1st November

sAn (my clan ... ) won today, we won our first CTF game, against DB. CTF proved hard for us for some reason.. We just couldnt get into it , so after 4 games of losing we pulled off a win , and a nice win it was too :) So well played all you sanners , we did good :)

Finally looks like Gibs tactics have worked :)) Played on CTF DM 3. GG DB :)

As far as this site goes, I am thinking of re-making it with funky graphics using shockwave flash.. Could you drop me a line telling me your thoughts on this ? I got inspiration from N3D's amazing site. Go check it out.

Dueling Tactics added, altough they are not complete, due to the fact I'm not to good at duels :) So I cant really comment....


30th October

Old look back again, got fed up cause I couldnt change that image map very easily. Anyway, Dueling tactics have been added and all the other pages have been updated. Yep all of 'em :) BoMB.net has gone through another change.

Quakedelica would of been great , however I never got there .... Sounds like it was a great night. The Ministry Sound is always great, especially when you get Gel, Aftershave, and other "beauty" products supplied in the bog. I think Billox did a great job getting there. [UNR] Yakumo never was an easy opponent to beat. I agree with Rude, he doesnt deserve the slagging off he has been getting off some ppl. Billox had a bad time, I mean I dont know anyone who wouldnt be nervous when fighting against someone with a reputation like Thresh has, its just a shame some of the nerves of Billox showed in his game. I would think the fact of having all the other ppl in there watching your progress would be a bit too much for most.

When any 2 good players get together for a duel, its the first 5-10 frags that decides the game.


28th October

Phew ! At last some spare time :) Right then , Aiming mod goes ahead, with beta coming out soon. The official site its going to be hosted/distributed on is www.dualfusion.com (my other site). Go check it out. Although we been having trouble with server recently. All the guides are being re-written with new info, if you have anything you want to submit (on the tactics side of things) then send it to fuze@dualfusion.com . Thanks to all who have helped with aiming mod.