Config Examples

One of the keys to being a good Quake 2 player is having the keys where you want them, so they are easy to get to. For CTF keys & binds see CTF Guide.

Most players use an autoexec.cfg file in there C:\quake2\baseq2\ directory. This file addes extra commands onto the config.cfg file that is already in that directory.

Here is an example of a autoexec.cfg file :

//beginning of autoexec.cfg

//beginning of Rocket Jump Script
alias +rj "rj1;rj2" alias rj1 "cl_pitchspeed 100000;wait;+lookdown;wait;-lookdown;cl_pitchspeed 200" alias rj2 "hand 2;+moveup;+attack;echo Rocket Jump" alias -rj "-attack;-moveup;hand 3;centerview"

bind r "+rj"
//end of Rocket Jump script

//Beginning of Zoom Script
alias +zoom "fov 20; hand 0" alias -zoom "fov 90; hand 0"
bind z "+zoom"
//End of Zoom Script

//Extra Keys for Custom Servers
bind x "drop rune"

bind ; "wave 4"

//end of autoexec.cfg

You can copy this into notepage and save as autoexec.cfg in your :/Quake2/Baseq2/ dir and you will be able to do a Rocket Jump by pressing r and use the zoom function by pressing z .

See its pretty simple, if it doenst work re-read the instructions and check you have it all right. There are many commands you can use, most of them are above, such as :

bind AKEY "use Blaster"

Replace AKEY with a key of your choice and that key will now make your player get out his/her blaster.

Open config.cfg in your /Quake/baseq2 directory and you will see a lot of other commands, it is best not to edit the config.cfg file, but to add an autoexec.cfg file in that directory.