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Deathmatch Levels v-z


10-17-98    The Valley  296k    DM 2-6
Authored by- Patrik M Nydensten (aka Chain)
Well, this is definitely a refreshing change of pace. Centered around an artificial valley, this map is fun to play, looks good and has some originality. Exploration is required if you want to keep your ammo stocks up. The author has supplied an ample amount of ammo everywhere. The valley portion looks great and is nice to look at after playing so many base styled maps. The layout is unique in itself and gives a tremendous sense of being there. A laser trap awaits anyone foolish enough to walk into it. The quad is situated perfectly as its a challenge to get without someone seeing you. You must download this one for some seriously unique fun.

2-3-98    Vanguard Spectacle II   323K     DM Unknown players
Authored by- Larry Herring AKA "Rocketman"
   This level was made by one of Ion Storm's level designers and it shows he deserved to be there. This level has some really great architecture and uses plenty of variety in his choice of textures. I liked how he had the arena type DM setup so you could easily dodge fire. There is a big hole in the middle that leads to the bottom of the level, which is very convenient. I really liked the idea of Tarzan used in one of the areas in the level where you run and jump to get to a ladder on the side. The only thing I did not like was there was a somewhat easy chance to fall in lava if you were not careful. But that does not make this a bad map at all !!! I recommend this map to anyone so I'm talking to YOU. Get it now !!!!!

1-15-98    Ventilation Central   666K    DM 14 players
Authored by- Greg 'Manx' Barr
A pretty good deathmatch level with good flow and great vantage points. There was a lot of different combat situations available to keep this interesting. I liked the balance of weapons and there is some pretty good architecture too. Grab this one today and have a good time!

1-1-98    Warren 2    406K    DM ? players
Authored by- Mark 'Shmitz' Major
This is a very good DM level and I highly recommend this level, like I do all maps here at AWOQ2, the item placement is very good, there is a few places that have some unbalance, and in some places its a tad dark, but the layout is beautiful along with the architecture, It is stunning to look at some of the spots he has put in this level, the screen shot just doesn't do justice to this beautifully crafted DM level.

6-23-98    Worn and Torn  441k    DM 2-10 players
Authored by- Mike Daugherty
Well, this level is very fun and should prove for some good tight DM play. If you have a low-end computer like me *eh hem* P166 *eh hem* 32mb ram *eh hem* you will slow down in a few spots such as one spot with a tremendous slice of glass and an area outdoors. Other than that this level is very clean cut although I noticed one mis-aligned texture, but that is not very noticeable. Weapon placement is pretty good but they are spaced out dramatically and it may take a few (important) seconds to get to a weapon which could prove to be fatal. I would recommend this level to you but be warned, without a better machine than mine, you will be the prey instead of the predator.

2-2-98    Wrench   280K     DM 2-10 players
Authored by- Randy G
   I usually do not enjoy a closed in type of DM map but this time I will definitely make an exception. This is an excellent map with not one mis-aligned texture that I could find. The textures were used perfectly. There are a lot of places to hide but it is still possible for someone to see you so do not hide there for long otherwise kiss your life goodbye. There are a few spots where you can possible get stuck. This is the only big complaint I have of this beautifully constructed map. Get it NOW !!!

10-3-98    XL Aphelion  161k   DM 2-6
Authored by- Graeme Timmins (aka ProdigyXL)
Another great map from Graeme. A dark and gritty map that plays as good as it looks. As always with this author, both the texturing and the architecture are very well done. The pacing is quick with kills happening all the time. Balance is well done, too. Not much has to be said about a map in the XL series except download it. So without further ado... download it :).

8-8-98    XL Rusted Over  202k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Paul Timmins (aka ProdigyXL)
As well as being such an obvious Prodigy fan, (Prodigy being my absolute favorite group) this author shows he has some real talent. The map is very well made with rooms intersecting other rooms and many avaliable places for cutting off or suprizing other players. Weapons and ammo are placed very well throughout and no player start has a real advantage over another. The author makes you work to get the quad and mega-health, so you better learn to rocket jump :). A few texture problems were noted, however the outsatnding level design more than makes up for it. I would recommend around six players for max enjoyment.

8-23-98    XL Rush  168k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Graeme Timmins (aka ProdigyXL)
In case you don't already know, maps resembling "The Slimy Place" are my favorites. XL Rush follows in the footsteps of XL Rusted Over with the same overall theme. Again you have to work to get the better power-ups and armor, I love it when people try to get a quad, only to fall right in front of me where they are made a few pounds lighter by the meat my super shotgun blows off of them :). You can play this map with pretty much any number of people, it's always gonna be fun. This authors best work so far, and I can't wait for the next "XL" map.

8-27-98    XL Salvaged  299k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Graeme Timmins (aka ProdigyXL)
Man oh man, I love the XL series of maps. This time around the author strays away from the usual "slimy place" theme that I love, and replaces it with a base theme that proves to be every bit as good. I was informed by ProdigyXL that this map was actually going the the big recycle bin in the sky when he decided to, well, salvage it :). Thank you very much for submitting it!! As with the rest of the XL series this map sports outstanding design and layout, superb texturing, and great balance. You will enjoy this map so download it now! Keep them coming Graeme!