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Deathmatch Levels October 98


10-26-98    Sunday  671k    DM 2-10
Authored by- Michael Drummond (aka weasy)
This large map by weasy was sent to me b4 it was uploaded. I made sure it was indeed uploaded. Well constructed and balanced this map would be perfect for those eraser bot CTF games. All the weapons are in there (yes, even the dreaded widowmaker BFG) but aquiring them can prove to be difficult because weasy has taken the time to place them appropriately. I couldn't spot any obvious texture flaws in this large-scale map, and the lighting was adaquate throughout. If you have a bunch of freinds with a bunch of computers, get together and throw this in their face.


10-20-98    Hell's Kitchen  604k    DM 2-6
Authored by- Jason Fink (aka ElFinko)
Another map that reeks of originality. Most of the map is played over lava, but you really don't have to worry about falling in. The majority of the floor is transparent and allows you to see that you are fighting over large pools of lava. Its a really neat effect and partially what makes this map fun to play. Its loaded with transparencies, like the ceilings that have a see through layer that give the lights an almost flare effect. I had to look twice to see why they looked like that. Its nice to see people trying new things when making maps and it seems to be paying off. Remember, originality is big in my books. This is a map that comes highly recommended.


10-17-98    The Valley  296k    DM 2-6
Authored by- Patrik M Nydensten (aka Chain)
Well, this is definitely a refreshing change of pace. Centered around an artificial valley, this map is fun to play, looks good and has some originality. Exploration is required if you want to keep your ammo stocks up. The author has supplied an ample amount of ammo everywhere. The valley portion looks great and is nice to look at after playing so many base styled maps. The layout is unique in itself and gives a tremendous sense of being there. A laser trap awaits anyone foolish enough to walk into it. The quad is situated perfectly as its a challenge to get without someone seeing you. You must download this one for some seriously unique fun.

10-12-98    Resistance Is Futile  338k   DM 2-8
Authored by- Martin Kilcoyne (aka Killer)
Martin has made a follow-up to his previous map, Metallic Resistance, and it's just as good. The texture styling is very close to his last work as well is the lighting and outstanding ambient sounds. The action takes place around a large center room and almost never seems to stop. If you enjoyed Metallic Resistance at all, you will love his latest work. Well done Killer.
10-3-98    The Dent  701k   DM 2-8
Authored by- Jason Jeannette (aka Bugman)
In the text file, Bugman calls this a medium sized map. He must think big because this is MASSIVE. He is right though. The play area itself isn't all too big but the architecture is huge. Lighting is done very well throughout and the texturing is flawless. Most of the weapons are in there (less one BFG), and adequate ammo is provided. You should probably have at least 32megs of RAM or you might experience some speed hits. Even on my P233 MMX 64meg there were a few places where the framerates seemed to jump a bit. That aside you really should download this one.

10-3-98    XL Aphelion  161k   DM 2-6
Authored by- Graeme Timmins (aka ProdigyXL)
Another great map from Graeme. A dark and gritty map that plays as good as it looks. As always with this author, both the texturing and the architecture are very well done. The pacing is quick with kills happening all the time. Balance is well done, too. Not much has to be said about a map in the XL series except download it. So without further ado... download it :).