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Deathmatch Levels Mar. 98

3-28-98    GRIND  206k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Dennis Kaltwasser aka headshot
Dennis has made one heck of a good DM level. Made for 8 players, this map reminds me of "Guns and Ammo" which has also been featured as a Killer Map here on AWOQ2. If you liked "Guns and Ammo" then I know you'll love to play GRIND. Small but complete in every way, this map is the first DM map that Ive seen use the roatating doors. Of course, you will have to find that door, because it has a Mega Health in there, which should prove to be very useful in kicking ass. I fired this baby up and switched to my 640x480 res to take a nice shot of the level and saw the rotating door flip open to show off a nice set of staircases. I must say this is an excellent map and I recommend you download it to just look at the beauty in it. Not a misaligned texture that I could find anywhere. Get it if you know what is good for you.

3-22-98    Closed Particle Loop  1.1M   16+ players DM
Authored by- Brent "Veldrin" McLeod
Words do not describe the complexity and variety in this great DM level. This beats ANYTHING I have ever seen in a DM level. The level has many places in it that you can tell from the other places so that you know where you are like cavern's under the central base, the central base, and the river. There are many things that I have never seen in a DM level such as the waterfall's used (you will know it when you see it). To keep the speed up in the level, Brent used a texture for ladders instead of using the standard brushes. It works very well like this and would be nice to see it appear in other large levels to keep the speed up in DM. He used the Glass texture for part of the floors but did not give it transparency, which makes it look really cool. Due to its dark, space theme, lighting is very good. This level was so good that it deserved 2 screenshot's, no other level we have reviewed here at AWOQ2 has gotten that privilege. So much creativity was put into this and it totally deserves the Killer Map Award, and it will be on my Top Ten DM list forever. Lets just say that in my opinion, this level beats any of the id DM levels. You would be smart to download it now and stop reading !!!

3-21-98    Fingers' 1st Quake2 Deathmatch level  179k   2-4 players DM
Authored by- Iikka Keranen aka Fingers
Although not as good as his first, Iikka shows solid construction and pretty basic DM level, the lighting is pretty good. As far as I can tell, this level is his first attempt at Quake 2 editing. I really do like the big hole which is shown in the screenshot because you can pop some grenades down there for fairly easy kills. The texture alignment is perfect. Nothing really super interesting but this level should prove for a nice 1 on 1 or maybe even 4 or 5 people, but 8 is more than plenty to have a nice gib fest. Even though it is basic, I still recommend you to download this map.

3-8-98    Fear in your Eyes    331K     DM 2-4 players
Authored by- Warren Marshall a.k.a. Taskmaster
This is a nice map that could contain about 8 players, but he built it for 4. Lots of Glass and Rotating Brushes (Architecture). I think all the weapons are there, nothing really spectacular about this level, but it should prove for many interesting frag feasts. This level looked fairly symmetrical and the way he did it was well thought out. So, you should not be sitting there reading this review, YOU should be DOWNLOADING it...well..NOW!!!!

3-8-98    Outpost    243K     DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Chunka
Although this level would have been better with a little more lighting, this one is still pretty good for a small FFA DM. Very enclosed and very small which would make for a great frag fest. Be careful of a few spots that you might accidentally get into. Like the elevator that if you are standing to close to one side, will make you get smashed by one of the ceiling beams, doh. Other than a few minor problems, the textures are fairly well chosen and NO gray spots. Go ahead and give this one a shot if you are looking for a nice small frag fest.

3-7-98    Fingers' 2nd Quake2 DM Level    245K     DM 2-6 players
Authored by- Iikka Keranen a.k.a. Fingers
I can see why Ion Storm hired Iikka, not only can he build great maps, but he can build them in very little time, this map was made in 3 nights, and it is utterly amazing. The only thing I cannot get used to is the bottomless part which is cool in a way, but I just do not dig it. I think I saw all the weapons in this level, except the BFG10k, although I could be wrong. Nice Open halls, Texture alignment, basic flow of the level. In other words, a very VERY COOL level. Get it, otherwise ION storm might get upset, we do not want that do we ??