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Single Player Levels Apr. 98

4-30-98    Leftovers...  596K    SP
Authored by- Iikka "Fingers" Keranen
This is Iikka's first single player level using the Quake 2 engine. It wont take you long to figure out why Ion Storm hired this very talented author. He has put together a fairly small but powerful level with some brilliant architecture and even a really neat ship for you to use for your escape in the end. A good story in his text file sets the pace and theme quite nicely. The level is bursting with realism in most places and will really get the player involved. I was really impressed with two scenes in this level. One where the rescue craft has to make a hasty retreat and actually is pursued by enemy aircraft and the end scene where the player gets to fly away in another craft. The fighting can get pretty brutal in spots because if the excellent placement of the foes. There was one secret hidden in it I couldn't, for the life of me, find. I guess I will just have to look some more =). I'm sure most players will find this level very challenging and fun to play so get it today! Hopefully, we will be able to see more of Iikka's work in the future.

4-30-98    InfoKill  672K   SP
Authored by- Jack Davis
This level was a lot of fun and had some interesting challenges to it. I would describe this as primarily a combat level since the architecture was rather plain and under detailed in most areas. It was however, quite functional and the design had excellent game flow throughout the level. There were a few little puzzles to figure out before you can continue through some parts which made the game quite interesting in itself. The monster placement was really done well with most of the foes in good position to put you to the test making this quite a challenge in the hard skill. There was enough ammo and other items for you to work with as well. The end area was a little overwhelming at first but if you use a little strategy you will be able make it through with a little health left. There was a pretty good story in the text file setting the theme of the level and giving the player an idea of what's in store for him. It was a pretty good effort for this authors first level and it was well worth checking out too!

4-29-98    Heroic Bloodshed  1.97M    SP
Authored by- Marty Howe
These levels, three of them, are absolutely awesome in just about every way. I am still reeling from the after shocks of playing them. Marty has put together a three level episode which will just knock you off your feet. He has made a totally realistic environment which is hard for me to describe but I will try anyway. The level starts out in a box in the dark, you shoot your way out with your mission to find and reprogram a communications center and its missiles. Unknown to the player these missiles will end up destroying the level you fought so hard to get through. Marty will have you scaling walls, riding a train, running, jumping and fighting for your life as you make your way through this great and remarkable set of levels. I couldn't believe how well he recreated the first level and had it truly look like it was blown up with dead monster corpses laying around and some angry ones left for you to deal with too. You will marvel at the architecture and the special effects. The details were magnificent adding to the realness of play. I almost couldn't believe I was playing Quake 2 levels as i was so immersed in it I could almost feel every step I took. He has put some mighty fine secrets throughout these levels and some are even a little crafty. His monster placement was so good there were a few times I was actually startled and almost jumped out of my chair. I'm sure you will just love playing these levels and I know I will have them on my hard drive for quite some time. It will be really hard for most authors to beat these so get them today!

4-28-98    Angron Installation  986K    SP
Authored by- Jonas N.P. Lindstrom
From the maker of the Sadlark series for Quake 1 comes his first offering for Quake 2. Jonas has produced a very impressive two level set for us to have fun in. I really enjoyed his architecture with a really fine job of presenting a base carved in stone. They were very realistic looking and looked better in some respects than the Quake 2 levels. The two levels blend together almost flawlessly making the player think he just took an elevator up to the next section. He did a really fine job of monster placement so in many areas they were coming at you from all directions and given the right advantages for their areas. Even the medics he uses were used correctly spawning unwanted foes if you didn't blow them to little pieces. There were only two secrets total in these levels but they were both quite useful. I only had one beef with the item placement. There was way too much health in it. When I finished on hard skill I went back through it and counted 500 health + the 100 I had but at least I know just about everyone can make it through the hard skill! The levels flowed flawlessly from the beginning to the end and the use of the messages was very well done. I liked the ambient sounds throughout the level making for a great playing atmosphere. You had better get this one today so you can get in on the tremendous amount of fun Jonas has to offer.

4-27-98    Dawgfight! --- SP98 & Blood Thirsty  1.11M    SP/CO
Authored by- Bryan Pillow
Bryan, another great Quake 1 author, has his first Quake 2 offerings of two really fine levels. These quite simply ROCK together as you will see when you play them! The architecture in most areas is very nice and well blended and the setting is very realistic. The game flowed very well through both levels making it pretty easy for the player to know what to do next. The start will have you crashing inside the building. From there you will have a multitude of things to get and do to make it through both well connected levels. These levels should offer even the best players a challenge on the hard skill since the monsters are well placed and the levels are well populated. The end area as depicted in my bottom screenshot is quite a challenge. There is enough ammo and armor to get the job done but you will really have to watch your back in the end as it is a huge area full of deadly enemies who really don't want you to win for some strange reason. The author has a little treat in store for you in the second level. He uses breaking glass as a floor for your foes and with a little timing on your part you can get them to walk on it and be able to dispatch them a little easier helping to make for very fun play indeed. I thought every second of the download time was well worth it so be sure to get it today!

4-27-98    REoL TOUGH: Armageddon!  726K    SP/DM 8 Players
Authored by- George J. Fiffy II
George's first Quake 2 level since the amazing Reol Tough series in Quake comes to us fairly true to its name. He has made a very realistic but somewhat Quake 1 looking level with a pretty good layout for great combat situations. There is a very deadly trap you will no doubt encounter and die in the first time but it will not be too hard to find out how to negotiate it. The monster placement throughout the level is done very nicely giving most of the monsters the advantage over the players position making the player think about what to do in most confrontations. 4 secrets will be very fun to find and they aren't your typical secrets and should be a challenge for you to find. I only found 2 of them. Either i'm not as observant as I should be or they are VERY well hidden. There was just enough ammo and armor make this level tough but you will need to use you trusty blaster in many instances to get through it. The ending area was the only downfall of this level as I really expected more of a fight there but the level was still an A+ on the fun side so check it out today!

4-24-98    AGE OF PANIC  3.20M    SP/DM (first 5 levels)
Authored by- By J.F.Gustafsson
"A small Quake2 single player level pack" is what the author calls this but I know its a lot more than that! You get 6 levels in all, perfectly tied to each other in a battle you will not soon forget. I really enjoyed all the different combat situations these levels had to offer and found them to be quite challenging. The architecture is a little rough in spots but for the most part these levels really rocked! There are plenty of secrets to keep you busy hunting down if you can find the time and most are well placed and kind of sneaky. I enjoyed some of the extra sounds he put into this level with a jaws theme for a very cool trap he has. I died twice just trying to figure that one out! These levels start with a bang literally and you will be faced with many challenging situations throughout the whole thing. I really liked the monster placement because I had to use quite a bit of strategy to make it through in some areas. He offered the player a little more than just a simple straight through approach which can be seen in many maps. Some of the architecture was pretty stunning with a lot of use of big thick walls and structures. It all blended well with all of the other levels and really provided a great atmosphere to die in. I had seen a few of the little levels in here before but never thought they would work as well together as he made them. So if your up to a good challenge you had better get this killer set of maps today!

4-23-98    Saturation Point  3.38M    SP/DM (first two levels)
Authored by- Jim Hughes
Here is a three level level pack packed full of action and fun. Each of the levels are all very good maps in themselves and deserve their own Killer Map award. The architecture is very large and solid with enough detail to make things look interesting but not to much as to effect any slowdowns in game play. The plot as stated in the text file is followed very closely helping to make this an extremely realistic setting. You will start on the outside of this level and fight your way into and find the lower lab where it will be your job to take out a computer and save our planet from the Strogg's evil plan to poison the waters. Once inside you will have to deal with an enemy which will not only be well placed but they also for some reason don't want you to be there! I really thought Jim did a great job connecting all three large levels by making a very smooth transition between them all. Each of these levels had many fun things to do to get to the final end. There were many secrets throughout all three levels which will definitely come in handy when you are in the hard skill and were mighty fun to find as well. The lighting was excellent in most places and really added to the mood of this set. I can't wait to see more of Jim's work as this was one hell of a good start. I'm sure most people will really enjoy these levels as I did. There are many hours of action packed fun waiting for you so get them today!

4-23-98    Blood-red Sunset  634K    SP
Authored by- YooShin Yang
YooShin has come up with yet another great level for us to all play and enjoy! I found his architecture to be on the incredible side with great attention paid to details. His lighting is also done exceptionally well adding greatly to the ambience of the level and providing the spectator with a real delight. Just about every aspect of this level was perfect, from the excellent outside start area, all the way through to the ending. I even got a surprise when I went snooping around and found his author's signature. There was always something fun to do in this level. Even when the player has to back track a bit, YooShin always had some monsters eagerly waiting for you arrival. The difficulty levels were set up very well and should provide the average player many hours of great gaming. Two secrets are there if you can find them, I have only found one of them so far. This level was so fun to play I think I will go back and play it again. Be sure to grab this Killer Map today!

4-17-98    Final Absulation  611K    SP/CO/DM 4 players
Authored by- "The MarTim Team"
"The MarTim Team" just keep rolling out great levels and you will see this one is no exception. It's a little small on the scale of levels but it packs a big punch and will also prove to be a good deathmatch level as well. I tried it out with some Eraser bots and had a real good time. This solidly built level is a good representation of their classic style. It will be a good fight from the beginning where you will immediately be detected by a guard to the end where you will have to kill the last big Strogg to make your getaway. Throughout the entire there is great monster placement and the items will be in all the right places for a good balance. There are 4 secrets to find and they are all quite rewarding and you will definitely be glad to have them. You will need most of your skills and cunning to make it through on the hard skill as there is just enough health ammo and weapons to get by on. The mission is rather simple, kill or be killed and then get out of there! I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy this level so get it now!

4-16-98    Crater's Edge  1.1M    SP/CO/DM 8 players
Authored by- Alex "Mad Rex" Richardson
Another first map that is really a gem! This level is what the Quake 2 is all about. Heart pounding action from start to finish. You will love the solid construction and good architecture of the entire level. The ambience of the level was almost perfect, giving the player the feeling of actually being there. The author uses excellent monster placement and all your health and ammo is just where you need it when you want it. He has a real good feel for game flow as this level played as smooth as they come. I really liked his secret which turned out to be a totally different and interactive path through the level. I was able to play this level for hours because of a couple of different ways to get to the end. The only thing beefs I had with the map was you didn't have to kill the last monster in the end but I pretty much had to let him live so I could survive. And there is no story line in the text file for the level although it has a good, solid theme. Stealing a term from a friend of mine (crash) , "THIS LEVEL KICKS ASS!" Get it now!

4-11-98    WHAT THE END IS FOR  1.3M    SP
Authored by- Riscchip (Carson Utz)
This level has to be the best "first level" I have had the pleasure to play and is also the best looking Quake 2 level I have seen to date! The story line goes something like this. You are aboard a Strogg cargo ship which is being used to ship munitions to a warlords stronghold. Your mission will be to take the ship. This wont be an easy task as they wont be too happy with your presence on board! The first thing you will notice is the level is absolutely stunning in appearance. The author has done a marvelous job incorporating his lighting and architecture. Every corner of this level looks and plays great! He had a good working theme which gave the gameplay that added plus I have been looking for in a level for a long time now. The game flow is amazing smooth as the design is almost flawless. The ambience of this level was most excellent! The combination of the authors great architecture, lighting, and very good placement of the ambient sounds made this level very intense to play. I still haven't even scratched the surface on the many points that makes this a truly killer map. One thing you must do is beat this level on hard skill. It actually gave me a great feeling of satisfaction when I did beat it because most of the time I ended up like the last screen shot I posted! hehe You had better get this level and see it for yourself, you will be in for a treat!

4-8-98    Exterior Infiltration  1.12M    SP
Authored by- Marty Howe
This 2 killer map set was very fun to play and I think you will really enjoy them. The first level starts out with you being shot down during a reconnaissance mission. It has a very realistic beginning and you will actually loose health points from it but don't despair there are enough health and other items for you to get out of this place. The architecture starts out in a very wide open area and will end inside a mine area when you finish the second level. Marty did do a nice job of incorporating these levels together as the transition between the two went very smoothly. There weren't hoards of monster but the way he has them positioned will make up for that in good combat situations. The only gripes I had with these levels is missing ctf textures and a couple of monsters in solid warnings at the beginning of the levels. They didn't seem to effect the gameplay but made me wonder if I was missing something. There were a few secrets which handily came into play and were fun to find as well. There is even a very deadly little puzzle in the second map which on the first time through I didn't get... doh! Marty has made it pretty easy to figure out once you die. The lighting in most places was done really nice adding to the good ambience of the levels. You will really enjoy these levels so grab em and play em!

4-4-98    Starseed 3  703K    SP/CO
Authored by- Jeff Turner
It looks like Jeff just keeps getting better with this very well designed level that was an awful lot of fun for me to play. I couldn't believe he had made another great level so darn fast because it was just 9 days ago when I reviewed Starseed 2! I liked just about every part of it and know you probably will too! His architecture was pretty nice to see in most places with some fine details and it was a very pretty level with nice lighting. Only one detail that kind of bugged me was left out of this level... I felt he should have done something with his doors... i'm sure you will see what i mean when you play it. It doesn't really distract from the overall game play but it was very noticeable to me. His placement of items and monsters was just right. There always seemed to be the right ammo and other powerups when i needed it but not too much. The game flow was pretty basic but its a very smooth level to play from start to finish. There was a good mix of combat situations which will provide you with a good challenge in the hard skill. So quit reading this and get it already!

4-1-98    MPQU1 - Bad Seed  1.98M    SP
Authored by- Warren Marshall
A very impressive set of 4 levels all combined into a very workable and smooth hub. You might want to bring your "get out of jail free card" if you want to complete these levels in the hard skill since it will be very tough to break out of this prison! The levels all have a different style and are all done to a near professional quality. I was thoroughly impressed with how the different styles blended into each map and how smooth the transition was. The monster and item placement was great for all levels and was really noticeable in the hard skill. Warren really did a fine job on using the computer to let you know what to do all along the hub. The architecture was very stunning in most parts and he took full advantage of using great lighting techniques. There were many secrets in each map to make this even more interesting and even one "disgusting secret" to find! The set of levels was simply a whole hell of a lot of fun too! I spent two days playing this on all skill levels before writing this review... I guess I was a little stingy but what the heck! I could go one on and on for days with this review telling you about every little detail I thought was great but I am sure you are more interested in just getting this killer set of levels so... get them!