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Single Player Levels Feb. 98

2-26-98    Mutated!    458K    SP/CO/DM 2-5 players
Authored by- YooShin Yang
This is a small single player/deathmatch/coop level made by YooShin for the "Best Of The Net" Level Design Contest. This was his rendition of a typical Id level. I really enjoyed the feeling of the level and had tons of fun playing it. I especially enjoyed the way the player has to get his weapons, as most of them were acquired by the player shooting his foe and getting it from him. A good lesson for other level makers as it makes for a lot more realism than having the weapons just sitting around, which is a small pet peeve I have had with even the Id levels. The lighting was a little on the dark side but it was used pretty well. I had so much fun playing it that I wished this level was just about one third bigger. The mission is pretty basic - Kill everything and get out =) You might like the way he presents his first secret. Its not the normal "you found a secret" message. Check it out and see!

2-24-98    Kraze of Zahara    710K    SP/DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Russell Hayward
This level looked pretty good from the start. It has an erie kind of ambience which almost gave me the willies the first time through. The author did a great job with his lighting making the level feel just right for me. The monster placement is done fairly well although there was one spot in the main area where I could stand back far enough and just pick off 4 monsters with my blaster without getting any damage from them. That didn't stop this level from being one hell of a challenge in the hard skill as I was defeated plenty of times until I got the hang of things. The ending of this was pretty neat where the player gets to escape in a shuttle as you can see in the picture. I'm sure you will all have a lot of fun with this level so get it today.

2-16-98    Infiltrate :: Subjugate :: Eliminate    791K     SP
Authored by- Matt Sefton
Matt Sefton's first Quake 2 levels is sure to please just about everyone. I found it to be a very exciting level to play with great monster and item placement which made it a good challenge in the hard skill. The atmosphere of the level is very much like an original Quake 2 level and provided a very immersive experience. The architecture had a little bit of just about everything with a nice underground area and even a couple of wide open areas which made the gameplay very interesting. The end of the level seemed quit abrupt but I think it was because I was so involved in the level and really did not want to stop. All in all, this level was a great first effort for Matt and I will be looking forward to seeing more of his levels in the future.

2-15-98    Station Zebo    2.1M     SP
Authored by- Travis Almand
This is four map mini unit in which the player will get to shut down a reactor. Although the levels architecture was a little on the plain side in most parts, it proved to be fairly good looking, a good challenge, and was a lot of fun to play. All difficulty settings were implemented and there were several different ways to play these levels with multiple exits to the different maps. I felt this approach was pretty good and went well with the game play. There was just enough ammo to get the job done in the hard setting so don't waste anything if you plan on killing all of the foes. Speaking of foes, their placement for the most part was excellent and there seemed to be just the right mix except for what seemed to be the overuse of the Tank Commander in the end. This level provided me hours of fun so get it today!

2-13-98    Missile Base 'A32'   531K     SP/DM 2-4 players
Authored by- Tim van Hal, Marco van Schriek, Roel Tiemessen,
AKA "The MarTim Team"
This friday the 13th offering from the Mar-Tim Team proved to be quite a delightful surprise for me. The level is pretty much full of non-stop action with just a small mix of different monsters to deal with. I found it to be a little challenging on the hard skill with good placement of most of the foes and just enough ammo and health to finish it if you are a good shot and are good at dodging. I hope you like using shotguns because they are the only available extra weapons in the level. The only secret will provide you with the super shotgun and wasn't that easy to find. It has a pretty much straight forward design but still had the right ambience to make you feel you were really there. The architecture was a little on the plain side but you will not have the time to be looking around very much so it really doesn't matter. I'm sure you will have at least as much fun as I did playing it so get it today!

2-12-98    Water Works    1.06M     SP/CO
Authored by- Doug Magee
Doug has made an impressive level where you will be able to blow up a very realistic looking dam. I especially enjoyed seeing the authors utilization of the running water and flow direction traits in the new Quake 2 engine. Most of the levels architecture is constructed very nicely helping the overall ambience. The fighting gets pretty fierce in some areas where it will take a lot of strategy and skill to defeat this level on the hard setting. You will need to be a pretty good shot as the author has just the right amount of ammo and armor placed to get the job done. The design of the level is quite exceptional allowing for great game flow. There are even four well placed secrets which were very fun to find and very handy. If you want to have a lot of fun, play this level today!

2-11-98    The Experiment    528K     SP
Authored by- Marc Gravett
This level was supposed to be an exercise for the author for rotating objects but it turned out to be a very good map! I really enjoyed the layout of this level with very little backtracking. The item placement could have been a little better but overall it did its job quite nicely. The author did a very good job with the lighting effects to produce a really nice looking map. The three secrets found in the level weren't too hard to find and were all welcome especially in the hard skill.

2-11-98    Fatal Opportunity    375K     SP
Authored by- YooShin Yang
Another cool level from YooShin Yang this one is even better than his last two! Though it's a little on the small side, this level is packed full of single player fun and adventure. The items in the level were placed superbly and the only secret was very handy to have if you save it for the end. The authors architecture was pretty stunning complete with see through floors and well lit colored lighting. The hard skill was quite a challenge and even surprised me. I found the layout of the level to be very good providing me with plenty of things to do and see. Get this Killer Map and have a whole lot of fun!

2-11-98    Red Penitentiary    949K     SP/DM 2-8 players
Authored by- T. H. Johansen
As the title suggests, this level is in a Strogg penitentiary. Your mission will be to break into it, shut down the security system and then get out. As one would suspect, this isn't going to be as easy as one would think! The action is pretty much non stop as you work your way though this levels great level design. The authors item placement is positioned quite well with most of the health, armor, and weapons being in the right place at the right time. There seemed to be enough ammo to get your job done but you should be careful with it on the hard skill as you just may be in for quite a challenge! The architecture is very well constructed giving the player a feeling of truly being there. I enjoyed finding the 4 secrets which were scattered throughout the level in some pretty good places with some great items to use. Play this level today and have some heart pounding fun!

2-10-98    The Strogg downfall   934K     SP
Authored by- Wiebo de Wit
After making three DM levels, the author has presented us with this really cool single player map! It starts out in a fairly large outdoor area where you have to figure out how to get inside and then how to escape. There are plenty of "updates" to keep you informed of what is expected of you next. I really enjoyed the overall layout of this level and was even surprised with the cool ending. There was only one secret but its a good one! All of the difficulty levels are implemented and are done very well with the hard skill a really nice challenge which should keep even the best of players pretty busy trying to figure out how to survive. Grab it today!