QuakeStation Hardware Review
QuakeStation Hardware Review: DexDrive

DexDrive The DexDrive, the latest product from Interact (makers of the highly popular "GameShark" code device), is also by far their best. The DexDrive is the the best accessory ever released for the Sony PlayStation.

So what the hell is the DexDrive? The DexDrive is a tiny little device that connects to the back of your computer using a nine-pin connector. The DexDrive allows you to backup any of your memory card saves on your computer using the included software, DexPlorer (works with computer's running on Windows 95). The software takes the information from your memory card and saves it on your computer as a .gme file. Being able to back up game saves on your computer means you'll never have to buy another memory card for the rest of your life! However, this isn't even the best feature of the DexDrive.

Besides saving you alot on money in the long run, DexDrive files can be downloaded off the internet and can be sent via e-mail to a friend! This opens up a new world of possibities the games you already have. No need to beat Resident Evil 2 with an A grade to get the rocket launcher, just get it off the 'net! With a DexDrive and an internet connection, the possiblities are endless!

Here's the rundown of great features: What else can be said about the DexDrive? It allows you save money on memory cards by backing up game saves to your PC, and it allows you to save time by downloading game saves off the internet that give you what you have been looking for, whether it's the stealth suit for Metal Gear Solid or the rocket launcher for Resident Evil 2. Simply put, this thing kicks ass!

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