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Single Player Levels Dec. 97

12-31-97    Strogg's Garage    544K    SP/DM ? players
Authored by- Ludovic Texier
A really good single player level as well as a deathmatch level. I really enjoyed the layout and the architecture was great! There are 3 good secrets for you to find and the author has the skill setting implemented. I had a great time playing this level in all settings. The monster and powerup placements were very good giving the player just enough stuff when needed. When trying the deathmatch portion I found it to be a little disappointing in the balance dept. but still a lot of fun. Get this one today and start the new year right!

12-28-97    eq2_sp1    459K    SP
Authored by- Erik Robson
This was the first original (not a quake level copy) single player level to hit the net. I really enjoyed seeing it and had a lot of fun playing it. It's a little on the small side but there is plenty of action packed in there. All skills were implemented to make your experience even more challenging. You will have to be pretty good at managing your ammo in the hard skill as it gets scarce in the end but with a little strategy you should be able to finish it. I am sure the Erik will be bringing us more great maps in the future and I will be looking forward to seeing them =)

12-27-97    Slipgate '98    697K    SP/DM/CO
Authored by- Erich "Master Fett" Heintz
The first single player map to hit the net =) This is almost an exact replication of the slipgate complex in Quake. It really felt sweet playing this very familiar map with the q2 engine. From the moment I first started playing this level I was all smiles and am sure you will be too =) Be sure to read the text file for installation instructions of the .pak file.