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Deathmatch Levels m-o

7-14-98    Manhunt  206k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Steve Lyne (aka Scary-one)
It took me a few plays to really realize how well this level is put together. There are many ways to enter most of the rooms, which added much more tactical thought into playing it. Not just a run and gun map. I was pleased with the use of textures, though the lighting was a bit on the dark side, which added even more depth to the map. Although whole rooms should not be completely dark. Steve is the author of other maps as well and they all deserve a look. Well done.

9-27-98    Metallic Resistance  291k   DM 2-6
Authored by- Martin Kilcoyne (aka Killer)
Having played some of the other maps in the MK series, I have no quams about saying that this is far and away the best! The ambient sounds are just great. You always feel that you are there. Don't let the sounds distract you or you'll wind up staring down the muzzle of someone's railgun. Texturing is good and the lighting feels right. Very well balanced and the rooms seemed to flow together. I'm sure you'll enjoy this map as much as I did.

9-19-98    A Maximis Ad Minima  119k   DM 2-4
Authored by- Kaiser
Another great 1-on-1 map. Most of the action centers around a largely vertical center room (atrium :). As the author suggests in the .txt file, I'd suggest playing this map with weapons stay. It makes things a lot bloodier. I wouldn't recomment playing this map with more than 4 people or else it gets too crowded and the fun starts to slip out of it. A definite download for 1-on-1 fans.

1-12-98    MarTim12 "Raw Sewage"    461K    SP/DM 4 players
Authored by- The MarTim Team
The is the first MarTim level for Quake 2 and shows a lot of promise for any future levels they may make. You will start just above a sewer in the control area and fight your way out. The monster placement was good and the game flow was pretty smooth but the end seemed to be just a little abrupt making me want a little more. I thought it could have been a little harder but was still a challenge and a lot of fun the way it is. You will find there is just enough ammo and health to get the job done so don't waste anything or you may find yourself quite dead. This level should prove to be pretty good in deathmatch on a lan also with 4 player starts. Grab it and have fun.

8-27-98    The Refinery  340k   2-10 players DM
Authored by- Barracuda
Another great DM map! This medium sized map has some of the best ambience I've seen in a deathmatch map. At no point in the map did I ever deny actually being in some sort of refinery. From the ambient sound to the gritty textures and great lighting, this map has it all. Power-ups are placed so that you give your position away while getting them (most of the time, anyway). Expect some really fun deathmatches in this map. My only question? What are they refining?

3-28-98    Morning Gory  3.3M   2-15? players DM
Authored by- Greg Barr (aka Manx)
WOW! This being my first review here at AWOQ2, I thought I would give you the best. It really doesn't get much better than this. First off, the level comes in a .pak file because of new ambient sounds and some new textures. I might add that these are perfectly suited for the map. The pak is named pak04 so if you have to rename it do so. The weapons and powerups are placed with amazing balance, keeps the confrontations fast and furious. The download is rather large, around 3.3meg, but well worth it. Its big enough that you could probably get away with 14 or 15 players, any more would be over-kill. If anyone at ID is reading this, you should really consider this guy for a position. It really is that good. I could praise this 'till I burst, but I won't. What are you waiting for? Stop reading this and download the level...NOW!

8-23-98    The Oppressor  295k   2-8 players DM
Authored by- Michael Shand
Certain mappers always leave me waiting for there next release. Micheal Shand is one of those people. Micheal always mixes fast paced action with balance and this map certainly is no exception. The theme is kind of a mixed bag and my best guess would be a sort of installation/base theme. Not one texture out of line, and not a light out of place. No _real_ camping spots, but if you are a camping freak (I call them outdoorsmen...), and you look hard enough, there is one really good spot to sit. Another great map by Shand.

3-8-98    Outpost    243K     DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Chunka
Although this level would have been better with a little more lighting, this one is still pretty good for a small FFA DM. Very enclosed and very small which would make for a great frag fest. Be careful of a few spots that you might accidentally get into. Like the elevator that if you are standing to close to one side, will make you get smashed by one of the ceiling beams, doh. Other than a few minor problems, the textures are fairly well chosen and NO gray spots. Go ahead and give this one a shot if you are looking for a nice small frag fest.