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Welcome to #killermaps irc.quake2.com:6667

   Welcome to our cool IRC channel called #killermaps...You can discuss anything you want about cool levels.....our cool site =)....editing levels...or just about anything thats cool.

Rules and Regulations
  1. Do not swear at others
  2. Do not ask for operator status
  3. Do not ask for voice
  5. Do not ask for levels via DCC....Download them off the site
  6. Never EVER piss of the ops...this will usually result in a temporary ban
  7. Do not try to hack our bots
  8. No Religious Wars (Yes it has happened in a Hexen room Ive been in)

Freedoms at #killermaps
  1. You have the rights of your opinions and you may voice them freely
  2. You have all freedoms in the American Constitution.....and no Im not going to list them all.
  3. If someone imposes on your rights in the chat room...you have permission to either email or DCC either Mosquito or Paul. Please tell us your nickname...the person who you believe imposed your freedoms...and the part of the conversation in which you believe it was imposed.

Your Channel Operators
- A pretty cool guy...If your nice...he'll talk to ya...but hes usually away doing something important =).
- The coolest, nicest, fairest, dumbest guy on IRC...talk to him...and he'll talk back...but dont go overboard on your opinions on Q2...he might go a little psycho.
- You might like him... he is there most of the time to cheer people up =)

IRC help
   Start up your favorite IRC client like Global Chat, pIRCh, xIRCon, or mIRC. Connect to irc.quake2.com. Type /join #killermaps. Youre there...Hey..and dont forget to say Hi to the ops =)...Hope to see you there...

Still need help ??? Email Mosquito...he will do his best to help you.

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