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Single Player Levels November 98


11-8-98    PCGamer Presents- Saving private Monkey  8.4 megs    SP
By- Neil Manke
It's here! The final installment in the awe-inspiring Coconut Monkey Series! CM3 sees Coco beaming into World War Two to stop the evil Pierre as he infiltrates the third reich with his strogg forces, complete with fetching Nazi uniforms! More top notch textures, maps and new skins from Neil and his team of dudes makes this pak all the more. There's bunkers, and underground forts and huge guns and Pierre with an Uzi. Groovy. Also making a welcome return to the Quake scene is the dog! It looks like it's lifted from Quake 1 totally but it still rules.
Baddie placement is perfect. Jumps await and dogs stay with their Nazi-masters, until you here the immortal cry "Sick balls chopper!" (Not really, but I love that movie...). This map is also a total double-hard bastard. It took me a couple of days to fight through it and even the first beach is a bitch to get out of (there are two ways. Easy and hard. Dumbass that is me went the hard way...).
All in all, this is a fitting a nearly perfect conclusion to Neils trilogy. Not as good as Dry Gulch but still better than the best of the rest.


11-1-98    The Widening Gyre  or the mirror site here 2 megs approx.    SP
By- Carson Utz (Riscchip)
This level is huge, and it rules. The first thing I saw when I entered was a beautifully structured corridor. Now, usually, corridors are corridors, but this... this was a corridor. Angular archways gave structure to it as it streached away into a door rimmed with blue light. I was in for something good, I knew it. I opened the door, and walked in, boom, I was dead from a hidden gunner. Slightly peeved, and more than a little humiliated, I rushed back in, kicked some ass and never looked back. This was the beginning of a journey that would last for 3 days as I explored and fought my was through a huge, 5005 brush level. And it was great. Let me elaborate.
Bad guys were perfectly placed to keep the action smooth and exciting. I died lots, but I never got fed up with it. It was a masterfully crafted challenge. The archetechture blew me away totally. Even the attention of detail and effort shown in the stairs was cool. Sectors were lit moodily with greens and blues and reds, adding to the atmosphere. Tank "bosses" and huge gauntlets were used every now and then to break the level up and the texturing and attention to detail rivaled the iD levels. Outdoor sections, something that the Quake engine is notoriously bad at were as fast on my P150 as they could be on my P400 (ninja bastard PC that I never use for reviewing. I stay with the tech specs on the box). In fact, my P150 is lower than the base specs and it ran like a dream. I would even go so far to say that this could probably run with a little slowdown but not much on a P133 w/ 48megs of RAM and a 3D card. You do have a 3D card, don't you?
I may even go so far as to say this surpassed my favourite, COS2. Okay, so maybe it's on par. This isn't just a level, it's an experience. Miss this, and you have no right to call yourself a Quake 2 fan. Now stop reading, go grab!