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10:55 P.M. EDT

I just realized something really cool today. I've had my computer for a year
now. Exactly one year ago this moment (well, as I type this) I was loading up
Duke Nukem 3D on my PC. I remember how the day I got my computer I also got
Duke Nukem 3D and that was the day Princess Diana died in the car crash! Time
flies when you're having fun.

This .plan and the news section is going archived whenever I get a chance.
Since it worked out that it was two months from when this site started to the
time I go back to school, it seems like a good idea to clean each section out
after every two months. This is how it will work from now on uless there is
a flood of news when the game is released, but I'll worry about that when it
happens. I haven't even been on the internet or even on my computer all week
since I am once again into the high school sports season. Five hours a day
of soccer is actually making me look forward to classes. Never thought that
would happen...

August (and July) were excellent months for the site and everything is going
as planned. September will certainly be different, but I hope to be able to
do updates on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Oh well, I'll be in college
in just three more years...


04:47 P.M. EDT

Things have been/are going smooth with the development of this site, which is
great. Here is some crap that's been running through my head:

The side bar/site design: You may have noticed that the links on the side
bar are no much more organized. You may have noticed that the sidebar also
looks very similar to's sidebar. That's no coincidence. It looks
good, it's organized, and it's practical. The design of the site is fine with
me. If/when I get Adobe PhotoShop 4.0, the site will be totally done over.
But, there is a chance I may never get photoshop 4.0, but that's ok. The site
is very organized right now and is totally presentable. So, what this basically
boils down to is: There could be a new site design in the future, or there may
no be. No big deal.

As I mentioned above (or before or however the hell you say it), I have achieved
peak organization. All of the html files are in a /html/ directory, all the images
are in a /images/ directory, and all of the backbround images (like the sidebar
one) are in a /images/bkg/ directory. This makes the site somewhat easier to
navigate, and a hell of a lot easier to update and maintain. I have strived to
make this a completely organized site, and I have (for the most part) succeeded.
This also makes things much easier for when shcool starts and the number of updates
go down.

And that is sort of the next topic. I'm back to high school for my second year
of torture on September 3rd, 1998. The number of updates will most likely go
down. I am guessing that I will update primarily on the weekends, which is fine.
I am hoping to get all of the reference type stuff (actually, every section) done
before school starts, so once I am back there all of the work on this site will just
be maintainence, and not creation.

Junk about the site: Starting on September 1st, 1998, all of the news that is on
the news page now will be archived into the first "issue". This is basically just
two months of news. All of the news will be archived every two months. I am going
to see if I can do something similar with this .plan so it doesn't become one huge novel.

Hopefully, everything I have planned out for the future will go just as smoothly
as things have gone up till now.


03:45 P.M. EDT


I've been very board as of late. I guess it's the dog days of summer or
something like that. Now, some stuff about the site:

I am going to start working on the "previews" section soon. This includes
online previews and reproduced magazine articles. There is alreay one preview
that I know of.

I may or may not start a "Top Ten" list. This would include some humor and
also be for informational purposes. The first two I would do would be "The
Top Ten reasons you you know your PlayStation is overheating" and a list of
my top ten favorite games of all time. I think this will help with the news-
less (made up that word), agonizing wait for PlayStation Quake II (or even
some info on it!). Just been running these ideas through my head.

A couple of things about this .plan file:

It is very good place to put thoughts. I think that's why they have become
so popular around the net, and with video game people in particular.

I think this is great becuase it keeps the news section (and all of the other
sections for that matter) very clean. What I mean by this is that they are
stricly for the facts. I am not going to do a news update about how I went
to mall and bought pair sneakers over the weekend (that's just an example).

You may have noticed that I update this .plan more often than the news section!
Well, one reason is that there just isn't that much news, the second is that
I like to ramble! You may also notice that I do updates about stuff that I
have changed/added to the site. Since there isn't that much info floating around,
and since I am basically the "source" for PlayStation Quake II, that is the only
actual "news". I hope it gets to the point where information about site updates
and modifications goes in here, but until then, it's the only actual news that
is available.

Like I said before, this .plan file is great because it keeps the news and other
sections "crap free". I hope to someday get this thing "crap free" by getting
another account somewhere that supports fingers/.plan files. That way everything
releted to the site will be strictly related to the site (if that makes any sense;
don't feel bad if it doesn't). This would be a .plan file where I update about
all of the BS that I experience like meeting people from the "Real World". But,
until then, it all goes in here...

Long live the .plan!!!!!


12:34 A.M. EDT

While shopping at Nike Town in Boston for (damn you satan) back to school
stuff (sneakers, t-shirts, etc.) I happen to run into someone I have seen
before on TV. I met some kid from the "Real World" Seattle (the show on
MTV). I can't remember what his name is, but the marathon is on MTV on
Saturday starting at 12 noon. He's the one on the show with slicked back
hair and has 2 different colored eyes. He now has longer hair and appearantly
likes Nike products. I talked to him for a few minutes and he told me how
he was good at fishing (they lived on pier). He also told me that they were
filmed for 100 hours each week from January to June. He also said it wasn't
worth it. Whenever I find out what his name is I'll let you know. If you
don't believe me than watch the marathon on Saturday and in the first episode
he talks about being from Boston. I am not fan of the show or anything, but
I knew I saw that guy on the Real World. This has nothing to do with anything,
but I figured it is one of those funny life experiences.


4:30 P.M. EDT

I downloaded the Eraser Bot ( and have been playing
it a TON lately. I know this thing has been around for while, but for some
reason I never got around to downloading it. The thing I like about it is
that you control how many opponents and what level you play in. I also
downloaded the Eraser Bot Hot Launcher (
and that makes it very easy to use. I love death-matching. I never been
big on it before becuase no matter what server I play on, I get a slow connection
and the game plays like s***. With the Eraser bot, it always plays smooth.
I have always been more a single-player person, mostly due to the fact of the
bad connections. I have downloaded alot of the single player user created
MAPS from A World of Quake II ( The problem
is, it has somehow become more of a chore than a fun hobby. Doesn't really
matter, I'll leave the levels on my computer anyway. As I was saying before,
the Eraser bot is awesome. This is DEFINATELY something that should be
incorporated into the PlayStation version of Quake II. The bot itself is only
slightly over 1 MB in size, so putting onto a CD would be no problem. They
obviously wouldn't put Hot Launcher into the game, but they could easily come up
with their own launcher for the game. These are exactly the kind of features that
should be put into PlayStation Quake II in order to make it a kick-ass conversion.

I am planning on e-mailing John Carmack or anyone else from id software to
see what, if anything, they can tell me about the PlayStation version of the
game. I am also going to try and update the wishlist sometime this weekend.
The latest installment will be about saving games/memory card, and anything
else I think of inbetween now and the weekend.

Last, but not least: WWF Warzone on PlayStation kicks ass!!!!!


4:46 P.M. EDT

As I mentioned in the news, Gamepro had some comments about the Nintendo 64
version of Quake II in it's E3 roundup for all you Nintendo freaks (I don't
mean for that to be a slang term: You plumber riding a dinosaur fans really
are freaks):

"...As far as licensed products go, Quake II is fast becoming an in icon in
the industry for corridor shooters. Activision's newest revision of Quake II
promises all-new levels, maybe some new RPG elements, and possibly new
weapons. The game's character models looked good, and the gameplay seemed
fairly fast, but it's still pretty early in development. Look for QII to
shoot up a corridor near you sometime in September or October."

Maybe I should cover the Nintendo 64 version too! I mean look at those
screenshots! They look just like the 3DFX enhanced PC version! Oh, it
is the 3DFX enhanced version in the screenshots...

I'd cover it cover it but I hate companies whose names start with "N", end
in "O", and inbtween theres "INTEND". A word for those Nintendo fans I am
offending: get your "K-A" rated heads out of the toilet and get a real


11:20 P.M. EDT

Ok, the url was changed to
Damn, the blitz is fast...


11:00 P.M. EDT

Just wanted to let people know that I am still alive and kicking (whatever
the hell that means). Put simply, there just isn't any news. This isn't a
problem. I knew this would happen because the only real news that has been
released so far was the announcement that the game was being made. Just
remember, when there is news, it will be here...

Next issue: Please stop sending me questions about Unreal! I am NOT the
same person who assists PlanetUnreal ( His
name is "PSX". My alias is DBS which is short for DARK BLUE SAMURAI. The
reason I have the subdirectory /psx/ and the reason that I have the e-mail
address is becuase this is a PlayStation Quake II site, and
PSX is the codename for PlayStation. I have already sent an e-mail to
blitz requesting that my e-mail address be changed to and
also asking that my site address be changed to
This url is not a huge deal, but the e-mail is.

Last, but definately not least: QuakeStation on IRC!
That's right, there is now a PlayStation Quake II IRC chat room. All you
need is an IRC client (I like mIRC myself) and then connect to's
irc server: Once you're in, just type /join #quakestation
and it should take you there. If the room is not already up, than you will
become an operator. Look for me in the chat room as DBS (big surprise there).
Next time I update this I will discuss some stuff about the chat room, such
as what to do if you are the operator. See ya on IRC...


01:13 P.M. EDT

This site is going to be down for at least one day this weekend, if not,
for the whole weekend. I am going to be doing some maintainance (spelling?)
that will make the site easier to work with. This will especially be
helpful once things get into full swing and I get Photoshop. All html files
are going to be moved into a /html/ directory. All images are going to be
moved into a /images/ directory. Other directories will be made as they
become necessary. The qs.html page will become the index page until I can
get a program like photoshop to make a cool logo. This is also better
becuase the url bar will always appear as and not have
anything after it.

That's it for now...


01:15 P.M. EDT

I was flipping through the COMP USA flier in my newspaper, this morning,
and I noticed a very good deal: A Matrox m3D video card for just $20 ! It
was originally $100, and then there was a $60 price break, and then a $20
mail-in rebate, so do the math. I already e-mailed TriCentric
( and told then about it since they are a technology
page, and I think I might e-mail Blue too ( I
think I might go out and pick one of these up. Let you know how it goes..


03:23 P.M. EDT

Just noticed some stuff on's message board about the PlayStation
version of Quake II. The main concern seems to be how the game will handle
control and multiplayer features. There's a simple answer to both of these
things. For control, the Dual-Shock analog pad. As for deathmatching, the
answer would have to be bots. I'm not going to get into these things right
now. This are some of the key items that I want to include in my wishlist
for the game, so this is sort of a preview.

Anyway, I plan on making the wishlist section of the site tommorow.
So, ah, check back tommorow!

Off to a BBQ and then one of the best fireworks shows in the country.
No, not my backyard, Boston Harbor...


07:23 P.M. EDT

Well, the site is now up and running, and that's pretty good.

I'd like to thank for hosting my site. I hope that this site
will continually improve.

Here are some of the things I plan to do soon:

E-MAIL the guys at id and see what, if anything they can tell me about the
PlayStation version of Quake II. It was said in the press release that they
would be carefully watching over this port during it's development.

Add the preliminary sections; Predictions and Wishlist. Predictions will
basically be what I expect the PlayStation version to be like considering
the company developing it and the PlayStation hardware. The Wishlist is
going to be what I hope to see included, such as dual-shock compatibility.

This is just a VERY basic design for the site. I am going to totally do it
over once I get Photoshop, and if I don't, I'll figure something else out.
Trust me, the site will get better as time goes by. I will also add new sections
to the site as they become necessary.

Hopefully, news will pop up frequently that I can report. Anyway, thanks
to everyone who made this site happen. Keep an eye out...