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Strogg Weapon Plant UN4SPQ1.ZIP -- 715k
22 jun 1998
author: Martin Schultz. this level begins with a good origin point and an adequate F1. the architecture throughout this level runs toward the plain, unornamented end of the scale. in roughly half the areas, the author has used some detailing brushes and textures to add depth, but in too many others the decor is rather stark and spartan. lighting has been used well, though there are some areas where the lighting appears a bit washed out. the flow is linear, with some backtracking necessary, and the pacing is erratic; however, a level this size combined with the number of monsters present, that's to be expected. monster infighting is surprisingly common. weapons are given before they're needed, in most cases, and the ammo given is well-balanced against the need you'll have for it... you're seemingly always on the verge of running out. the monsters do drop items when killed with some being unrelated. there is a lot of backtracking through previously-cleared areas as well. nitpicks: i didn't like the railgun tease; most locked doors didn't tell me how or why they were locked; some odd texture overlaps and HOM was noted; and some monsters were placed so as to be buried in the floor to their waists. all in all, a competent level with some serious potential if the technical and gameplay issues were tended to.
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