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Single Player Levels g-i

7-19-98    GHOST TOWN 2   1.81M    SP
Authored by- Roger Staines
The master of combat situations has brought us not only a great level to play but a fun and unique one as well. Back in the Quake days, Roger made a really fine looking level called Ghost Town and hasn't let us down with this one. This new western theme map really is an eye full of great architecture with some really fine special effects as you will see when you see a church collapse in an earthquake. When I first played this map I didn't expect to see an old ghost town so it was a real treat to be playing a level that wasn't full of your typical base theme architecture. The story of course is as unique as the level. You have been sent into the past to the old west to recover a data disc. Unfortunately the Strogg are there as well trying to do just the same thing. You will love the beginning where the first thing you will hear is a wolf howling but only a few steps later you will be confronted with a real challenge that will last until the end. For those of you who love to explore, Roger has included a record 15 secrets which should keep you very busy! All skill levels have been methodically and masterfully staged and should be a challenge to every players abilities. Which is to say... Hard skill is really hard and you will know you are good if you can survive that one! In closing, I would like to really thank Roger for such a splendid map and once again showing us what a truly Killer Map should look and feel like!

1-13-98    Gib Me Liberty...    707K    SP
Authored by- Ed Cope aka Scope
This level is Ed's first Quake2 single player level and provided me with a lot of great fun. I really liked the monster placement as it provided me with a real challenge in the hard skill until the end. There are even some secrets along the way which will help you out a lot. The levels game flow was pretty smooth and the design was great making the player pretty involved in the game. The texture alignment was good and so was some of the architecture. Not too bad for his first Quake 2 level. I look forward to seeing more of Ed's work in the future =)

6-5-98    GRINSPQ1 - Castles of Stroggos   2.26M    SP
Authored by- Brian Griffith
This is Brian's first attempt at single player levels but don't let that stop you from playing this very impressive set of levels because they really ROCK! The level starts out with you on a mission to locate a mothership and board her before she lifts off. He has presented a very nice story in his text file worth looking at before you play these levels. The architecture is very stunning in most places with very large structures throughout most of the areas. The details are many as you will see in every section of these levels. They were full of special effects and had many secrets scattered about. The monster placement was near prefect making this one hell of a challenge to get through. The game flow was very smooth since the layout was done so well with little time wasted figuring out where to go and what to do. I was quite awe struck playing these levels and couldn't believe the author had never made any single player maps before. I sure do hope he continues to make more and am especially anxious to get to the next part of the series as the ending was abrupt by design to lead you there. Speaking of things to do, these levels were full of things to do and see and will keep you busy for hours so grab them today!

1-26-98    Hadley's Hope   622K     SP/DM 2-16 players
Authored by- John E. Schuchr
A space station level (i think) which was really a surprise to me. I had tons of fun playing this and really enjoyed seeing all the different effects the author has put together in this map. Some of the architecture was really stunning and pretty and he has done a little of everything in just one map. The game flow and design was excellent. There was only one secret to find but it was a good one. This map is also deathmatch ready for up to 16 players and it had good flow and balance which should make it pretty worthy for all. Download this level and have some real fun!

4-29-98    Heroic Bloodshed  1.97M    SP
Authored by- Marty Howe
These levels, three of them, are absolutely awesome in just about every way. I am still reeling from the after shocks of playing them. Marty has put together a three level episode which will just knock you off your feet. He has made a totally realistic environment which is hard for me to describe but I will try anyway. The level starts out in a box in the dark, you shoot your way out with your mission to find and reprogram a communications center and its missiles. Unknown to the player these missiles will end up destroying the level you fought so hard to get through. Marty will have you scaling walls, riding a train, running, jumping and fighting for your life as you make your way through this great and remarkable set of levels. I couldn't believe how well he recreated the first level and had it truly look like it was blown up with dead monster corpses laying around and some angry ones left for you to deal with too. You will marvel at the architecture and the special effects. The details were magnificent adding to the realness of play. I almost couldn't believe I was playing Quake 2 levels as i was so immersed in it I could almost feel every step I took. He has put some mighty fine secrets throughout these levels and some are even a little crafty. His monster placement was so good there were a few times I was actually startled and almost jumped out of my chair. I'm sure you will just love playing these levels and I know I will have them on my hard drive for quite some time. It will be really hard for most authors to beat these so get them today!

1-16-98    Hideout    279K    SP
Authored by- YooShin Yang
This level isn't really large but it is a solid playing single player map and it ROCKS! I really enjoyed the great architecture and lighting and especially authors use of triggers in this level. It was a very big challenge in the hard skill if you don't use the three secrets included. Not bad for a practice map as the author describes it in his text files. If this is any hint of things to come you certainly enjoy his next levels =)

1-26-98    Incarceration    1M     SP
Authored by- Greg 'Manx' Barr
This level is on a prison ship in space. I really feel the author did a great job of making this as realistic as possible except for a prisoner having a gun in the brig. All difficulty setting were incorporated into this level and they all were representative of their level. The game flow and level design was pretty fine and gave me a great sense of direction most of the time. The architecture was really done well with many cool things to look at. He even had some great special effects. There were 3 secrets which will give you some pretty good things to get your job done. You will find this to be a lot of fun to play so grab it today!

4-30-98    InfoKill  672K   SP
Authored by- Jack Davis
This level was a lot of fun and had some interesting challenges to it. I would describe this as primarily a combat level since the architecture was rather plain and under detailed in most areas. It was however, quite functional and the design had excellent game flow throughout the level. There were a few little puzzles to figure out before you can continue through some parts which made the game quite interesting in itself. The monster placement was really done well with most of the foes in good position to put you to the test making this quite a challenge in the hard skill. There was enough ammo and other items for you to work with as well. The end area was a little overwhelming at first but if you use a little strategy you will be able make it through with a little health left. There was a pretty good story in the text file setting the theme of the level and giving the player an idea of what's in store for him. It was a pretty good effort for this authors first level and it was well worth checking out too!

2-16-98    Infiltrate :: Subjugate :: Eliminate    791K     SP
Authored by- Matt Sefton
Matt Sefton's first Quake 2 levels is sure to please just about everyone. I found it to be a very exciting level to play with great monster and item placement which made it a good challenge in the hard skill. The atmosphere of the level is very much like an original Quake 2 level and provided a very immersive experience. The architecture had a little bit of just about everything with a nice underground area and even a couple of wide open areas which made the gameplay very interesting. The end of the level seemed quit abrupt but I think it was because I was so involved in the level and really did not want to stop. All in all, this level was a great first effort for Matt and I will be looking forward to seeing more of his levels in the future.