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Single Player Levels j-l

3-22-98    KSP70  881K    SP/DM
Authored by- Kurt Kowitz
This level was definitely a pleasure to play. From the the very beginning you will be challenged by your foes. The ambient sounds were almost perfect helping to give this level a really believable setting. The monster placement was almost uncanny. The author made great use of respawning and in many cases, even surprised me... it was like "that guy wasn't there a minute ago was he?" The setting is basically a base level with no new textures but they were all very detailed and looked nice. The flow of the game was very good with the player having to go back to other areas to complete the mission objectives. This was where the authors great monster placement makes the level unique and not just a base type level as seen from so many others as when you come back you are faced with many more challenges. This level was very challenging in the hard skill and was equally fun too! And on top of everything else, it was one of the best first levels I have seen! Grab it today.

4-30-98    Leftovers...  596K    SP
Authored by- Iikka "Fingers" Keranen
This is Iikka's first single player level using the Quake 2 engine. It wont take you long to figure out why Ion Storm hired this very talented author. He has put together a fairly small but powerful level with some brilliant architecture and even a really neat ship for you to use for your escape in the end. A good story in his text file sets the pace and theme quite nicely. The level is bursting with realism in most places and will really get the player involved. I was really impressed with two scenes in this level. One where the rescue craft has to make a hasty retreat and actually is pursued by enemy aircraft and the end scene where the player gets to fly away in another craft. The fighting can get pretty brutal in spots because if the excellent placement of the foes. There was one secret hidden in it I couldn't, for the life of me, find. I guess I will just have to look some more =). I'm sure most players will find this level very challenging and fun to play so get it today! Hopefully, we will be able to see more of Iikka's work in the future.