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Single Player Levels May 98

5-31-98    Soldier of Fortune Inc. - Mission 2  1.71M    SP
Authored by- Neil Manke
Been wondering where Neil was hiding all this time? Well now you will see some of his Quake 2 work with this very refreshing "Soldier of Fortune" level he has made for Rysher Entertainment and is featured on the PC Gamer Cd for June. This version is a little better with a few new features than what is on that CD. Finally, a level that isn't a typical Quake2 level! This is a nearly totally outside level which will keep you busy for hours! I really liked the new mountain environment and the new textures Neil has added to this. You will be able to kill monsters with your helicopter, which i found pretty neat, and there are a lot of other surprises as well like having to pop a grenade down the air intake of a small submarine to get into it. There are around 4 fairly large areas on this map packed full of action for you and he also has included 6 secrets to find too. I found the design of the map to be pretty good with more than one way for the player to go to get the job done. The monster placement is excellent and will be a great challenge for most especially in the hard skill. So if you think you have what it takes to be a good soldier, get this great level today!

5-22-98    Waiting to Die  2.03    SP
Authored by- Marty Howe
Here is a set of three really nice looking levels joined together as a small hub. The level starts out in a quite believable prison ship where you are awaiting execution. Of course your mission is to try to escape from this hell the author has made from you. I really enjoyed the architecture in these levels. So much in fact that I died looking around a couple of times! There are also many fairly well marked secrets which will be not only fun to find but pretty darn handy to have as well. The details in just about every part of the level were superb from the really cool looking prison ship to the end where there is a very nicely put together hanger bay. The ambient sounds were really a plus in these levels. Most areas had not only the right looks but also the right sounds to make it even more believable to play sucking me right into the game! The monster and item placement was second to none making this one tough level to get through on the hard skill but there was enough items and ammo to make this happen. He gave me plenty of shotgun shells to blow just about everything away with my favorite weapon, the double barreled shotgun, so I was quite happy with it! You will need to have a pretty good machine to play this on in hard skill as the r_speeds can really slow down in some areas but they were not enough to be too much of a nuisance to me. I spent many hours playing this one so you had better get it and check it out! My hats off to you Marty! Thanks for all the fun..

5-22-98    Tab5: House of Jorg  670K    SP/DM 6 Players
Authored by- Michael Contorno
Another good all around level to play from Michael who has produced 4 other good maps so far. I liked most of the layout of this level as it was filled with fun from the start to the end and never let me down as far as the action goes. The ammo and powerups are just sufficient to get the job done in hard skill so you will want to conserve on some of your ammo when possible to have enough for the end boss. I particularly enjoyed the combination of the ambient monster sounds in the beginning giving it an eire feeling off the starting block. There are three secrets to be found and they are not too hard to spot which is fine because you wont have a lot of time to explore because you will be pretty busy. There is a good trap in the level but not so deadly if you keep your cool. It is well marked but still surprised me! There is one part where you get to ride a train. I enjoyed it enough to include it in one of the pictures here. Have some fun and get this fine level today!

5-11-98    Chemical Plant (ver. 2)  2.05M    SP/CO
Authored by- Matt Barnett
The first time I saw this level it was too big for my machine and had real r_speed problems. Now the author has broken up the huge level into two smaller levels and it really paid off as you will see when you play this fine killer map! You will be under fire from the start where you were parachuted in. From there the action gets even better as you find your way through the base and destroy the reaction vessel deep within the chemical plant. From there you will have to make your way back and await extraction. These levels flowed quite nicely and very seldom will you become confused on what to do next. This is due in part to a lot of good secondary objectives along the way, and his levels were laid out very well. Most of the action is quite believable because of the detailing and some great looking architecture. The monster placement was also done quite well with only a few exceptions. There were four secrets which were very fun to explore and find. The only flaw in this level which I could see was the ability to get stuck between boxes and having to no-clip out of them, so be warned of that problem and you will do just fine. The map ran really high on my fun-o-meter as I spent hours playing it. Get Chemical Plant today!

5-3-98    The Powersphere Quest (ver. 2)  4.89M    SP/CO/DM
Authored by- Cedar Kraus
A new guy on the block, Cedar Kraus, produced this awe-inspiring set of levels! You will find 5 absolutely stunning Killer Maps in this set with architecture that will simply blow you away! One skill setting is for single play the rest are cooperative. Don't let the skill 0 fool you though, because in no way will it be easy! They all start out following the author's story line, so to best describe it I will print it here...
"as of late, the war on stroggos has been going quite well.. many empty or damaged stroggos installations have been looted of all values, and the stroggos population is scarce now... rumors have been going around about an alien sphere of untold power, hidden in a secret temple..."
This story, although not really big, really sets the theme for these levels and they follow it quite nicely from the beginning to the end. He uses many combinations of inside and outside levels and even has a massive multi leveled underground area he has constructed with great realism. Another thing which really impressed me was he did it all with all original textures and sounds! The beauty of his architecture is absolutely breathtaking at times and is chocked full of nicely detailed textures to provide some great eye candy for the player. Probably the most stunning level he has is the end level. It is a little on the small side, but it sure was a pretty site. The missions and objectives really were incorporated nicely into these levels which contributed greatly to the nearly flawless gameflow and integration between all the levels. This was one tough level to play and make it through. It took me three attempts in two days to finish it! Everything seems to be totally balanced from start to finish with just enough ammo, armor, and health to make it through. You will be in for the challenge of your life when you play these levels since the monster placement is nearly flawless. Most of the time you will be fighting the big boys here as there aren't that many soldiers left. So, if you don't want to play with the big dogs, get off the porch! hehe Get these great Killer Maps today!