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Deathmatch Levels September 98

9-27-98    Metallic Resistance  291k   DM 2-6
Authored by- Martin Kilcoyne (aka Killer)
Having played some of the other maps in the MK series, I have no quams about saying that this is far and away the best! The ambient sounds are just great. You always feel that you are there. Don't let the sounds distract you or you'll wind up staring down the muzzle of someone's railgun. Texturing is good and the lighting feels right. Very well balanced and the rooms seemed to flow together. I'm sure you'll enjoy this map as much as I did.

9-23-98    The Grime  316k   DM 2-10
Authored by- John Schuch (aka Hal9000)
I'm not a very religious person but when people say "ask and you shall receive...", believe me, you WILL receive. After Hal9000's last map I asked if he would do a remake of The Slimy Place, he did, and this is it. I was surprised that he actually did it. Texturing is great, pacing and balance is great, lighting is great... well, you get the picture. There are plenty of large areas in this map so unlike the original, you won't always be falling into slime. I can say so much more but I'm pressed for time and I'm sure you'd rather be fragging someone rather than listening to me praise an outstanding map. Download this now.

9-19-98    The Sanctuary  274k   DM 2-8
Authored by- Mike Mueller
This is one good looking map. Mixing large areas with small ones. It also sports a very nice outdoor area that you don't see in many deathmatch maps. Why? Possibly because they are hard to make to look believabe. The author does a good job here though. The map has some unique archetecture and texturing. The lighting is great and the balance and flow are well done. Average in size and great for about six people.

9-19-98    A Maximis Ad Minima  119k   DM 2-4
Authored by- Kaiser
Another great 1-on-1 map. Most of the action centers around a largely vertical center room (atrium :). As the author suggests in the .txt file, I'd suggest playing this map with weapons stay. It makes things a lot bloodier. I wouldn't recomment playing this map with more than 4 people or else it gets too crowded and the fun starts to slip out of it. A definite download for 1-on-1 fans.

9-19-98    Lucky Ladders  190k   DM 2-4
Authored by- Robert Yarde (aka SweetTooth)
I've recently had a renewed interest in 1-on-1 ffa deathmatch. This level is perfect for just that. Having some interesting archetecture and a unique layout, it keeps you interested in the 1-on1 aspect that the level was designed for. This is Robert's debut map and is an excellent first try. If the author improves with every map as most authors do, he should become a recognisable figure in the DM mapping community. Expect more maps soon from Rob.

9-16-98    Ever Changing Dilemma  205k   DM 2-6
Authored by- Dave Waters (aka Homer)
Wow. When you think of an author that has made A LOT of levels, think of this guy. Twenty for Quake 2! Fifty-one for Quake!! Even though this is the first map of Homers I've played, I have respect for him. Anyone who can make that many maps must really love the game. Anyway, this is a medium sized map with some interesting ideas. Anyone know how to get to the railgun and back without dieing? This map reminded me of many of the Quake maps. It even made me want to reinstall the now classic game :). Check out some of his other maps if you get the chance, I'm sure they're just as good.

9-16-98    Blue Thunder  250k   DM 2-4
Authored by- Eric Boltjes
This map seems to be highly influenced by the warehouse, using the same texture theme at least. The weapons are fairly spread out so you won't get all of them too quickly. Pacing and flow is done very well. The lighting is nice and dark (but not too dark), which is a change of pace from these near fullbright maps. A nice map for 3 or 4 players.

9-8-98    The Other Warehouse  350k   DM 2-10
Authored by- John Schuch (aka Hal 9000)
Yes!! Another great Hal 9000 map. This time he gives us a remake of The Warehouse, arguably the best point release DM map. I really enjoyed playing this just as much as I enjoy playing the original. Architecture is just as good as IDs, as is the texturing, lighting, flow and balance. Look, what I'm trying to tell you people is to stop reading this review and download the map. I'd be really happy Hal, if you did a remake of the slimy place ;).

9-8-98    Desperation's Edge  490k   DM 2-8
Authored by- Jason Jeannette (aka Bugman)
Bugman strikes again. IMHO this is definitely the best of the whole BugDM series of maps. A waste theme sets the mood as does the lighting. Architecture is some of the best I've seen in Bugman's maps. I really like the waste theme, and so does the Bugman. However, he seems to have run out of ideas for the waste them and a base themed map is already well into production. I can't wait. As is the norm in all of this authors maps, the flow and balance is done to perfection. If you haven't tried any of the BugDM series I strongly urge you to download this map.

9-2-98    Laceration!  205k   2-6 players DM
Authored by- Ian Marks (aka SmegHEAD)
I must say that upon reading the .txt file I never thought much of this map. I mean it took a total of around 180 seconds to compile the whole thing. Boy was I wrong. First thing that I must comment on that this level has that I think EVERY good DM level should have, player clip brushes. It is nearly impossible to get caught anywhere in this map. This makes navigating and fancy footwork much easier. The map is put together very well although some of the textures didn't seem to fit the theme. Pacing is good with great risks to oneself if you try to get some of the better items. A very good map that suprized me with it's simplicity and speed.