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Single Player Levels d-f

4-27-98    Dawgfight! --- SP98 & Blood Thirsty  1.11M    SP/CO
Authored by- Bryan Pillow
Bryan, another great Quake 1 author, has his first Quake 2 offerings of two really fine levels. These quite simply ROCK together as you will see when you play them! The architecture in most areas is very nice and well blended and the setting is very realistic. The game flowed very well through both levels making it pretty easy for the player to know what to do next. The start will have you crashing inside the building. From there you will have a multitude of things to get and do to make it through both well connected levels. These levels should offer even the best players a challenge on the hard skill since the monsters are well placed and the levels are well populated. The end area as depicted in my bottom screenshot is quite a challenge. There is enough ammo and armor to get the job done but you will really have to watch your back in the end as it is a huge area full of deadly enemies who really don't want you to win for some strange reason. The author has a little treat in store for you in the second level. He uses breaking glass as a floor for your foes and with a little timing on your part you can get them to walk on it and be able to dispatch them a little easier helping to make for very fun play indeed. I thought every second of the download time was well worth it so be sure to get it today!


10-26-98    Deadline  2.2 megs approx.    SP
Authored by- Jason Fink (aka ElFinko)
I'm guessing you all have seen the seminal cartoon series King of the Hill, right? Great show. Brilliant as. "Ah tell you whut," and all that. Well there's a line I saw in it once where Bill says "I don't know about you, but this is the part of the movie where I think: why don't they just get out of the house?". Relevant? Well this is the thought I had all map long. All the way through this diversely beautiful and tense map, I was afraid to turn a corner for fear of the dreaded Gladiator that this author used in spades. Walk out side, 2 of the buggers siting there. Bam! Down I go...
Strafing is an invaluable method of attack in the fluid start-stop rhythm of this level. The ingenious hub linking onto the 3 other levels that couldn't possibly be any more different keeps the flow up. Whenever you think every bad guy in a section is dead, you try to exit and there'll be hundreds more waiting to get you on the way out. I won't spoil anything for you, but let me say this: one missed rocket and you've lost. I played a whole level on 15% energy all the way because I let a stray rocket go and I had to run flat out till I found some health. While not exactly as good as COS2 (the level to be beaten now) this is still as a superbly built and intensly filled level as you'll ever play. Enjoy!

1-26-98    Death Is Not Worth Trying   451K     SP
Authored by- YooShin Yang
This level starts out outside a pretty cool looking base. YooShin keeps getting better with every map I have seen so far as he has a special knack for monster placement and good architecture. This level was a whole lot of fun for me to play and was quite a challenge on hard skill. The gameflow was really smooth and nice combined with the great ambience and lighting I found throughout the level. You will find the 3 secrets will help you a lot in the hard skill and they are fun to find as well. Some of the rotating entities were very well executed and were great to see in action. Don't miss this level, get it today!

2-10-98    The Strogg downfall   934K     SP
Authored by- Wiebo de Wit
After making three DM levels, the author has presented us with this really cool single player map! It starts out in a fairly large outdoor area where you have to figure out how to get inside and then how to escape. There are plenty of "updates" to keep you informed of what is expected of you next. I really enjoyed the overall layout of this level and was even surprised with the cool ending. There was only one secret but its a good one! All of the difficulty levels are implemented and are done very well with the hard skill a really nice challenge which should keep even the best of players pretty busy trying to figure out how to survive. Grab it today!

9-4-98    PC Gamer Presents... Dry Gulch   6.88M    SP
Authored by- Neil Manke
Well, just when I thought I had seen just about everything I could see in a Quake2 map, along comes another totally different Neil original! This two level set just simply rocked my brains out. You will be awe struck with all the new goodies Neil has up his sleeve for you! You will be sent back to the old west in the boat that you were last on as Coconut Monkey is again looking for the now infamous Pierre. The new textures and scenery are nothing short of superb as you go through the desert and some canyons filled with perfectly positioned bad guys. There will be a really cool town for you to explore and one of my favorite parts was riding in the mining cart! One part of this level set that's worth mentioning is the absolutely cool vultures he has... they will be sitting on signs, flying overhead, or even feeding on a corps! VERY NICE! The old mining town is nothing short of spectacular as you will be climbing up stove pipes and jumping off roof tops and even shooting from breakable windows! You will even see a guy come crashing through a windows as he gets thrown out of the saloon! Along with the cool new vultures, there are also some newly skinned monsters like the gunners with sombreros and the parasites that now look like large grasshoppers. Wait until you see the PC Gamer train that will scare the hell out of you the first time you encounter it! I could go on and on about this adventure but I don't want to spoil it for you... Way to go Neil! What a great job you have done with this absolutely marvelous set of levels... =)

12-28-97    eq2_sp1    459K    SP
Authored by- Erik Robson
This was the first original (not a quake level copy) single player level to hit the net. I really enjoyed seeing it and had a lot of fun playing it. It's a little on the small side but there is plenty of action packed in there. All skills were implemented to make your experience even more challenging. You will have to be pretty good at managing your ammo in the hard skill as it gets scarce in the end but with a little strategy you should be able to finish it. I am sure the Erik will be bringing us more great maps in the future and I will be looking forward to seeing them =)

9-16-98    Ever Changing Dilemma  205k   DM 2-6
Authored by- Dave Waters (aka Homer)
Wow. When you think of an author that has made A LOT of levels, think of this guy. Twenty for Quake 2! Fifty-one for Quake!! Even though this is the first map of Homers I've played, I have respect for him. Anyone who can make that many maps must really love the game. Anyway, this is a medium sized map with some interesting ideas. Anyone know how to get to the railgun and back without dieing? This map reminded me of many of the Quake maps. It even made me want to reinstall the now classic game :). Check out some of his other maps if you get the chance, I'm sure they're just as good.

2-11-98    The Experiment    528K     SP
Authored by- Marc Gravett
This level was supposed to be an exercise for the author for rotating objects but it turned out to be a very good map! I really enjoyed the layout of this level with very little backtracking. The item placement could have been a little better but overall it did its job quite nicely. The author did a very good job with the lighting effects to produce a really nice looking map. The three secrets found in the level weren't too hard to find and were all welcome especially in the hard skill.

4-8-98    Exterior Infiltration  1.12M    SP
Authored by- Marty Howe
This 2 killer map set was very fun to play and I think you will really enjoy them. The first level starts out with you being shot down during a reconnaissance mission. It has a very realistic beginning and you will actually loose health points from it but don't despair there are enough health and other items for you to get out of this place. The architecture starts out in a very wide open area and will end inside a mine area when you finish the second level. Marty did do a nice job of incorporating these levels together as the transition between the two went very smoothly. There weren't hoards of monster but the way he has them positioned will make up for that in good combat situations. The only gripes I had with these levels is missing ctf textures and a couple of monsters in solid warnings at the beginning of the levels. They didn't seem to effect the gameplay but made me wonder if I was missing something. There were a few secrets which handily came into play and were fun to find as well. There is even a very deadly little puzzle in the second map which on the first time through I didn't get... doh! Marty has made it pretty easy to figure out once you die. The lighting in most places was done really nice adding to the good ambience of the levels. You will really enjoy these levels so grab em and play em!

2-11-98    Fatal Opportunity    375K     SP
Authored by- YooShin Yang
Another cool level from YooShin Yang this one is even better than his last two! Though it's a little on the small side, this level is packed full of single player fun and adventure. The items in the level were placed superbly and the only secret was very handy to have if you save it for the end. The authors architecture was pretty stunning complete with see through floors and well lit colored lighting. The hard skill was quite a challenge and even surprised me. I found the layout of the level to be very good providing me with plenty of things to do and see. Get this Killer Map and have a whole lot of fun!

4-17-98    Final Absulation  611K    SP/CO/DM 4 players
Authored by- "The MarTim Team"
"The MarTim Team" just keep rolling out great levels and you will see this one is no exception. It's a little small on the scale of levels but it packs a big punch and will also prove to be a good deathmatch level as well. I tried it out with some Eraser bots and had a real good time. This solidly built level is a good representation of their classic style. It will be a good fight from the beginning where you will immediately be detected by a guard to the end where you will have to kill the last big Strogg to make your getaway. Throughout the entire there is great monster placement and the items will be in all the right places for a good balance. There are 4 secrets to find and they are all quite rewarding and you will definitely be glad to have them. You will need most of your skills and cunning to make it through on the hard skill as there is just enough health ammo and weapons to get by on. The mission is rather simple, kill or be killed and then get out of there! I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy this level so get it now!


10-27-98    Final Drill  1 meg approx.    SP
By- Marty Howe
The first thought that entered my head when playing this was "red", which is a running theme through this, Marty Howe's last Q2 map =( Your mission- Get your men and outta there soldier! However, it's the execution rather that the goal that counts...
Tiny but great is the order of the day here. Made in just 4 days (?!?!?!) Marty slapped this together before he leaves for Finland to work with Remedy on Max Payne and if he keeps this level of professionality about his work, it's gonna rule! Yet another in a long line of Howe maps that show the majority of the level editing how to do it in style (editors take note- produce levels like this in fun-ness and detail and you will get good reviews =), you brutally fight your way around lava filled caves and base-like (but not really...) installations to get your men back. No prizes for guessing what state your comrades are in when you find them, but the ensuing battle with four tanks in a big, crate filled cavern is harder than a really hard thing and a great feeling of acheivement is given to the victor (ie. you) for using cunning, stealth and strafing to take down the beasties.
Using perfect ammo and weapon balance, I was very surprised to see how useful a machine gun and double shotgun can be when the levels are fluid enough not to be annoying when you're facing the hungry hordes. In fact, being so badly armed is quite exhilarating when faced with a couple of tanks and some enforcers. The tanks were perhaps over used, a niggle that made it's way into Bullet Ballet and seems to be a Howe trademark, but once again it really was insignificant when faced with the fact that these levels are so fun and so well designed that killing isn't routine, it's difficult and scary. To conclude, this is a great final effort from Marty and I for one will sadly miss his departure from the Q2 community. Good luck in the future, that's all I can say.

3-16-98    First Strike   965K    SP/DM/CO 16 players
Authored by- Scott McNutt
When Scott said "Talk is cheap, but bullets are cheaper. It is time to give that trigger finger some exercise." in his text file, he wasn't kidding as you will soon see in this really fine level made for the QERadiant contest! It has just about every ingredient for the great Killer Map that it is. You are sure to have some great fun trying to get through this level on hard skill as the monster density (89), placement and items are just about perfect. The structural design and flow of the level are also hard to beat. I really enjoyed seeing this level as well as playing it. It really could have been in a mission pack or on the CD itself. This level will also be great in deathmatch for up to 16 players and Co-op too! I really liked finding the 3 secrets and was darn glad to have the items he had in them. So stop what you are doing and download this impressive map today!