be
released on this upcoming system, so my feeling is that it is worth putting
into the news section. Good, that's cleared up.

I'm renting NFL Gameday '99. It's good so far, but I haven't played it nearly
enough decide whether or not it's worth buying. I probly won't have a ton of
time to play it considering how busy my life is right now. I won't get into
that, as it's pretty good material for another .plan update. I also reserved
Metal Gear Solid at Electronics Boutique (EB).

Oh well, back to playing Gameday '99 and waiting for Metal Gear Solid. :)


08:31 P.M. EDT

Somehow I always end up updating this thing on wednesdays. Weird, huh?

I've been getting a TON of hits in the last few days. That's the funny thing
about this site: I get a few hundred hits in two days and then I only get
a few hundred hits for the entire rest of the month. It seems like the only
time I get a major amount of hits is when I am mentioned on another site.
What is meant by this is that I sent an e-mail to telling
them about the playable demo of PSX Quake II @ ECTS and they mentioned that
in the news section and I got over 200 hits in one day (!). I finally got a
mention on Blue's News ( for sending in news and he
didn't use my name but he used the name of the site and provided a link.
This supplied me with another 250+ hits (in one day) (!). This was becuase
I sent him news about Rainbow 6 (that isn't the 6th game in the series, it's
a new PC action/strategy game) coming to PlayStation next march. The weird
thing is that I actually got an e-mail back from him thanking me for the news
piece. He has gone as far as putting up a page explaining why he can't reply
to most e-mail, but he responded to mine. Must be cuz I'm so damn cool...
If I have to find news articles to send to other major sites in order to get
more hits, than that's exactly what I'll do.

What ever happened to:

TriCentric ( - last updated 8/18/98 (<---) - last updated 3/22/98 (!)

I don't have a problem with sites that aren't updated every 3 and a half
minutes like Blue's News, but why pay $20 a month to have a site you don't
bother maintaining and never update?

The reasons I need to hit the lottery:

Spyro The Dragon
Metal Gear Solid
Gameday '99 or Madden '99 (not gonna buy both of them :>)
PSX Quake II
Thrill Kill
Duke Nukem: Time To Kill
Tenchu: Stealh Assassins
Crash Bandicoot: Warped (Crash 3)

These are the great games coming out on PlayStation that look like potential
buys. So many games, so little cash, and even less time.


10:50 A.M. EDT

PlayStation turns three years old today! Time flies when you're having fun,
huh? But then again, I didn't even get mine until March 15th, of this year.
Here are the usual clouded thoughts:

I am able to update this during school hours becuase I got dismissed for an
orthodontist appointment. Since school (and soccer) started, I have barely
beenusing my computer, and the funny thing is I don't even think about it.
Guess that's what happens when you're as busy as I am.

Congratulations to Mark McGwire for hitting #62. I found it considerate of
him to hit it relatively early in the game so I didn't have to stay up all
night to see it (that's what happens when you live on the East Coast).

I picked up Crash Badicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back for only $20 @ Circuit City
on Sunday. It's now a PlayStation "Greatest Hit", which adds a cool green
color to the side of the package, and ofcourse, the attractive price tag.
Considering how good the game is, It's probly the best deal I've ever gotten
on a game. I got Unreal for $32, but that game runs like a fat guy in 90
degree weather on my computer. I've gotten games for less than $20 before,
but they were either used or weren't/aren't as good as Crash 2. Besides being
an excellent game, I think Crash 2 shows what the 3-years-old-as-of-today
PlayStation hardware can do. It's also one of the reasons why I believe the
graphics is PSX Quake II can and should be great. Overall, the Greatest Hits
promotion (can't think of anything else to call it) is a great way to add
great games to your collection (if that's what you call it) of PlayStation
games at a great price. So, in a word, it's great!

I might get into some stuff about how PlayStation may surpass Sega Genesis as
the best videogame system ever in my next (.plan) update, but for now I'm
gonna yak about the site:

I changed the sidebar graphic. It looks better, I guess. I really need
PhotoShop 4.0. I've sort of made the news section more generalized, as you
can see alot of stuff about articles and rumors about PSX emulation. Since
there isn't any PSX Quake II specific news floating around, I've decided to
report on stuff that relates to the game or could in one way or another
affect it's development. If you don't like this, than get your own damn web

That's it for now. I'm gonna go sit in my new inflatable chair and play Crash 2.


01:24 P.M. EDT

There are some things I am gonna blab about. I guess I'll start with the

This site is now a little over two months old. Things are pretty much going
the way I planned. I am getting a very good amount of hits. I am also getting
feedback from people which shows that they are just not reading the
information and forgetting it. I started the site on 7/1/98 and I go back to
school tommorow (9/3/98), so it worked out that I clean out the news section
and this .plan every two months. I will keep this as the standard routine
until a better option becomes available or if there is a flood of news when
the game is finnally released, but I'll worry about that in the future. The
site design is fine the way it is. If I get PhotoShop 4.0 than I will do the
site over. If I don't get it than I won't. No big deal. Anyhow, the site is
running exactly the way I want it to. When I look back at the past two months,
one thing comes to mind: "So far, so good..."

Like I said, I am back in school tommorow. I also started high school soccer
last week. When you add these two together, it doesn't leave much room for
updates during the week, so expect most of the updates from this point on the
be on the weekend. This isn't a very big deal either. As you can tell, the
flow of news for this game isn't very rapid, so everything should work out
just fine.

Oh well, I've got just a few more hours of freedom and then it's off to bed
and I get to wake up and go to hell for another ten months. School sucks,
huh? Just three more years, and then it's party time...