General CTF tips by - [sAn] GibSmoker

*The positions:

There are two main CTF positions - Attackers and defenders The attackers job is basically steal the oppsitions flag and bringing it back to the base, while the defenders job is to guard our flag and base from enemy attackers. I would recommend you play the position that you feel most comfortable. Experienced DM players may want to play on D as they will be able to kill attackers quicker, and the more skilled movers and aimers (and LPB's) may want to play on attack as the grappling hook's performance can be used to it's fullest. But it is totally up to you as a player. STAY AT YOUR POSITIONS! Everyone wants the glory of capping the flag, but without teamwork, it would not be possible.

*The grappling hook:

The grappling hook is a huge part of playing a CTF game. It can get you places that are impossible by jumping, and gives you extra speed on the ground and in the air. Attackers need to master the usage of this to become unstoppable. For defenders, it is not as important. I play on D and I only use it the get items and stuff, whereas attackers, need to use it as their primary weapon. Everyone should bind a key to use the grapple though, as it is always handy.

Put this in your autoexec.cfg file and it will be done.

bind "Your key" "+hook"
alias +hook "use grapple;wait;+attack"
alias -hook "-attack"

*The techs:

This is what each tech does: *Power amplifier - Doubles you firing power

*Time accelerator - Shoot twice as fast (2 shots in the space of 1)

*Autodoc - Heal your health up to 150. This also works on armour and this is type of armour dependent. (IE jacket armour hyped to 150 is not gonna be as strong as Mega armour)

*Disruptor shield - All opponents weapons do the damage.

There are 2 different types of techs in CTF : defensive techs and offensive techs. To get the best results the defenders should use the offensive techs, and the attackers should use defensive techs. That way, defenders can dispatch attackers faster and attackers can survive for longer bringing the flag home :P

But don't ignore a tech because it doesn't co-incide with the position you are playing. Bring it back to base and drop it. To drop techs you need to bind key to "drop tech".


This is undoubtably an important part of team games, and especially CTF. It can be used to tell your team of incoming attacks, asking for help and any number of things To talk to your team only, bind a key to "messagemode2". Then when you send a message only your team8's will see it. You can tell if this has been successful by seeing if there are brackets around your name. A similar feature is "say_team" which is used in bound messages. Q2CTF has a cool feature called "status dependent Messaging". This means you can send unique messages to your team without having to type it all in! All you have to do is bind a key to "say_team your message" and it will say it. You can put in status dependent variables in there too.

%w prints your weapon
%l prints your location
%h prints your health
%a prints your armour
%t prints your tech
%n prints who you are looking at

For example: (my autoexec)

bind f2 "say_team Flag spotted %l !! Someone go get it!!"
bind f3 "say_team Threat eliminated - Base secure!"
Bind f4 "say_team Defending with %h , %a , %t and a great juicy %w"
bind f5 "say_team FULL ALERT! enemy attacking with force! defense needed!"
bind f6 "say_team Incoming %l !"
bind f7 "say_team Im attacking with %h a %w and %t"
bind f8 "say_team Tech %l"
bind f9 "say_team Can you escort me %n pleez?"
bind f10 "say_team I have the enemy flag %l with %h and a %w . Escort needed!"
bind f11 "say_team Escorting %n - Go for it dood!"

I think it would be a good idea if every member used the same messages so we know what we're talkin about. We should get together an decide which ones. The command "ID" at the console tell you who you are currently looking at which is very useful in games.


Q2CTF1 - McKinley revival

This is the most commonly played map in CTF and it is the map that most clans prefer to play. It is CRUCIAL that we learn this map and it's strategies. There are a lot of tactics in this level which more experienced clans will exploit. The map itself is one of the smaller maps, calling more strategy into play. Each base is well stocked w/ weapons, health and armour, so it's possible for defenders to become very powerful. *Key points of the map*

>There are 2 main entrances to the bases, through the tube and the main, sloping entrance. In fact this is incorrect there and in fact there are 3 way - in's and out's, although the third one takes more work, but is the KEY to winning on this map. This entrance/exit is actually in the railgun room. The bar going across the window is just high enough so a player can crawl through it. To escape through this, you need to use the grappling hook, but to get in you need the help of another player. **To see how to use this way in/out view the demo McEntry.dm2 and Mcexit.dm2 in the zip**

>Another key area that must be controlled is the quad. It is located in the little room with the swinging door. No need to explain the importance of this, as we all know the damage a quad can do ;)

>There is a BFG in the water under the neutral area of the map. This needs to be controlled as well because this can create an impenetrable defense and a deadly attack. There is also a mega armour in this water.

>Defenders should collect the power armour from the ledge in the base and give them out to anyone who wants them.

>It is a bad idea for attackers to try and escape through the main entrance when they have the flag. The defenders will have lots of opputunities for a clear shot at you. IMO, the railgun room escape is the best way to go.

>It is a good idea for one person to stay in the neutral area of the map to guard the quad and engage any flag carriers and, to escort our own. They can also give an advanced warning of any incoming attacks >Good defending weapons: A power amped chaingun and rocket launcher with the haste tech make a lethal combination.

Q2CTF2 - Stronghold opposition

This is by far the biggest map in CTF with each team having it's own complex, as well as having a big underwater section. *Key points of the map*

>There is only one secret in this map, and damn, it's a goodie :) When attackers have brought the flag back to the base, and, our flag has been taken, it is a good idea for the flag carrier to hide above the fan in the rebreather/water pipe room. To do this takes A LOT of practise, but it can virtually guarantee the safety of the flag carrier. **Check out stronghide.dm2 in the zip**.

>The map is large, but your base itself is very small, and it has 3 (!) entrances to it. Attackers should get in, and get out. No fancy grappling shit, it's not big enough for that.

>A good idea is to have a supply guy on this map. His job is basically to supply the defenders w/ ammo and weapons, and to control a key area, close to the base. I would recommend this being the Power armour/Rocket launcher. Supply power armour to your team8's, and the opposition will have a tough time. GUARANTEED.

>A guy should sit in the railgun room and snipe the shit out of the opposite room. In doing this, He can control their usage of the railgun, and keep an eye on every entrance to the base. This means he can warn incoming attacks, prevent the enemy escape with the flag through that route AND guard the quad on the bridge (Action packed job =oP). A word of warning though, there are two teleporters in close proximity and be careful not to be jumped from behind :P

>There is a megahealth out of view under the big ramp in the base. Grab it :)

>Good defensive weapons: The main one here has to be the hyperblaster. It's a bit of a lame gun, I know, But power amp it and your practically unstoppable. It is also practically impossible to run out of cells as their is a set of two in the base. Rockets are also a clever choice as the base size is so small at least some of the splash damage will sting the bastards :) The main defensive threat is from the lift near the back of the base. You only have a few seconds to react, or Mr. flaggy is gone.

Q2CTF3 - The smelter

IMO, this is the most unenjoyable map in CTF, partly because their are no open spaces and I get kinda claustrophobic ;P This map is much less of a tactical map like, Q2CTF1 + 2, but it's more like a big ol' brawl. This map is NOT symmetrical. The blue's rocket launcher is actually on a much higher platform than the red's, although this is not really strategic advantage in any way. It has lava in the middle of the map, so mind your step when pursuing the flag carrier! ;P

*Key points of the map*

>There are two entrances to each base. The main entrance passes the grenade launcher on the plat and the second entrance is a opening through the bases roof which you can drop through.

>I would recommend attacking through the second entrance (the roof) as the enemy cannot see u coming. The problem with this is, it is likely that there will be someone there either waiting for the quad to respawn, of guarding it for an attacker. Grab the rocket launcher and you should be OK. A poor team will not guard the quad above their base and attackers will be able to grab it and cause chaos. Attacking through the main entrance will allow the enemy to see you for a long period of time, so there is a good chance u will be met will a 21 rocket salute.

>To get the oppositions flag, attackers should drop down through the roof opening and scoop the flag, and grapple back up. The enemy won't know what's hit them.

>There is power armour and a railgun in the room which is situated in the neutral area and opened by a button on the opposite side (which lowers the bridge). Supplying your team8's with those will make u a popular guy :)

>A good place for the flag carrier to hide is in the quad tunnel, or by the mega-health out of view. For those of u who don't know where the MH is, it is on the way into the base in the first high tunnel on the left.

>Controlling both of the rocket launchers on both bases will keep the opposition weak.

>Good defensive weapons: Rocket launcher (again) and the grenade launcher as it is in the base + ammo.

Q2CTF4 - Outlands

This map is converted from an original single player map, so therefore, it is not symmetrical. Both bases have good and bad points about them, and the map is notoriusoly biased in the way of the blues, but personally, I find the red base is easier to defend and there is great flag carrier hiding place which most people do not know about.

*Key points of the map*

>This map is great for railgunning so it is a good idea to control it. This is a lot harder if you are red, but still possible. Blue should have no problem as it is just outside their base.

>There is a hiding place for flag carriers on the red team to go where they can wait for our flag to be recovered. In this spot you are totally invisible to the enemy. **Watch outlands.dm2 to see it**.

>The BFG is on a platform by the water so expect attacks from the water w/ it. To compensate, use the BFG to defend.

>In the base there is mega armour which can be useful to defenders.

>It is best to have two lines of defense on this map. One line should guard outside of the tunnel and another should stay near the flag, so their attackers have to pass two lines of defense. The defenders on the inside of the tunnel can also guard the flag carrier.

>As some of you may know, there is a bug in version 3.17 that lets you "surf" on the water allowing you to move much quicker then usual. To do this you have to surface to the top of the water and hold down the jump button. You will surf across the water at speed. This is useful as there is a lot of open water on this map. **see outlands.dm2**

>Camp the teleporters near the base. Although it is lame, it prevents unexpected attacks from weak players. There is no such thing as camping in CTF - it is called strategy ;)

>Good defensive weapons: If you are defending in the tunnel, it is a good idea to use the rocket launcher or the BFG and if you are outside the tunnel, use a railguns u get a clear shot easily. Also, If you are playing as blue, it is possible to stand at the bottom of the entrance to the blues base and lob rockets into the narrow passages.

Q2CTF5 - Capture showdown

This map is by fair my favourite as it's just so damn cool. This map too is also taken from single player quake2, and this one is symmetrical, so no advantage can be gained from choosing either side. There aren't many tips on this map.

*Key points of the map*

>Underneath the base floor there is a rocket launcher and 30 rockets. If your team8 follows u down there to re-arm, don't take all of the rockets.

>In the same room, flag carriers can go there to get cover. Stand by the teleporters at the end of the tunnel, but don't step in. This way, whenever you see a player/rocket coming down the corridor you can just sidestep in the teleporter and you are away from danger.

>In the base, there is a mega armour which can be grappled to. Give it to the attackers. Their is also a combat armour in the tunnel underneath the base.

>In the narrow corridors around the base, use the railgun as it's just so easy to pick guyz off.

>Good defensive weapons: A power amped chaingun would be my choice on this map, or any gun that does not have visible projectiles. A rocket launcher or a railgun is a good choice as well though.

>Ok, this isn't really a CTF tip, but it's fun all the same. Go into single player quake and load up the map "boss2". Kill the makron and press the two little buttons on the floor. Next go down the two places that opened up in the floor and U will come to a corridor (in CTF, this is where the rocket launcher is). Shoot the wall that is ahead and go through! (I won't tell u whats there, but it's cool ;P)

Whew! if you got this far you take quake2 FAR too seriosuly :)
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