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Single Player Levels August 98

8-7-98    My Last Flesh   1.13M    SP
Authored by- YooShin Yang
YooShin hasn't been heard from since he took his new job at RMD Software but it looks like he has had a little time to make a great level for us. Unfortunately for us it seems it will he his last one. Its a pretty good combat level which is short but sweet and should keep you pretty busy for awhile. I liked the Quake like atmosphere he made, as it almost looks and more importantly feels like a Quake 1 level. The architecture is good looking and very solid which is pretty much the norm for YooShin's great authoring abilities. There are three secrets of which I found two of them with relative ease. The third is a little harder to find contains his signature and a couple of real good items that will come in really handy in the hard skill. The level was very well balanced with just the right stuff to get the job done as you procede through it. Hard skill is pretty tough to beat but with some thought you should be able to do it. I had a lot of fun playing this level and am fairly sure you will too.

8-4-98    On Sacred Ground   2.12M    SP/Dm (all three levels)
Authored by- Jack Davis
A surprising well built unit with three levels! The beginning is very realistic as you have just crashed and are underwater. You swim your way to the top and immediately you will have a good fight on your hands. The author did a great job presenting these levels and they are all combined to make a pretty smooth unit to play. The architecture is very nice in most areas and very well designed for outstanding game play. The plot is good... you will be after the evil Jorg and have to kill him in order to escape. The monster placement is just short of excellent and provides some great challenges... You will need all your wits to be able to complete these levels... I really liked the crafty way he had of making you climb things... there are stairs you have to jump to in order to get places. Be sure you watch for them because you may be a little confused at first. I liked the concept though and thought it was a good fresh idea for levels.