Rocket Arena Tactics

Guns & Ammo

The important thing with Rocket Arena (and Dueling...) is having the right gun for the job, or using a combination of 3. If you are a dirty player then you will Rocket someone when your close up then chain them when they are low on health. This is a good Duel tactic as well. However you may want to look as if you have a tiny bit of skill, you will use Rails & Rocs with no Chain Gun. Remember its easy to kill someone who is jumping towards you firing Rocs by using the Rail while moving back.

Aim like normal, although if it is your first time playing Rocket Arena you may not be used to the lack of lag, and your aim might be off. Don't worry this wont last long.

I find "Trip Wire" Railing the easiest to do in Rocket Arena. Keep your cursor where the enemy is going to be and fire when he gets near. This is a lot harder than it sounds, but its better then following the enemy around and missing.

Due to the large amounts of ammo, you shouldn't need to conserve. But spare a thought for HPB's (me !! ) Try to aim, not just blast away in the general direction.


Good Railers in Rocket Arena will realize if you move in the same patterns, so try and move v. unpredictably and you will live longer.

Keep the enemy in the middle of your screen. This means you don't have to move the mouse as much. Try and get a feel for the maps, the spongebath is a good example. Use the block in middle as cover, keep it between you and the enemy,it makes you a lot harder to hit.

Rocket Arena is the main place where you get a feel for moving evasively.