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Deathmatch Levels p-r

2-8-98    Painkiller   162K     DM 2-4 players
Authored by- Sten Uusvali
   This is a well constructed map that gives the players a run for their money. They have to be quick, precise, and a good deathmatcher in this map. There is a few complex areas that will take some thought so you can get to the weapons but you can get to them. I did not seem to be able to find the BFG10k so it might not be in there but that does not matter. This map is a clean all the way through and the textures are a pretty good choice. The only thing is that there is one or two places that I got stuck but overall a very nice map and definitely deserves the Killer Map award. Well, why are just looking at this review ?? GET IT NOW !!

2-7-98    Prelude   380K     DM Unknown players
Authored by- Marty Howe
   This level is a really spacious type level. Lots of room for action. Most of the level was really detailed except for one spot which Ill say more about in a sec. There were many computer terminals and the weapons were fairly balanced. The outdoor part was kind of wacky because it was really REALLY light. it was not really rocky or anything and there was a worthless well of water in one corner. That area is however very good for some open shooting. Just download it and see for yourself.

10-12-98    Resistance Is Futile  338k   DM 2-8
Authored by- Martin Kilcoyne (aka Killer)
Martin has made a follow-up to his previous map, Metallic Resistance, and it's just as good. The texture styling is very close to his last work as well is the lighting and outstanding ambient sounds. The action takes place around a large center room and almost never seems to stop. If you enjoyed Metallic Resistance at all, you will love his latest work. Well done Killer.
4-21-98    Revenge I  636K    DM 2-16 players
Authored by- Denis Moeller aka Panza
I really liked this level as soon as I started it up. It has a kind of Aztec/Mayan Indian Temple feeling to it. Definitely refreshing to all the Technological ones we've seen here. Just for that, it deserves this killer map. The author did not stop on that though. The level fits together so perfectly, and smoothly. The architecture is great, it has a new type of elevator that I have not seen before, really nice looking. It is to bad that he did not make the elevator go up more. There are also three grinding wheel cylinders, which, when you try to obtain the BFG10k, you could easily get in it and well, I guess you get the idea. Overall, this map is great, should be great for about 8 players. I would recommend this level to anyone. Am I telling you to download it? Well, YEA I AM. So get it.