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Single Player Levels December 98


12-2-98    Operation: Reciprocity  1 meg approx    SP
By- Kurt Kowitz
Fun and clear with the emphasis on playability is the motto for this brilliant level with a twist. Like always, you're on a mission and all of your chums are stone dead, leaving poor old you to kick some donkey and get the hell outta dodge. Unfortunately, this is a war, and and all of the chaps on the front line have sweethearts at home sewing blankets that want to know if their boys are dead so they can go back out man hunting. Find all of your fallen pals' dogtags and then get the hell outta dodge. Okay, I'll stop talking like I'm from WWII, but this level with it's ingenious twist rules totally.
A change from the duldrums of fight, run fight run, this level present's a macarbre game of Scavenger Hunt as you maraude around another poor Strogg base. Do you thing these Strogg are a bit thick? I mean, every week one man get's through and destroys everything. A bit slow, methinks. But I'm going off the plot again. Let's carry on...
The archetecture, while not awe-inspiring, is still very functual and better than a lot I have seen. The crates are very preey and the sectors of the base, with their deep hues are all very pretty.
It's not really the looks that make this level the brilliant marvel that it is though. The action really is pulse-pounding and fun, especially on hard skill. I spent a day working through this, playing it a few times, and I never got bored. that, to me, is a good level. And this level is good. get it. Now. You have been told.


12-2-98    Space Odysees: part 2  1.5 megs approx    SP
By- Yuri Davidov
This map is not for the faint of heart or the faint of processor. I'm reviewing this level now, a month or so after I first got it because I couldn't run it on my old Cyrix P150. Now, a P400 and a Voodoo2 card later, it runs like a dream with Sandra Bullock in it: fast and gorgeous.
As the name so subtly suggests, this is part two of a lil' two part saga and although I haven't played part one yet, I may just have to hunt it down, because this baby is nice. Drop dead lovely archetecture, really good and hard baddie placement and a flow like an un-naturally fast river.
the use of vehicles, both at the start and at the end is a welcome and refeshing change from the usual formula of "base style+all mates dead+boredom=substandard level". Docking with the station you see something that really blows your mind. Awe-inspiring alien archetecture greets you as well as a darned good and fiendish puzzle to commence. Confused me, anyway! This is Quake 2! Shooting! Maiming! Killing! Using my brain is not the first thing that I do, but I loved it.
These some slightly annoying features, such as some ladders that don't quite waork, but ingenious level design makes up up for it. Without wanting to ruin too much, let me say this: Spaceships rule.
So there you have it. You've read to spooge, now play! It's worth it! Yuri, my hat is yours.