Ahhh the Rocket Launcher, what a fun gun. Altough (for most ppl) it is a lot easyier to kill someone with Rockets than it is with Rails, however using the Rocket Launcher effectivly is another matter. In Rocket Arena ppl just tend to blast away in the general direction of there opponents, this is not a bad thing, but it can be done much better. In clan games , a lot of the time you dont have to ammo to just fire all the time, you need to aim


Aim at your opponents feet when you are far away, as this gives you more of a chance to hit something, also if he is heavily amoured you are likly to give him a nice Rocket Jump in which you can blow the shit out of him when he lands.

Rockets are not very effective at long range , it is hard to aim when your opponent has plenty of time to see the Rocket and get out of the way. So get up close to him, so you can see the colour of the head on the person. Then its a lot like strafe Railing, jump up aim at where his feet are going to be and fire, the closer you are the less time your opponent has to move when you fire your Rockets. If you can get the enemy backed up against a wall it is very good, cause you can just fire striaght forward and forget about hitting the floor, go for the wall instead, watch them die. ;p

Dont hold down the fire button, just fire when you think your going to get hit, it keeps the smoke out of your view, so you can see your opponent.

Killing Rocketers

The weapon you are using should determine how you take out another Rocketer, if you yourself are using Rockets then stay near them , aiming at where they are going to move to. Generally as a rule when fighting ppl using Rockets try not to jump sidewards or forwards, cause you cant change direction in mid air a good Rocketer will aim at where you are going to land and you will splater.
If you are using a Rail Gun then back away from them , trying to keep as much distance between them and you as possible , you should be able to dogde there Rockets and take them out with a nice long shot :)


You need to change your movements according to what weapon you are using , if the opponent has the Rail Gun then keep nice short strafes while changing direction, if opponent has Rockets then long sweeping strafes are the way to go.

Rocket Jumping

Rocket Jumps are fun, in 3.18 you should have more aim so when in mid air you will be able to aim a lot better at the ppl below you. Get the Rocket Jump script from the aliases page on the sidebar.

Hope you have got something from this guide, its the first version, so I am going to make a lot of changes. Please send me any constructive comments you have on this guide.

More Rocket Tips from Brad Allen

A rocket launcher as a defensive weapon can really be a good equalizer,  for example, someone using the double barrel shotgun really close to me and I can't hit him ( the little git is moving all around ) so run away but do it backwards and instead of firing at your opponent fire at the ground as you run away.  This almost always guarentees a kill.  I try not to get in too close unless I have lots of armour.
Rocket launcher as an offensive weapon use walls and the floor as much as possible.  Splash damage does wonders for the kill.  As you become a better shot try for more body shots but if your opponent is good at evasion shoot the floor or walls.  Always keep an eye on your rockets and if you are starting to get low go get some more.  HpBs can use the rocket as a valuable weapon just by keeping away from the LPBs and shooting where you think they may move to. 
Camping - Don't CAMP, in the standard deathmatch boards there is no place you can camp that an adequate player can't kill you.  If you must camp pick 3 or more camping spots and after you kill someone go to another spot.  I like killing campers, there is a certain satisfaction in it.   I have a motto,  Campers are Tasty!!!   You always know where they are.  Remember that,  if you kill a good player then he just might hunt you down. 
    BFG:  I would rather not have this gun in the servers but if it is I will use it, although my favorite weapons are Rocket Launcher and the double barrel shotgun.  If they are out of ammo I use the BFG.  I don't like whiners so if I use the BFG and someone whines about it I gently remind them that it is a weapon in the game and I then procede to use it for a few more shots. ( I can be a bastard ).
    Power Shield:  If there is one in the game get it! GET IT!  This is the great equalizer.  I love this armour,  always keep it topped off with CELLS.  There is no excuse for dying and loosing a power shield.  ( like our host FUZE, I get quite upset and sometimes break things when I loose my shield <grin> )
    If you are getting your ass kicked by someone don't start name calling, find another server or if you were there first ask that person to leave.   But, it is a free world most places.  I like when people start calling me names,  I compliment them on their colorful phrases,  which tends to upset them more ( like I said, I can be a bastard. ).
    Try and play people with the same pings or better than you.  An LPB does not always mean a better player but that person could be a good match anyways.
    Crouching - DON'T do this ... please.  You just can't imagine how easy you become to kill.  You become extremely slow when crouching.   I try and tell my oppenents not to crouch when I play them.  when my opponent crouches I may miss the first shot but I almost always get the second and rarely there is a third shot.  
    Circle strafe - Learn it ... Use it ... Always.  This is the one of the best ways to kill someone even if all you have is a blaster.  Use the mouse and have your strafe keys binded to be used with the other hand.  Find a post in a level and strafe around it shooting it with a blaster.  
    Rocket Jumping - There are great macros out there, I suggest you try them and pick one.  There are places that you can only get to with a rocket jump.  Sometimes I use rocket jumps to get behind campers and then tap them on the shoulder with my rocket launcer.
    Sound - Sometimes, but not always you can hear footsteps of someone behind you.   If you hear extra footsteps jump out of the way.
    Paranoia - I did a demo of my self once on a busy server and then watched it.  Almost made me sick,  I spend more time looking behind me than I do looking in front of me.   This is a good tactic to get into, always look behind you.  If you have a mouse then use it.  A quick flip of the wrist and you can do a 180.  Also if there are levels above and below you look there as well.
    Don't stop moving -  You will die, trust me.  When shooting at someone strafe side to side or even move backwards.  You almost never want to close the distance with him, unless you are using a shotgun.
    If you are close to dying and someone is shooting you then run backwards and shoot back.  Trust me,  you can't tell the condition of the other person, he may be close to death too.    I almost never run too far away from a battle. 
    If you are playing a server where the weapons do not stay then pick up all weapons you are near all the time.  Cheating ?  Nope,  I would rather shoot at someone that has a blaster then anything else.
    Get  the VWEAP mod.  This allows you to see the weapons other people are carrying.   You can then alter your tactics based on this info.   ( vweap can only be used if the server supports it and your opponents have vweap too. )
    Skins - Download many skins keep them all, but, I hate dark skins or skins that are almost invisible against certain backgrounds.  I change the dark skins to a brightly colored skin to make it easy to see.  Cheating ???  Nope  Just turning an advantage around that was used against me.
    Models- Models are cool ... for about 5 minutes.   Most models do not have VWEAP support so I do not use them.  Also some models are way too small and therefore hard to hit.  If you must use models and want to change the small ones to big ones then copy a large model to the small model directory and make sure that name is changed to the small model.  Cheating ?  Nope, turning an  adavantage.  Remember if you don't have the model the the player looks too you like a default male.
    Suggestion:   If you are ahead by a large number of frags try switching to a different weapon that you are no good with.  And use that until people start to catch up to your frag count.  This goes a long way to keeping people on the server and also making you a better player.