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Deathmatch Levels November 98


11-19-98    MarTim16 "The Countdown"  900k    DM 2-10
By- The MarTim Team
The Martim Team made some of the best Quake1 maps that I remember and in this newest installment, the "old school" feel sure shines through. This is a really fun map to play because it has many of the elements that made Quake so much fun to play. From the architecture to the flow and balance of the level, you can really tell a team effort goes into their maps. I, myself, probably couldn't work with so many people on one map but hey, if it turns out this good it can't all be a chore. I do belive all the weapons were in here and I know they were placed well. Texturing is very well done as is the norm with this team. It was made for the Immortal Hours II LAN tourney in the Netherlands and I'm sure they had a blast playing it. Oh yeah if you don't know the individual members of the Martim team they are Tim van Hal, Marco van Schriek and Roel Tiemessen. Head over toTeam MarTim and check out some of their other work.


11-8-98    The Rust Bucket  460k    DM
By- Martin Kilcoyne (aka Killer)
I think we have a new winner as my favorite deathmatch map to date. This one looks great, runs fast and is an absolute blast to play. I've stated it again and again, but this waste theme is my favorite theme for any map. Martin has brought new life to my love of this theme. All the weapons are there except for the hyper-blaster. The BFG has been included, but to aquire it you must risk your life. You'll understand what I mean the first time you're melted. Even the invulnerablilty is in there. The architecture is stunning and textured flawlessly. The lighting makes this rust bucket seem even more dank than it already is. There is the constant sounds of piping slime throughout this map and it adds even more character to this already first-class map. Please, someone out there get ahold of Martin and see if you can put this map on a server. After you've done that, tell me!! I would happily show up with bells on :). It really is that good. Convince someone you know to put it on a server. Just stop reading this and do something!! Download this map and see for yourself. DO IT!!!