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Q2 Q2.ZIP -- 39k
13 jan 1998
author: "Arkangel". this level consists of a single room with a bridge over lava, plenty of weapons and ammo, and four monsters to kill. looks like a test level, and it shows that the author has mastered the basics of level design; proportions are good and colored lighting has been done well. it'll be interesting to see this author's next work.
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Remake of E1M1 for Quake II Q2E1M1.ZIP -- 748k
15 mar 1998
author: "Git". this remake of E1M1 is by far the most accurate i've seen, from textures and lighting to pacing and flow. the weapons given don't overbalance the monsters, and the monsters are fairly accurate to the original. the only discrepancy was the texture used for the quad damage secret; i guess Quake2 textures don't animate. easily the finest conversion thus far. one nitpick: after you go through the slime and teleport out, you're forced to crouch to move (due to limited ceiling clearance). a great conversion.
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