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Monday, December 28th, 1998
New PlayStation Owner?
Did you get PlayStation for Christmas? Feel lost or confused? Well don't worry, because IGNPSX has put together "PlayStation For Dummies", a one-stop resource guide for new PSX owners. This guides covers hooking the sytem up, understanding those icons on the back of game boxes, and some suggestions for cool hardware such as the Dual-Shock controller and the DexDrive. Check it out!

New For '99
If you look closely at the sidebar (left), you'll notice a few key changes. Stay tuned, because several important sections will be in place to ring in the new year and the rapidly approaching release of Quake II on PlayStation. Keep an eye out...

Friday, December 25th, 1998 - Merry Christmas!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has a healthy and happy holiday season. Enjoy whatever holiday you're celebrating and make safety your top priority. I gotta get to bed, I think Santa just landed on my roof!

Peace out!


Wednesday, December 23rd, 1998
Quake 2 in PS Extreme
Quake II has a two page spread in the latest issue of PS Extreme. It includes several new screenshots, including a two-player deathmatch split-screen screen shot. Everything mentioned about the game in the article appeared to positive, which is a great sign since the game is nearing completion.

Big up to -Water Rat- for the news tip.

Top Peripherals of 1998
IGNPSX has compiled a list of the "Top Peripheral of 1998". The list inlcuded the highly acclaimed DexDrive, the Intersor vibrating chair, Sony's Dual-Shock controller, and the Cool Stand, which is a cooling fan for PlayStations with that infamous heating problem. To get the full story, click here.

Saturday, December 19th, 1998
Quake II Around The Corner?
According to Electronics Boutique, it is. While Christmas shopping on Thursday I stopped by EB and checked out the release date list. According to this list, Quake II is suppossed to be coming out on 01/05/99 for the PlayStation! This is a full month and a half ahead of the projected release date of 02/19/99. This date seems a bit off for a few reasons:
  • There has been no print or online review for the game yet, and it is supposedly coming out in about two weeks.

  • If the game were to come out at that date, it would mean that development for it is complete. If it was complete now, why wouldn't it be released for Christmas?

  • It's EB. That place get's everything wrong.
If you ask me, the release date will still be in February, but we'll see...

Tuesday, December 15th, 1998
DexDrive Giveaway
Win a DexDrive! Can't wait for Christmas to get a DexDrive? Than you'll be happy to hear that IGNPSX is giving away five (5) DexDrives to celebrate the holidays. All you have to do send an e-mail to, and include the following items: Your full name, phone number, mail address, and a 50 word or less paragraph on why you want a DexDrive. At the end of this week, the five lucky winners' names and paragraphs will be posted on IGNPSX. After you win your DexDrive, rembember to come back here for some Quake 2 game saves!

Quake 2 Action Figures
There was a small blurb in the most recent issue of Game Pro on the upcoming Quake II Action Figures. Here's the juice:
    Quake II Toy Update

    Resauraus' Quake II figures have been progressing nicely since our sneak peak at the sketches. Prototypes have been completed, painted, and approved by id; expect to see figures for both male and female marines, the Iron Maiden, the Barracuda Shark, and others on store shelves in January 1999.
These should make great collector's items.

Wednesday, December 9th, 1998 - Happy Birthday Quake II!!!!!
Happy Birthday Quake II!!!!!
That's right. Exactly one year ago today, on 12/09/97, Quake II was released for the PC. In a year this game has spawned numerous mods, levels, TC's, commercial products (like my nifty mouse pad :) and ofcourse, a console version for the Sony PlayStation. It's hard to believe that it's already been a year. Well, you know what they say: "Time flies when your having fun!" :)

More PSX2 Details
PlayStation 2000 Word from PSXIGN (article) is that there have been PlayStation 2 info leaks from several reliable sources: the top game developers for the new system. Here's juice:
    Top brass from 12 leading PlayStation publishers, including Capcom, Electronic Arts, and THQ were posed a simple enough question: When do they think PlayStation 2 should be released? Not only were they willing to discuss the system albeit vaguely but they offered a resoundingly similar answer, and one that will no doubt ring familiar to regular readers of IGNPSX.

    Fall 2000. That's when a majority of the publishers quizzed believe the machine will arrive on US shores. Capcom Entertainment President Bill Gardner offered his opinion on when we should see the new machine: "I would think that the PlayStation 2 should be announced at Toy Fair [Tokyo Game Show] in February 2000 and ship that fall." Some, like Bing Gordon, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer for Electronic Arts, were a good deal more specific. "The next system should be released Sept. 1, 2000."

    Of course, the responses reflect a matter of personal opinion on the part of these companies, but they nevertheless provide keen insider insight into the overall opinion of the PlayStation publishing community one that evidently believes that PS2 will indeed stand for "PlayStation 2000."
Hopefully this will give developers enough time to learn the ins and outs of the hardware so they can make some kick ass games. Quake III Arena anyone?

Wednesday, December 2nd, 1998
PSXQ2 Magazine Feature
The latest issue of "PlayStation Pro" magazine has (PlayStation) Quake II as it's cover feature. There is a large feature that includes information, screenshots, and pictures of the development team that was interviewed last week at PSXIGN. Definately worth checking out...

Thanks to "Otaku" for the news tip.

Monday, November 30th, 1998
Top 100 Game Sites
This site has been selected as on of InteractX's World Top 100 Video Game Sites. All I ask is that you guys click on this image on the index page once a day (or more if you want :) when you visit. I beleive that this site will rank high on list if all of you guys click on it just once a day. To get started, you can click on the image to the right. Thanks.

Thursday, November 26th, 1998 - Happy Thanksgiving!
Hammerhead Interview
There is in an in-depth interview with Hammerhead Interactive, the company responsible for porting Quake II to the PlayStation, up at IGNPSX. The interview covers a variety of topics, including a brief history of the company, the deveopment of Quake II for the PlayStation, and what the company thinks is left for everyone's favorite system, PlayStation. The article can be read here.

Thanks to "Millenium" for the news tip.

Wednesday, November 25th, 1998
5,000 HITS!!!!!
5000 HITS! That was the scene on the index page a little while ago. I'd like to thank for their excellent job in hosting this site. I'd also like to thank Blue's News and PlanetQuake for mentioning the news articles I sent to them which hooked me up with some serious hits. Last but not least, I'd like to thank the people who visit this site and continue to visit from time to time. Here's to another 5000!

Monday, November 23rd, 1998
Duke World Holiday Contest
Duke World Holiday Contest Prize Duke World, the number one source for Duke Nukem related information, is right in the middle of their Holiday Giveaway '98. What can you win? Well, besides the many computer products that will be given away, one of the highlighted prizes is a Sony PlayStation Dual-Shock system with the new PSX Duke Nukem game, Duke Nukem: Time To Kill. To find how you can win this great prize, click here.

Preview in PSM
PSM Magazine The previews are starting to roll in. The latest in the new issue of PSM Magazine. The preview had the same screenshots as the Game Pro preview I reported on earlier, and it had just about the same positive remarks as well. The preview mentioned how fast the game was, the quality of the graphics, and the new features in this version of the game. They applauded the decision made by developers to change the levels in order to work with the PlayStation's strengths and weaknesses. Once again, things are looking very good. As always, if you know of a print (not from an online source) preview or article that I haven't mentioned yet, please send me an E-Mail. You will receive the proper credit if I use your info for the news.

Thursday, November 19th, 1998
Dual-Shock: The Best?????
Dual-Shock Analog Controller In the most recent issue of Game Pro, there is a special feature titled "Control This: A Game Controller Round Up". They include a list of ten controllers which will be hot buys for the Christmas shopping/gift giving season. Topping the list: Sony's own Dual-Shock controller (pictured to the right). It was noted as having the best force feedback, excellent button response, and great durability. This is no big surprise as controllers designed by the manufacturers of the system tend to be of a higher quality. The Dual-Shock was also the only controller on the list to survive three (3) durability tests: Being slapshot of a wall with a hockey stick, a cord rip test, and how well it can stand up to spilled soda. The Dual-Shock passed all three tests with flying colors, making it the controller of choice for your Christmas list. Many people will be looking forward to fragging with this thing...

One of the most interesting products coming out for the PlayStation this season is without a doubt the DexDrive by InterAct (the same company responsible for the GameShark). The DexDrive is a device that allows PlayStation gamers to put Memory Card saves onto their computer for backup. More importantly, however, is the fact that people can transfer their game saves over the internet to each other via e-mail or as a standard download on a web site. One of the best things about this product is that it brings one of PC gaming's biggest draws, the transfer of files over the internet, while obviously maintaining the control and organization of console gaming by developing a standard file name for all PlayStation game saves. You can get the whole story here or by checking out the articles section. In the meantime, here are the available screenshots:

DexDrive DexDrive Windows 95 Software Interface DexDrive and a Memory Card

There are also some DexDrive links to check out at the moment: and If things work out as planned, than QuakeStation will be the source for Quake II game saves as well!

Friday, November 13th, 1998
Preview in Game Pro
If you turn to pg. 72 of the latest edition of Game Pro, you'll realize something very cool: a full page preview of Quake II! That's right, the console versions of Quake II are finnally starting to penetrate U.S. magazines. The preview featured some brand new screenshots, and some very postitive remarks:
    "You might guees that porting Quake II, one of PC gaming's top titles, to the PlayStation and the N64 would result in an unplayable mess. But Activision's made some impressive choices, and both console versions of the corridor-shooter king are on the fast track to stardom."
Here's one of the famous Game Pro preview bars:
    Porting From PC

    First and foremost, these console games are fast. Wickedly fast. Which is the first thing Activision got right in porting Quake II onto consoles: Everybody knows that slo-mo rockets just ain't fun.

    And recognizing that a controller can't keep up with a keyboard/mouse combo, Activision has refined the levels to eliminate potentially frustrating situations for the controller-based console crowd, such as getting stuck in narrow corridors or battling enemies at multiple altitudes. Plus, while the single-player levels remain true to the PC version, both console versions deliver net two- and four- player split-screen deathmatches, keeping intact the multiplayer mayhem that was instrumental to the success of the original.
And here's the other one:
    Rocket Launchers & Rail Guns, Oh My!

    As far as features go, all the same weapons and enemies of the PC original will be there for gamers, which means grenade lanuchers, hyperblasters, chain guns, and more. Visually, both versions sport fast, clean, well-detailed levels along with enemies that already look awesome. Barring a last-minute stumble, Quake II is shaping up into the same kind of thrilling first-person bloodbath that made it such as huge PC hit.
As you can see, things are looking great. It's nice to see that the print magazines are keeping up with the online magazines are far as accuracy goes. If you know of any other print previews that I haven't reported on, please use the E-Mail form to let me know.

PlayStation 2000
PlayStation 2000 Another news gem from PSXIGN: Word on the street is that the name of Sony's next home game console will be "PlayStation 2000". It seems like this will be the name for quite a few reasons:
  • It keeps the name "PlayStation", which is logical considering how popular the original PlayStation is.

  • Since Sony will bill it as "The Console of the Next Millenium", having "2000" in the name makes sense.

  • Like other Sony products such as the "Walkman", "DiscMan", and "MiniDisc", the name "PlayStation 2000" sounds cool and makes sense.

  • Sony has registered both and Looks like Sony is interested in the name too...
As always, here is the article from IGNPSX:
    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, reportedly the origin of many PlayStation 2-related rumors as of late, has provided yet another scrap of fuel for the fire surrounding this most secret of next-generation systems.

    With anticipation of a late November release of details surrounding the elusive super-console building to crescendo, SCEE has registered two Internet domain names that will undoubtedly get the speculative juices flowing: and

    While the former lacks the zing we'd associate with a market-dominating, cutting-edge piece of hardware, the latter certainly appears a likely possibility. After all, Sony is known for establishing solid branding with its products (Walkman, anyone?) and would be out of character to ditch such a well-known moniker as PlayStation. That said, the only logical course of action would be to tack a suffix on, and 2000 sounds just as good, if not better, than many we've heard bantered about.

    With this we open up another likelihood: if PlayStation 2000 is indeed the name Sony decides on, it would only make sense that the system will arrive in the year 2000. From all indications we've received, that is exactly the timeframe Sony is aiming for in all territories.

    Playing the role of skeptic, it can be argued that Sony might have done this for the purpose of saving itself a legal hassle, should someone acquire the domains and attempt to dispute the reverting of them to the copyright holder (Sony). It's a thought.

    Either way, it's intriguing. Personally, our chips are on PlayStation 2000. With the coming millennial fever in mind, and knowing Sony's keen marketing, "game machine of the new millennium" doesn't sound like such a bad tagline, now does it?
Sounds good to me...

Tuesday, November 10th, 1998
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 2 According to an article on IGNPSX, Sony has released it's plans for the upcoming "PlayStation 2" system. It appears that it will be hiring Toshiba to make the chipset. Here's the whole story:
    Nintendo had MIPS. Sega has Hitachi. Now it appears that Sony has contracted its own semiconductor industry heavyweight to produce the custom computing muscle behind its next game machine.

    The most recent edition of Japan's Nikkei Electronics Wire reports that Sony Computer Entertainment and Toshiba are jointly developing a custom chipset for use in the PlayStation 2. Comprised of a custom high-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processor, this chipset will evidently provide the immense math-crunching prowess required to compute but not display the system's reported 12 million NURB (Non-uniform Rationalized B-Spline) polygons per second.

    According to this report, the DSP will run at 250MHz and provide the essential floating-point calculations required for math-intensive 3D graphics. It will also evidently boast hardware MPEG-2 decoding functionality, thus opening the door for DVD-Video playback. Also running at 250MHz, the RISC processor will be based on MIPS architecture not unlike that of the current PlayStation's R3000 CPU.

    Nikkei Electronics Wire also indicates that Sony is preparing to unveil a system based around this chipset next November, and that it may hit stores world-wide a matter of weeks later.

    Missing from this equation is the 3D-specific hardware that will be required to render the aforementioned mass of processing-intensive NURB polygons. While the DSP would likely be able to compute them all, it certainly isn't the square of silicon that will eventually slap them on the screen. That's where a dedicated 3D processor would come in. And it ain't here. Also nowhere to be found is the dedicated sound processor that any current-day console wouldn't be caught without.

    Keep in mind that Sony is known to be developing a set-top box which will utilize its own proprietary operating system and feature Internet functionality plus the ability to play DVD video discs. What we're seeing here could simply be the chipset intended for this device, and not the closely-guarded PlayStation successor.

    Nevertheless, this is an intriguing report. Let's just hope that what we're seeing is a sneak preview of PlayStation 2's top secret innards and not some form of glorified WebTV box.
As you can see, these specs are extemely impressive. Ports of games that run on high-end 3D cards would be no problem whatsoever. However, the question remains: can Sony made a sytem this powerful be affordable? We'll see...

Saturday, November 7th, 1998
PlanetQuake Article
A new article at PlanetQuake titled "The Life of Riley", discusses a very interesting topic: Why do PC programmers rely on new hardware when console programmers can improve the performance of existing systems that are 3-4 years old? This article gives some very good explanations as to why this problem exists, and also provides some very sensible solutions. A definate must read.

Chat Room Up
QuakeStation's newest feature: The Chat Room. This was added so visitors to this site can get an opportunity to interact with each other beyond message board posts. Everyone is welcome to try it out. And as always, comments are welcome via E-Mail. Once things are smoothed out, I will begin to schedule chats for users of the site to participate in. Keep an eye out!

Winter Jam Pack
The PlayStation Underground Jam Pack Winter '98 edition was just released yesterday. As always, this disc includes movies, interviews, playable demos, a codes archive, and memory card downloads. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything available on Quake II, but chances are there will be in future editions of the Jam Pack.

Sunday, November 1st, 1998
Release Date Info
According to the releases section at PSX.IGN.COM, the PlayStation version of Quake II is set to be released on 02/17/99. This date is a few months back from the original release date of 12/09/98, which is the one-year anniversary of the release of Quake II for the PC.

Site Facelift
If you can't already tell, the site has undergone a slight facelift. The most prominent changes are the new logo and the new look for this section, the news. Any questions, comments, suggestions, death threats, etc. are welcome. You can send them to me by E-Mail or make your thoughts public by posting them on the Message Board. In order to keep all future news updates relevant, any and all information regarding the facelift can be found in my .plan.

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