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Please be advised we receive a lot of e-mail, so don't excessively mail us. We do get back to you on all letters if you give us time. Also, DO NOT SEND US FILES WITHOUT FIRST ASKING IF YOU MAY! Sorry, it just had to be made clear.

To send us news to print, e-mail news@quake2.com rather than a specific staff member.

To ask questions or to supply feedback on anything on the site or relating to Quake 2, e-mail the mailbag (once you have determined that the question isn't already answered in the Quake II FAQ).

To send hosting requests (once you have read the hosting info page) please e-mail hosting@quake2.com.

To get in touch with a specific staff member use their e-mail address presented on the staff/credits page.

Please do not send chain letters, marketing letters (spam), or pr0n to these addresses, and do NOT send files without first asking if you may.