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Single Player Levels July 98

7-19-98    GHOST TOWN 2   1.81M    SP
Authored by- Roger Staines
The master of combat situations has brought us not only a great level to play but a fun and unique one as well. Back in the Quake days, Roger made a really fine looking level called Ghost Town and hasn't let us down with this one. This new western theme map really is an eye full of great architecture with some really fine special effects as you will see when you see a church collapse in an earthquake. When I first played this map I didn't expect to see an old ghost town so it was a real treat to be playing a level that wasn't full of your typical base theme architecture. The story of course is as unique as the level. You have been sent into the past to the old west to recover a data disc. Unfortunately the Strogg are there as well trying to do just the same thing. You will love the beginning where the first thing you will hear is a wolf howling but only a few steps later you will be confronted with a real challenge that will last until the end. For those of you who love to explore, Roger has included a record 15 secrets which should keep you very busy! All skill levels have been methodically and masterfully staged and should be a challenge to every players abilities. Which is to say... Hard skill is really hard and you will know you are good if you can survive that one! In closing, I would like to really thank Roger for such a splendid map and once again showing us what a truly Killer Map should look and feel like!