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Deathmatch Levels May 98

5-9-98    Confidence Lost  1.5M    DM 2-32 players
Authored by- Craig Sparks - BotanikA
From one of the people that gave us King of the Hill comes one of the MOST awesome DM levels I have ever had the chance to play. This level is a complete knockout, from the small castle with the BFG (pictured at right), to the underground rivers, to the beautiful decorated gardens (also pictured). Not only is this level beautiful, but it is what Deathmatching is all about, large areas to fire, with some small cramped areas and some places with some really neeto leeto stuff. Jump off the bridge to ride the rapids down into the caverns and grab some ammo and weapons. What would really be cool is to drop some grenades to the unsuspecting foe in the gardens. He go BOOM !!! BLOOD ALL OVER THE GARDENS AND PLANTS. HAHAHA. Sorry, its just that this level is so cool and fun to play, and is very large and detailed. The one complaint though, and it is minor, is the one area with a LOT of glass, which greatly reduces the play down to snail speed, but that is on my P166. If you want to see one of the best DM levels of all time, GET THIS ONE, and I promise you will never regret this download. I had better see this level on a server soon!!!

5-7-98    The Rage  225K    DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Sten Uusvali
This level was really fun to play, just like the other ones from Sten that I have had the honour of playing. The basic setting of the level is your average joe base map, but its dark and has the space sky instead of the normal planet sky, which made this level cool just with that. The lighting is really erie which made this really cool. Imagine hiding in one of these thousand shadows and railing someone. Now tell me that would not be fun. Most weapons are in here and the ammo is spread out fairly evenly and is there right when you need it the most it seems. Multiple stories with medium arena's makes dropping a lot of grenades on people such an ease. I really think you should check this level out, but i think you knew that already, so go download. NOW!!!

5-5-98    Evil Hours  3o7K   DM 8 -10 players
Authored by- Robert Selitto
Although it is a remake of an old Quake dm level it still ROCKS. This level is great for 6-10 players and maybe even more. The balance is really nice all the way through it. There are plenty of advantage places for the players lucky enough to have the grenade launcher and it has two large areas for the battle of your lives. The interconnectivity (like the new word?) of this level was amazing with its fine looking hallways, stairways, and ladders, and made for excellent game flow and easy accessibility to all areas of the map. And on top of everything else it is a very good looking level with plenty of eye candy. Be the first one on your block to get this really killer DM map!