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URL List (Links)
* - the best page for Quake 2 news, and host of this site, and many others
* mIRC Homepage - the homepage of the best IRC client, mIRC
* The Nebula - the home of the Quake 2 mailing list, also a good source of Quake 2 News
* id Software - id Software's official Quake 2 page
* 3D Realms - home of 3D Realms, makers of Duke Nukem Forver & Prey
* Valve Software - home of Valve Software, makers of Half-Life
* 3Dx - news site for games such as Quake 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Half-life, etc..
* Blue's News - probably the best source for Quake news
* Redwood's - another good source for Quake news
* sCary's Shuga Shack - Quake news with sCary's humor, a good page