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QuakeStation Always on...
Quake2.com The absolute best source for anything and everything related to Quake II. And only people nice enough to host me :)
PSM Online My favorite PlayStation web site. This site is to PlayStation as Quake2.com is to Quake II.
Blue's News THE first person shooter news source. Does this guy ever sleep?
TriCentric A site dedicated to id Software's upcoming Trinity technology. A great source for hardware news.
id Software No explanation needed.
DBS Presents... My Duke Nukem Forever/Duke Nukem 3D page.
Redwood's 3D News Another great place for FPS news. He only gets a few more hours of sleep than Blue.
sCary's Shuga Shack Another great source for news on all 3D first person shooters. There is also humor sections that are updated weekly. Funny...
PlanetQuake One of the most popular Quake/Quake II sites on the net. They host alot of cool MODs and throw LAN parties every month. How can you not like that?
PlayStation MAX One of the best fan-operated PlayStation sites on the internet. This site features a cool and easy to use design, timely news, interesting previews, and extremely accurate reviews. These guys know how to run a good web site!
Video Gamer's League (VGL) A brand new organization that will be holding multi-player console gaming events in the near future. Check it out!
PlayStaton Quake II Site Finnally! A new PSXQ2 site! This site features news, screenshots, links, and an interesting history/info page. Check it out!