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Single Player Levels m-o

4-1-98    MPQU1 - Bad Seed  1.98M    SP
Authored by- Warren Marshall
A very impressive set of 4 levels all combined into a very workable and smooth hub. You might want to bring your "get out of jail free card" if you want to complete these levels in the hard skill since it will be very tough to break out of this prison! The levels all have a different style and are all done to a near professional quality. I was thoroughly impressed with how the different styles blended into each map and how smooth the transition was. The monster and item placement was great for all levels and was really noticeable in the hard skill. Warren really did a fine job on using the computer to let you know what to do all along the hub. The architecture was very stunning in most parts and he took full advantage of using great lighting techniques. There were many secrets in each map to make this even more interesting and even one "disgusting secret" to find! The set of levels was simply a whole hell of a lot of fun too! I spent two days playing this on all skill levels before writing this review... I guess I was a little stingy but what the heck! I could go one on and on for days with this review telling you about every little detail I thought was great but I am sure you are more interested in just getting this killer set of levels so... get them!

2-26-98    Mutated!    458K    SP/CO/DM 2-5 players
Authored by- YooShin Yang
This is a small single player/deathmatch/coop level made by YooShin for the "Best Of The Net" Level Design Contest. This was his rendition of a typical Id level. I really enjoyed the feeling of the level and had tons of fun playing it. I especially enjoyed the way the player has to get his weapons, as most of them were acquired by the player shooting his foe and getting it from him. A good lesson for other level makers as it makes for a lot more realism than having the weapons just sitting around, which is a small pet peeve I have had with even the Id levels. The lighting was a little on the dark side but it was used pretty well. I had so much fun playing it that I wished this level was just about one third bigger. The mission is pretty basic - Kill everything and get out =) You might like the way he presents his first secret. Its not the normal "you found a secret" message. Check it out and see!

1-12-98    MarTim 12 "Raw Sewage"    461K    SP/DM 4 players
Authored by- The MarTim Team
The is the first MarTim level for Quake 2 and shows a lot of promise for any future levels they may make. You will start just above a sewer in the control area and fight your way out. The monster placement was good and the game flow was pretty smooth but the end seemed to be just a little abrupt making me want a little more. I thought it could have been a little harder but was still a challenge and a lot of fun the way it is. You will find there is just enough ammo and health to get the job done so don't waste anything or you may find yourself quite dead. This level should prove to be pretty good in deathmatch on a lan also with 4 player starts. Grab it and have fun.

2-13-98    MarTim 13 - Missile Base 'A32'   531K     SP/DM 2-4 players
Authored by- Tim van Hal, Marco van Schriek, Roel Tiemessen,
AKA "The MarTim Team"
This friday the 13th offering from the Mar-Tim Team proved to be quite a delightful surprise for me. The level is pretty much full of non-stop action with just a small mix of different monsters to deal with. I found it to be a little challenging on the hard skill with good placement of most of the foes and just enough ammo and health to finish it if you are a good shot and are good at dodging. I hope you like using shotguns because they are the only available extra weapons in the level. The only secret will provide you with the super shotgun and wasn't that easy to find. It has a pretty much straight forward design but still had the right ambience to make you feel you were really there. The architecture was a little on the plain side but you will not have the time to be looking around very much so it really doesn't matter. I'm sure you will have at least as much fun as I did playing it so get it today!

3-11-98    Mercy at Strogos DETEN3   922K    SP
Authored by- Brad Kiefer
A very interesting and fun level even though it was this authors first try. I found the overall flow of the level to be quite excellent and his monster placement was excellently executed. There is a fairly new twist in the theme as you have to go in and mercy kill all of your buddies to prevent them from any more suffering from the Strogg. The items found on your pals will come in really useful enabling you to complete the mission. I have spent many hours of fun playing this level and except for some placement of ammo you cant use because of a lack of the proper weapons, I couldn't really find anything else to gripe about. I enjoyed most of the architecture and he also had a few secrets which come in mighty handy and were fun to find. Get this level and find out why I call it a Killer Map!

8-7-98    My Last Flesh   1.13M    SP
Authored by- YooShin Yang
YooShin hasn't been heard from since he took his new job at RMD Software but it looks like he has had a little time to make a great level for us. Unfortunately for us it seems it will he his last one. Its a pretty good combat level which is short but sweet and should keep you pretty busy for awhile. I liked the Quake like atmosphere he made, as it almost looks and more importantly feels like a Quake 1 level. The architecture is good looking and very solid which is pretty much the norm for YooShin's great authoring abilities. There are three secrets of which I found two of them with relative ease. The third is a little harder to find contains his signature and a couple of real good items that will come in really handy in the hard skill. The level was very well balanced with just the right stuff to get the job done as you procede through it. Hard skill is pretty tough to beat but with some thought you should be able to do it. I had a lot of fun playing this level and am fairly sure you will too.

10-12-98    Old Storage Area 2 - The Sequel  548k   SP
Authored by- Juha Koiste
Old Storage Area 2, the unoriginally titled sequel to Old Storage area is based around the Warehouse levels of Quake 2. And while not particularly original is pretty damned fine. The story, slightly contrived and unoriginal sets the scene perfectly for a non stop action map that utilises and tried and tested formula to impressive and pulse-pounding effect. From the word go you, the player, are fighting for your life amidst some great looking archetecture and clever bad-guy placement. Never did I run out of ammo so I had to resort to my blaster (read: pea shooter) but I was always teetering on the edge,keeping tension. The use of the idiotic-but-scary Berserkers a lot means quite a lot of running away, especially at the start when all you have is a shotgun. The ending is especially impressive (look at the screenshot. It's better than that though) and is a fitting ending.
This level, while small, is perfectly formed. Just like those mini-donuts you can get at the mall, this level is moreish. Play it. Then play it again. It's great.

3-11-98    Old Storage Area    553K    SP
Authored by- Juha Koiste
This is the first Q2 level Juha has produced but don't let that scare you because he has also made plenty of killer Quake maps in the past and this level is a real thriller! I really enjoyed the basic layout of it with many different situations to be confronted with as you play. He even threw in pallets stacked around the place to add to the realism of a warehouse area. I thought that was kind of neat since I hadn't seen that before. The monster and item placement was excellently done making for a good challenge. The fun factor of this level is quite high and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it and look forward to seeing more Quake 2 levels from Juha in the future. Get it and have a great time!

8-4-98    On Sacred Ground   2.12M    SP/Dm (all three levels)
Authored by- Jack Davis
A surprising well built unit with three levels! The beginning is very realistic as you have just crashed and are underwater. You swim your way to the top and immediately you will have a good fight on your hands. The author did a great job presenting these levels and they are all combined to make a pretty smooth unit to play. The architecture is very nice in most areas and very well designed for outstanding game play. The plot is good... you will be after the evil Jorg and have to kill him in order to escape. The monster placement is just short of excellent and provides some great challenges... You will need all your wits to be able to complete these levels... I really liked the crafty way he had of making you climb things... there are stairs you have to jump to in order to get places. Be sure you watch for them because you may be a little confused at first. I liked the concept though and thought it was a good fresh idea for levels.


12-2-98    Operation: Reciprocity  1 meg approx    SP
By- Kurt Kowitz
Fun and clear with the emphasis on playability is the motto for this brilliant level with a twist. Like always, you're on a mission and all of your chums are stone dead, leaving poor old you to kick some donkey and get the hell outta dodge. Unfortunately, this is a war, and and all of the chaps on the front line have sweethearts at home sewing blankets that want to know if their boys are dead so they can go back out man hunting. Find all of your fallen pals' dogtags and then get the hell outta dodge. Okay, I'll stop talking like I'm from WWII, but this level with it's ingenious twist rules totally.
A change from the duldrums of fight, run fight run, this level present's a macarbre game of Scavenger Hunt as you maraude around another poor Strogg base. Do you thing these Strogg are a bit thick? I mean, every week one man get's through and destroys everything. A bit slow, methinks. But I'm going off the plot again. Let's carry on...
The archetecture, while not awe-inspiring, is still very functual and better than a lot I have seen. The crates are very preey and the sectors of the base, with their deep hues are all very pretty.
It's not really the looks that make this level the brilliant marvel that it is though. The action really is pulse-pounding and fun, especially on hard skill. I spent a day working through this, playing it a few times, and I never got bored. that, to me, is a good level. And this level is good. get it. Now. You have been told.