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Single Player Levels p-r

3-16-98    Payback   670K    SP/DM/ 8 players
Authored by- Matt Fox [Mix]
I knew this was a pretty good level from the very beginning when I saw my ship blow a hole into the strogg base! From that point on it was pretty much non stop action throughout the entire level. I liked the way the author made me hunt a little for the real entrance. The messages were enough to let you know what you had to do almost all of the time. The level flow was great with very little backtracking. There were only two things I would have liked to seen in this map. A little better ending as it was pretty abrupt and some secrets to make things a little more interesting. But don't let those two things stop you from playing this exciting level. It was packed full of fun! The monster placement was for the most part very well done and helped make it quite a challenge. There was a pretty cool looking dome in the communications room that I wouldn't mind learning how to make myself =)

6-29-98    The Production Complex   6.56M    SP
Authored by- Andrea D'Intino (aka BARIO)
This was a great set of 6 levels with huge structures throughout. You will start in a fairly believable setting outside and make your way into this massive base filled full of fun and if you pay too much attention to all of the details around you and the great looking architecture... death! All the levels blend very well together and were great for hours of play! The theme was great giving the player a sense of what was to be expected except the end was a surprise to me and probably will be for you as well. These levels were really challenging for me even on the easy skill the first time through. I liked the fact that the author inserted humor into parts of the level helping to make them quite enjoyable to play. The game flow was very smooth from the start to the end with a few exceptions here and there where the levels were so big I sort of got lost... but the author uses the objectives quite well and they should pretty much point you in the right directions. There were tons of secrets scattered throughout and I'm still looking for about one third of them. All in all this was an outstanding achievement and defiantly deserved the Killer Map award for all the time this author spent making them. I am really looking forward to see the sequel! There is also and added bonus. A deathmatch level I haven't had time to check out yet... more on that later perhaps.

5-3-98    The Powersphere Quest (ver. 2)  4.89M    SP/CO/DM
Authored by- Cedar Kraus
A new guy on the block, Cedar Kraus, produced this awe-inspiring set of levels! You will find 5 absolutely stunning Killer Maps in this set with architecture that will simply blow you away! One skill setting is for single play the rest are cooperative. Don't let the skill 0 fool you though, because in no way will it be easy! They all start out following the author's story line, so to best describe it I will print it here...
"as of late, the war on stroggos has been going quite well.. many empty or damaged stroggos installations have been looted of all values, and the stroggos population is scarce now... rumors have been going around about an alien sphere of untold power, hidden in a secret temple..."
This story, although not really big, really sets the theme for these levels and they follow it quite nicely from the beginning to the end. He uses many combinations of inside and outside levels and even has a massive multi leveled underground area he has constructed with great realism. Another thing which really impressed me was he did it all with all original textures and sounds! The beauty of his architecture is absolutely breathtaking at times and is chocked full of nicely detailed textures to provide some great eye candy for the player. Probably the most stunning level he has is the end level. It is a little on the small side, but it sure was a pretty site. The missions and objectives really were incorporated nicely into these levels which contributed greatly to the nearly flawless gameflow and integration between all the levels. This was one tough level to play and make it through. It took me three attempts in two days to finish it! Everything seems to be totally balanced from start to finish with just enough ammo, armor, and health to make it through. You will be in for the challenge of your life when you play these levels since the monster placement is nearly flawless. Most of the time you will be fighting the big boys here as there aren't that many soldiers left. So, if you don't want to play with the big dogs, get off the porch! hehe Get these great Killer Maps today!

4-27-98    REoL TOUGH: Armageddon!  726K    SP/DM 8 Players
Authored by- George J. Fiffy II
George's first Quake 2 level since the amazing Reol Tough series in Quake comes to us fairly true to its name. He has made a very realistic but somewhat Quake 1 looking level with a pretty good layout for great combat situations. There is a very deadly trap you will no doubt encounter and die in the first time but it will not be too hard to find out how to negotiate it. The monster placement throughout the level is done very nicely giving most of the monsters the advantage over the players position making the player think about what to do in most confrontations. 4 secrets will be very fun to find and they aren't your typical secrets and should be a challenge for you to find. I only found 2 of them. Either i'm not as observant as I should be or they are VERY well hidden. There was just enough ammo and armor make this level tough but you will need to use you trusty blaster in many instances to get through it. The ending area was the only downfall of this level as I really expected more of a fight there but the level was still an A+ on the fun side so check it out today!

2-11-98    Red Penitentiary    949K     SP/DM 2-8 players
Authored by- T. H. Johansen
As the title suggests, this level is in a Strogg penitentiary. Your mission will be to break into it, shut down the security system and then get out. As one would suspect, this isn't going to be as easy as one would think! The action is pretty much non stop as you work your way though this levels great level design. The authors item placement is positioned quite well with most of the health, armor, and weapons being in the right place at the right time. There seemed to be enough ammo to get your job done but you should be careful with it on the hard skill as you just may be in for quite a challenge! The architecture is very well constructed giving the player a feeling of truly being there. I enjoyed finding the 4 secrets which were scattered throughout the level in some pretty good places with some great items to use. Play this level today and have some heart pounding fun!

3-16-98    Retribution   531K    SP
Authored by- Doug Magee
This was a very interesting 2 part level with some pretty neat special effects in it. The front end I have been testing (it will be released when it's finished) loaded the level backwards and I even found it to be good that way as well. You should enjoy playing this level in hard skill as it was quite challenging. The start area was a little plain but you wont have a lot of time after that for it to be a bother since the rest of the area is full of your buddies getting tortured and with enough guards to keep you busy. The level does stick to its plot fairly well with you going in and trying to rescue your co-pilot. Unfortunately you arrive a little too late and find he is already quite insane and have to kill him...