Quake 2 DM Guide

Quake 2 Multiplayer is fun ! But hard ! Right here are some tips on how to use the guns you come across and different tactics to use.


The keys that you use to control your player are the most important thing, if you cant get to the right keys at the right time you are in the shit house. Also make sure you use the mouse, this may take some practice, but it is worth it. Mouse players beat keyboarders everytime, because it is soo easy to aim once you are used to it. In other words , customize your keys to suit you.

Special Conditions

There are certain conditions that are relative to what connection you have, if you are on a modem , (doesn't matter what speed, they are all slow :) , then Railing someone requires different tactics.

General Tips

Make sure you keep track of which guns you have, so you can switch to them as soon as the better gun runs out of ammo. Movement In combat remember not to stand around, always run somewhere while aiming at the enemy with the mouse. The fire button should be pressed a lot when in multiplayer, don't hesitate at all, so what you waste some ammo, but the extra frags make up for it. Some people find it hard to stand up when fighting and prefer to duck, hah the wankers, WHY !??!?! this really pisses me off, when the little shit ducks I can still see him ! Does he think so ... noooo or course he doesn't , he thinks ducking makes him invisible !! What the fuck are you ducking for ? Stand up and move around... Jesus.. Jumping is a good thing, so do lots of it, just jump all ways, forwards, backwards, left and right, even at diagonals. Make your aim to get behind your opponent, this is vital, as killing without being seen is a V. good thing.


Stay away from people with low pings, shoot at them from afar, this keeps there advantages down.


Know the maps, use bot matches to practice where the best weapons are. Bots are good for Railing and Rocketing. But they dont really act like humans, so get lots of human killing in too :) .


Not worth using at all. Crap gun

Same as above

Super Shotgun
A mean gun up close, very nice to take out opponents who cant aim with a Rail Gun, get up close and blast away, remember that LPB's (Low Ping Bastards) will shoot first, so stay out of close range of them. Does loads of damages up close but not much at a distance, (the shots spread). Rune of Strength (lithium servers only) and this gun rocks !

Machine Gun
Not the best gun in the world by a long way, does 8 damage per hit, so loads of hits to get a kill. But if you happen to pass a fight on the way to get a better gun spray them with your ammo and then run off, you may come out lucky and finish someone off.

One nasty gun, chews up opponents and spits them out, up close is good for you (if you have the gun) or very bad (if they have the gun). Try and Circle Strafe around an opponent with one of these and shoot them in the back, they will normally fire just behind you.

Grenade Launcher
Cool gun, one of the most fun guns to use, does more damage than a rocket. Use round corners and up close to best effect (only if you have 100+ health and Armor). Remember grenades are spread around most of the dm levels, so one of these is very useful.

Rocket Launcher
Fun Fun Fun ! Aim at ppls feet to give them a nasty shock, you have more chance of hitting them. Don't shoot someone out of mid air, aim at where the person is going to land and shoot there. It is quite slow (the rockets) so remember this when firing.

Hyper Blaster
Nasty for ppl with modems, as it tends to ping them out, and it is a crap gun in Multiplayer. Kills can be gained to quickly if you are a LPB (Low Ping Bastard) and it lags you out if you are a HPB (High Ping Bastard). If you use it , use it up close and circle strafe around your target aiming just a touch in front of them. This gun does 18 damage per little bullet thing, so dont waste your ammo.

Rail Gun
This is the gun for the skilled ! Railing someone gives that warm feeling that we Quakers love. Aim in front of where the opponent is going to move just according to whether you are a HPB or a LPB. Aim below the enemy if they jumping or landing. Remember to use your strafe keys to aim, not your turning keys, (you shouldn't use the turning keys anyway :). Che [KING] has written a great Railing guide at Kings site. (I know it works, cause he killed me enough :(.

Fuck this gun, descent servers keep it out of the game. No skill is used to aim with this gun, FAF , Fire and Forget is the name this gun should have.