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Single Player Levels September 98

9-12-98    1964-echos of the past   7.33MB    SP/DM
Authored by- J.F.Gustafsson
If you thought the single level version of 1964 was good, wait until you see the other 7 levels that are after it! There is quite a story in the text file which does a great job explaining all the details of the adventure you are about to embark on. The author has done an outstanding job of blending all of the levels into each other and keeping the theme alive. You will be challenged from the very start and it will never let up mainly because of the keen monster placement he has incorporated into this map set. The architecture is exceptionally good throughout most of these levels and the attention to details rival the original Id levels. I particularly enjoyed all the different secrets he has put in the levels. Some are very well concealed making you really have to hunt for them but the items were well worth finding. In the end you will need everything you can get to make it through. Of course this level set has excellent game flow from start to finish and will provide you many hours of fun! A truly Killer Map set!

9-4-98    PC Gamer Presents... Dry Gulch   6.88M    SP
Authored by- Neil Manke
Well, just when I thought I had seen just about everything I could see in a Quake2 map, along comes another totally different Neil original! This two level set just simply rocked my brains out. You will be awe struck with all the new goodies Neil has up his sleeve for you! You will be sent back to the old west in the boat that you were last on as Coconut Monkey is again looking for the now infamous Pierre. The new textures and scenery are nothing short of superb as you go through the desert and some canyons filled with perfectly positioned bad guys. There will be a really cool town for you to explore and one of my favorite parts was riding in the mining cart! One part of this level set that's worth mentioning is the absolutely cool vultures he has... they will be sitting on signs, flying overhead, or even feeding on a corps! VERY NICE! The old mining town is nothing short of spectacular as you will be climbing up stove pipes and jumping off roof tops and even shooting from breakable windows! You will even see a guy come crashing through a windows as he gets thrown out of the saloon! Along with the cool new vultures, there are also some newly skinned monsters like the gunners with sombreros and the parasites that now look like large grasshoppers. Wait until you see the PC Gamer train that will scare the hell out of you the first time you encounter it! I could go on and on about this adventure but I don't want to spoil it for you... Way to go Neil! What a great job you have done with this absolutely marvelous set of levels... =)