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Deathmatch Levels June 98

6-25-98    Compass  317k    DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Dmitry *Vondur* Svetlichny
Once again another one-of-a-kind map has appeared on AWOQ2. This level reminds me of "The Warehouse" aka q2dm8 by id, many catwalks are overhead and on just about every catwalk there is enough space to aim down on the floor below you. The thing that really makes this level original is the compass located in the center of the map, complete with moving needle and letters (pictured in screenshot). I believe all weapons are included except the BFG10k and the texture alignment is great, along with the lighting. This will make for great DM play and if you enjoyed playing "The Warehouse" by id, you are sure to enjoy this one.

6-23-98    Worn and Torn  441k    DM 2-10 players
Authored by- Mike Daugherty
Well, this level is very fun and should prove for some good tight DM play. If you have a low-end computer like me *eh hem* P166 *eh hem* 32mb ram *eh hem* you will slow down in a few spots such as one spot with a tremendous slice of glass and an area outdoors. Other than that this level is very clean cut although I noticed one mis-aligned texture, but that is not very noticeable. Weapon placement is pretty good but they are spaced out dramatically and it may take a few (important) seconds to get to a weapon which could prove to be fatal. I would recommend this level to you but be warned, without a better machine than mine, you will be the prey instead of the predator.

6-22-98    The Killing Machine  228k    DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Sten Uusvali
Yet another fine DM level from Sten. This level keeps his normal level style intact and although basic, can still prove to be a very tight, fast moving DM level. Make sure to be on the top area otherwise you may get punctured by a grenade from the heavens. Sten has managed to keep a basically flawless level design alive with a perfect set of textures derived from the standard texture set. There is nothing thrilling about this level as it keeps the basic formula of mass destruction and tight, fast paced DM play alive. I am certain there will be more high quality levels from this author and I am certainly looking forward to reviewing more of his levels in the future.

6-22-98    Hamburger Train  461k    DM 2-12 players
Authored by- Pete '[KRON]' Yellen
This level is one of those levels that yell out "original". Sporting a large star in one of the rooms and lava crevices in another makes this level definitely one worth for those who want a fresh feel for DM. There always will be a weapon found on a slab of glass so just remember where to find those and you are sure to find a nice utensil capable of mass destruction. There are some nifty types of ramps seen all over the level and the lighting is fairly good except in a few spots where it is either too light or too dark. All in all this is a level worth taking a peek at and if you are looking for originality, this is one that shows that characteristic of originality off.