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Single Player Levels Oct 97

10-20-97    Quake 2 Demo #1    11m    
Authored by- Id software
I was so anxious to get this demo I stayed up all night until the sun came up. I heard the musical ding of my mail client, checked the mail and there it was... finally after many months of waiting and looking at other peoples screen shots of the day. This is definitely the beginning of the end of Quake and I like it! I couldn't believe all of the neat things in this demo. It was the best demo of anything I have ever seen in my life from the gaming industry. The professionalism simply shines in every possible place from the art to the AI.
Yes, I really liked them all. Especially the one whose head gets shot off and then is covered in flies. Some say this happens a little too fast but I didn't care! It's gruesomely cool! Also the fact that you can take out even more aggression by shooting the bodies and making them turn into even more pieces was an even greater experience in morbidity!
I was very impressed with the weapons so far. The super shotgun is my all time favorite from the days of Doom2 and it has the right punch for it too.. By god when you release both barrels of a 12 gauge at something it should put a big hole in it. This shot gun does that quite nicely :) All of the other weapons were good too. I also liked the hand grenades... even though they were a little slow they were neat to use and with a little practice I could throw them just about anywhere.
The level ambience was superb! I really enjoyed the smooth game flow and the ambient sounds were all in the right places making this an adventure in total immersion for me. The futuristic but not new look in all of the textures were pretty awesome to behold. Every detail had a highly professional look to it which made this a truly great experience. The size of these levels was really something too. I really found it easy to get lost in them at first but since everything is different in every area, it was pretty easy to find landmarks and find my way around. So in closing, without this being too long and boring I would like to say...
Long live Quake 2!

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