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Deathmatch Levels Jan. 98

1-31-98    Da Tank   330K     DM 4 players
Authored by- Invictus
   From one of the level authors from the MOD Fantasy Quake: Rise of the Phoenix comes a "hands down" superb level. This level definitely reflects an arena type of DM level and does it very well. The hallways give you a nice bit of room even for Internet play. The level does not slow down at all during gameplay. I especially liked the Star base type setting that was used for this level. The only complaint I have about this level was the lack of using textures. I only saw a few kinds of textures. This is definitely a minor complaint. Go get this great level TODAY !!!

1-25-98    Underworld Outpost    165K    DM 6 Players
Authored by- Russel Hayward
I really enjoyed playing this level, It had some neat contraptions, one of which you can see in the screenshot, it traps people in the water with this lock thing, then when they come up for air, you can shoot them, hahahaha...It had just enough space to get in and out, but not too much to where anyone could shoot you, the only real complaint that I have is that the bridges aren't quite wide enough for Internet DM play due to lag and the buttons that control a door or two. But those are my ONLY complaints. Bravo !!!!

1-23-98    Cray Oh La Boxes    483K     DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Tom Hall
This level is nothing short of spectacular but then again you might expect that from ION Storm's second in command. The architecture was brilliant in most spots and the balance was outstanding with all the right stuff you will need for a great deathmatch. You will find plenty of things to do in this level =) The combat situations which can be presented to the players are widely varied for a truly great deathmatch experience. I was quite impressed with the smoothness of the gameflow as it was fairly easy to get around in most places. I really hope Tom has more time to bring us more levels of this great caliber!

1-15-98    Ventilation Central   666K    DM 14 players
Authored by- Greg 'Manx' Barr
A pretty good deathmatch level with good flow and great vantage points. There was a lot of different combat situations available to keep this interesting. I liked the balance of weapons and there is some pretty good architecture too. Grab this one today and have a good time!

1-12-98    MarTim12 "Raw Sewage"    461K    SP/DM 4 players
Authored by- The MarTim Team
The is the first MarTim level for Quake 2 and shows a lot of promise for any future levels they may make. You will start just above a sewer in the control area and fight your way out. The monster placement was good and the game flow was pretty smooth but the end seemed to be just a little abrupt making me want a little more. I thought it could have been a little harder but was still a challenge and a lot of fun the way it is. You will find there is just enough ammo and health to get the job done so don't waste anything or you may find yourself quite dead. This level should prove to be pretty good in deathmatch on a lan also with 4 player starts. Grab it and have fun.

1-6-98    StroggDM3: Elemental    727K    DM 1-16 players
Authored by- Mark Major (aka Shmitz)
Another great deathmatch level from Mark with just about everything you could imagine in a great map. This large level is inside and outside and has every weapon in it, plenty of ammo and powerups, and even a great trap. It should play as good as it looks. The only thing it really needs is you and 15 opponents.

1-1-98    Warren 2    406K    DM ? players
Authored by- Mark 'Shmitz' Major
This is a very good DM level and I highly recommend this level, like I do all maps here at AWOQ2, the item placement is very good, there is a few places that have some unbalance, and in some places its a tad dark, but the layout is beautiful along with the architecture, It is stunning to look at some of the spots he has put in this level, the screen shot just doesn't do justice to this beautifully crafted DM level.