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Whats Old

Here you will find some of our older updates which will hang around in this area for about a month for those of you who might have missed something.

1-15-99   DOOM is back

    Yes kiddies, you read right. Kindly old Ben Glover has converted some Doom levls to Quake2 and added some stunning new additions of his own to creat the best Doom - Quake 2 conversion in the history of the world ever. Nice one. Take a look.

1-15-99   Feature Presentation: New Reviews, filmed in Quake-o-rama

    Got some groovy new reviews. After weeks of silence, the Quake2 community surprises everyone involved with a lot of maps. Included are: Remains, by Juha Koiste; Breakout, by Bob Sjollema; Premonition of Angron by Jonas N.P Lindstrom; and the Relay Station, an oldie by Rick Troppman. Go see what ytou could be playing, right here or I'll cry.
In other, non crying news, I'd like to thank all of the people that have written to me saying what they thought of Escape, and even more that 99% of the comments were congratulatory. I would also like to give a public thanks to all of the other reviewers who looked favourably on my efforts, espacially Paul. Thankyou!


1-15-99   New version of Escape!

    Thanks to everyone who wrote in with helpful suggestions, and here is the new version of Escape from the USM Pearly! I've added difficulty settings and secret areas and lots of improvements, so play it, baby!

1-11-99   It's here!

    Wait with bated breath as the download trickles down achingly slowly. Open the zip file, decompress it and then play my latest mapping effort, called Escape from the USMC Pearly. It's a two part unit, made of two small maps, which makes it medium sized. It's pretty straightforward, but has a twist at the end. Play it and then e-mail me me with your opinion, or, if you tink it's good enough to warrant Killer Map status (I don't know, personally) a review which I'll post right here.

1-1-99   New Year, new Level!

    One more year until we all start living in spaceships, wearing all in one silver jumpsuits and drive flying cars around clean streets populated by intelligent middle aged men. But until then, Yuri Davidov has released Space Odysees 3 and it's rather joygasmic. So there.
Well, I finished Half Life today and the ending is really quite spectacular and chilling. Buy it if you haven't already. Also, I picked up Ground Zero yesterday and it's quite nice really. Intricate and tense with a much improved AI and level structure. I'd say this is better than the original Quake 2 single player, easily.


1-1-99   Happy New Year!

    Just thought I would say thanks to all for making AWOQ2 a great site. We will be bringing you more levels than you can shake a stick at in the coming year so stay tuned! Hope you all have a fun and prosperous new year.


12-28-98   So long Crash...

    I'd like to take a moment to say goodbye to Crash from Crash's Quake2 pages. I've been downloading great single player maps from his site since the early days of Quake1. I know you've done this before Crash, but seeing how your last update seemed so... well... final, I'm doing this update. You are the reason I became interested in doing map reviews (albeit, deathmatch), and were very influential in that respect. I'm sorry Half-Life had to come along (not really...) and simply crush the Quake community, but I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Thanks Crash, and so long.


12-27-98   Oh my god! They killed Quake 2!

    Okay, I'll be the first to admit that Half Life is the best game I've played in my life, but it's killing our mapping community. The last couple of weeks have seen minimal releases from our favourite Quake 2 authors. Is this the end of the Quake 2 community as we know it? I hope not, and I think not. I was hoping to release my levels on the first of January, but now that ain't gonna happen since Half Life grabbed me by the nuts and went "Oooo, look at this" (It didn't really, but you get my drift). Hopefully there'll be some releases soon, and when there are, we'll be here. btw, the single player faction of the HL community has been very quiet too... maybe it's that time of year? E-mail me ya big lump!


12-12-98   Do Something!!!

    Finally, a new DM map. If you've been wondering where I have been with all the DM reviews lately, wonder no further. There just haven't been any. I'm sending out a cry of help to all you mappers out there. Stop playing Half-Life for a few hours, open up one of those editors and build. ProdigyXL, Killer, Hal9000, Bugman... all of you. Please, do something.
Tell me about a map you've made recently. I've said it before and I'll say it again, without your maps this site will cease to exist (at least the DM portion, anyway). I need maps!!!


12-9-98   New level ahoy, cap'n

    Christmas is here early this year. Neil Manke's newest, and possibly last, Quake 2 level is out and because I'm so darned nice, I've reviewed it for y'all. Happy now? Where's my present though? Huh? Tough guy? Oh... sorry...
Gimme e-mail!!

12-2-98   New levels! rejoice!

    Oh, yes, I'm back and I bring levels as a gift to you all! 2 new pieces. Something old, and something new! Yuri Davidov's masterpiece, Space Odysseys 2 is here, along with Operation: Reciprocity by Kurt Kowitz, both and the New Levels page and both worthy of your patronage. Also, I've some new reviews up on Cool Stuff of the Blood2 and Descent 3 demo's. Check 'em out, and happy reading!
Gimme e-mail!!


11-26-98   Sorry all!

    Okay, kill me now and make it fast. I got an e-mail from a concerned reader today, notifying me of the fact that the review for CM3 is missing. Motioning no names *cough*Stu*cough*pak*cough... but it seems it was accidentally erased on a recent upload and my wonderful masterpiece =) is back again. enjoy!



    New level today. It's a new one from the MarTim team. It's really good so I suggest you try it out.
    I ran into problems with my latest DM map so I've had to start a new one. I don't really like the way this one is heading so I may end up scrapping it. Don't expect it anytime soon. Remember to keep watching the skies...


11-15-98 New level and something else...   

    New level for y'all. Neil Manke is back with Coconut Monkey 3: Saving Private Monkey! Groovy baby! His last part of the PC Gamer trilogy rules. See the review...
On another note, I started an SP level ages ago and never got round to completing it. With the new release of QERadiant, expect some news in a month or two... Just a sneak peak, it includes at the moment an escape from a spaceship, exploding shuttle craft, drive-able drills and (hopefully) a usable turret for some space combat... BTW, if any mod makers are reading this and know how to make a turret, Jailbreak-esque, then PLEASE e-mail me with some assists...
Also, a couple of sites for you... Cool Stuff!! Yes, your very own Sniv has a website. Take a look. The computer section is interesting, and updated a lot. Also, check out a new site called the 3D Map realm. Half-Life reviews coming soon.. Phew! Update enough for ya? More coming soon. Remember to e-mail me with map news!



    New level today. Martin is the author and I suggest you mail him and congratulate him on his latest, greatest work! It's most definitely my new favorite map.
Also, I've started my second map. It's a while off yet but I'd thought I'd at least tell you it was looming on the horizon.
Mid-term report cards are out on Tuesday... :(. Outlook not so good...


11-4-98 So tired...   

    I'm really sorry about the lack of DM maps lately. I've been kind of busy this past week. I'm downloading maps as I'm typing this right now, so hopefully at least one of them will turn out to be a killer map. Sooner or later I knew staying up late every night would catch up with me... man, am I tired. With luck there should be some reviews up tomorrow. With luck...


11-1-98 New level!    

    New level today! The widening Gyre. It's pretty darned good, really.
I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who e-mailed me on my "editorial" rant. I got about a hundred, so I'd be 16 before I finished replying to them, so here's a mass reply: Thanks for agreeing! =)



    I'd like to thank Paul for zipping my map up for me. Thanks Paul. Its not that we don't have compression utilities up here, its just that it's getting colder. And, just as the grizzlys we are so terribly frightened of, I get a little lazy ;). Also, the link to weasys map has been fixed. More maps as I get them...


10-27-98 2 new levels by Marty Howe! Joy!    

   Marty Howe, author of greats like Full Contact has been busy recently. Two new maps from his talented mouse have sprung up on CDrom.com recently, Bullet Ballet and Final Drill. Because he's off to Finland to work on Max Payne, this is his last offering, and it's a grand exit indeed. Take a look!

On a different note entirely, I'd like to make a note on some levels I've encountered recenly. Names are witheld as not to offend the authors or the people that like the levels in question, but this is my opinion. I don't particularly mind if levels are unoriginal in theme. If I get a base-style level with a twist and that is good throughout, I'll review it. But it's when impossible odds are stacked against the player when I get annoyed. I'm not talking the hyperbole that games companies spout obout their wares, but really, really impossible situation. I recently played a map where you're given a single barrel shotgun. With this and about 40 shells you're expected to take down dozens of Berserkers and Gunners and Brains. It really is impossible. And that's not because I can't play either, I played this level through about 10 times and you really can't do it. Also, I've played some really superb levels that are let down by frame-rates so high, they make the eiffel tower look shorter than a pygmy stricken with accute dwarfism. My point? Level designers, please take into account that people have to play these levels on something other than a mega fast P-400 with 2 Voodoo2 cards. My aniquated, but still common P166 struggles with a lot of newer offerings which makes me look upon them less favourably. I'm not saying leave out detail, but real people have to play these too. As for the "too many baddies" syndrome, here's my thought- not everyone is l33t. The account I gave was on Medium. I found the Nightmare levels on Doom more forgiving. Be reasonable with skill levels and make enemy placement ingenious, not infuriating.
There, I've said my peace. Designers, take it or leave it. Just don't expect me to look favourably when I come across your latest and find 2 frames a second rates when I'm trying to take down 6 gunners with only a blaster.
This is probably the longest update I'll ever make, so e-mail me with you opinions =)


    Ok, I ziped up his map and uploaded it to our ftp server. There shouldn't be any problems with Stupak's DM map now =) Get it here! I guess they haven't invented zip compression programs up there in Canada yet! hehehe


10-26-98 Awww Crap!!!   

   To download my map properly, you must shift-click the link. I think this works. If not, well, I'll figure something out.

10-26-98 My map is done!!!   

   Go to the New Levels page and get wheasy's new DM map. And the moment you have all been waiting for (or dreading). My first Quake2 DM map has been completed. I didn't zip it though. Grab it here!!! Tell me what you think. Should I make more? Or should I give it up as a lost cause? Any response will be appreciated.

10-26-98 New Single player level for you!    

   The versatile ElFinko has made a SP map, and boy is it good! Turn to the New Levels page for the lowdown. Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy =) to make up for it, no less that two new smackers coming for you soon from the same talented man no less. He's heading for Max Payne if that's a clue...


   Grab ElFinko's newest DM map from the New Levels page. This one comes highly recommended. I've recently recieved a 56k modem (for MY birthday. There, the secrets out!!) and I must say that it helps both my download times and my Quake2 pings. Now excuse me, I have some ass to frag >:).

10-18-98     All Apologies...

   Most of you by now have noticed that COS2's link is broken. I've put up the mirror on the New Levels page, but watch out, the Geocities bit is a wee bit dodgy =)


   Go to the New Levels page and download Chain's new dm map. Its refeshingly unique. A huge thanks go out to every one of our fans for coming here. I see that our counter has rounded up to 300000. Congrats to whoever was the 300000th person, you don't win anything but tell me who you are and I'll post your name.

10-17-98    Castles of Stroggos 2 review...

   This just in... Brand new review of Brian Griffith's latest and greatest installment in his COS saga. Spooge cannons at the ready, marines... Plus, Jayson, my "logo man" =) has kindly given me a new logo, compaining that his old one was too big. Now how's that for service? =) Jayson, you're a pal!

10-16-98     New Single Player map... first one...

   Hi. One new map for you all today. It's a fine piece of map making, so go get it!

10-16-98     Lil' Sniv logo

   No new levels, but I'd like to say a huge thanks to Jayson for my fantastic new logo. It's great! Thanks a lot m8!

10-14-98     Welcome Sniv!

   No new DM maps but I would like to welcome Sniv to AWOQ2. Welcome Sniv, seeing how you are the new guy, Paul and I have to put you though some humiliation b4 you can be a member of AOWQ2. After tar and feathering you we will repeadedly and focibly leave you in the southern states where extra-terrestrial beings will abduct you and perform horibly embarrasing tests on you (you know what I'm talking about). After the aliens mate you with some "thing" from Uranus, we may allow you to do your first review... LOL, seriously though, its nice to have the SP reviews back and lets hope you're here to stay Sniv.


10-14-98     Games Link IRC needs your help!

    Heres an announcement from one of the gameslink people...
<chao>if you ever get bored with icq, or bored just surfing, or just want to talk to someone, come on down and connect your IRC client to irc.gameslink.net. there's almost always someone to talk to in #unreal and #quake2. feel free to stop on by and chat!

We also have a channel, #killermaps if you want to talk to us =)


10-14-98     Hi There!

   Hi there! I'm Sniv, the new SP level reviewer for AWOQ2. Just to tell you guys a little bit about myself, my real name is John Harvey, as Paul says, I'm 15, and from Aldershot deep in the dark, limey bowels of England. All of you can feel free to e-mail me whenever you want, just to say "hi" or to sumbit some kickass maps that you have built. I don't mind... I always say you can never get enough mail.
Stay tuned for a lil' Sniv graphic soon....


10-14-98     New reviewer Found!

   After checking out 6 other applicants, a big welcome aboard goes to John Harvey aka "Sniv" who will be our new SP reviewer. We will have him on line soon to bring you the best Quake 2 single player maps on the planet!

   A big thank you goes to those of you who applied but didn't get this position. Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

   And... Stupak is right, it's not my birthday he was talking about! hehe


10-12-98     Happy Thanksgiving! (But only if you're Canadian...)

    It's been a week since I last updated and I'm sorry for it. Its Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada and I had to entertain family (Hi, MEATHEAD!) Hopefully Paul finds a good man/woman to take his place as a single player map reviewer. I'm looking forward to working with someone new (no offence Paul).
    So, go get
Martin's newest map from the New Levels section and have some fun fragging.
   BTW, a certain someone's 17th birthday is next Sunday. I won't say who's it is... but it ain't Paul's 8^D.


10-6-98     SP Reviewer Wanted!

    AWOQ2 is too important to me to just let the single player reviews go to hell. So, I have decided to actively look for an excellent Single Player Level reviewer on this site.
    All who are interested should send a description of who you are, send a sample review of a fairly recently released single player level, list of other web sites you might be on, and something about why I should pick you =) You will have to know your way around HTML, have a great love for good single player levels, have a good computer, and be willing to spend a lot of your time on this project. All genders are welcome to apply to paul@quake2.com



    Two new maps on our New Levels page. Take some time and mail ProdigyXL and Bugman and give them the praise they deserve.
   I have a quick question to ask all you map makers out there. Why no BFG10K. I mean just because some people on the internet whine and try to get people booted off of servers just because they don't know how to survive a BFG blast doesn't mean you should remove a perfectly good weapon. The key to surviving a BFG attack is to get out of the person who fired it's sight. The lasers only do about 15 points of damage per second and the shot itself is easy enough to avoid. Get out of view. Get around a corner, duck under some stairs, get behind the person, do something! Just don't turn it off. I hope to see the BFG in some maps in the future because I hate people who bitch and whine because I'm a "BFG whore" and Quake2 is a lot more fun to play when those people leave a server because it allows the use of a BFG. Thanks for listening to my rant. I hope you people see my point. Later.