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Deathmatch Levels j-l

4-1-98    Gom Jabbar  213K    DM
Authored by- Taltos [Noel Weer]
A darn good deathmatch level for up to 8 people but really suited better for 3 or 4. I ran this level with 3 Eraser bots and had a great time. The item balance is great providing the players with plenty of what you need to get the job done. This is one of the best deathmatch levels I have seen for its small size. The architecture was very nicely detailed giving the player plenty of eye candy while getting his behind blown off! The map flowed well with every part of it connecting smoothly. There were plenty of vantage points for you or your opponent to take advantage of. Get together with a couple of your friends and try this level today.

2-18-98    Kandybase Two for Quake2    325K     DM 2-16 players
Authored by- Marin Gazzari - Kandyman
This is a one to one copy of Kandybase for Quake. I really enjoyed seeing it with the Quake 2 engine and know you and up to 16 of your friends will have lots of fun with it as it plays very well and has great weapons balance! The level looks as good as it plays so pick it up today!

2-28-98    Kick the P.A.    210K     DM 2-7 players
Authored by- Dennis Kaltwasser a.k.a. Headshot
Kick the P.A. sounds like a level that a 6th grader created but that is definitely not the case, this level is very well constructed and is definitely id influenced. A very simple layout provides for some very interesting play. Although it has a very simple layout, it has many rooms and some very nice, dark corners to peg someone from. Not really anything new in this level but that's ok, you will be happy to know that I could not find any misaligned textures. I really do recommend this level to all of you serious DM players out there. Get it..duh !!!!

9-2-98    Laceration!  205k   2-6 players DM
Authored by- Ian Marks (aka SmegHEAD)
I must say that upon reading the .txt file I never thought much of this map. I mean it took a total of around 180 seconds to compile the whole thing. Boy was I wrong. First thing that I must comment on that this level has that I think EVERY good DM level should have, player clip brushes. It is nearly impossible to get caught anywhere in this map. This makes navigating and fancy footwork much easier. The map is put together very well although some of the textures didn't seem to fit the theme. Pacing is good with great risks to oneself if you try to get some of the better items. A very good map that suprized me with it's simplicity and speed.

12-20-97    Lascerate    218K    DM 2-8 players
Authored by- Mike Daugherty
A fine deathmatch map with good balance and superb colored lighting. This was truly fun when a friend and I tried it out yesterday (even though he kind of kicked my ass =). The level has the right feel and seemed to be just the right size and has the potential to become a favorite of mine being it was the first deathmatch level I have ever reviewed. So, get it, grab a friend or 3, and check it out today!

9-19-98    Lucky Ladders  190k   DM 2-4
Authored by- Robert Yarde (aka SweetTooth)
I've recently had a renewed interest in 1-on-1 ffa deathmatch. This level is perfect for just that. Having some interesting archetecture and a unique layout, it keeps you interested in the 1-on1 aspect that the level was designed for. This is Robert's debut map and is an excellent first try. If the author improves with every map as most authors do, he should become a recognisable figure in the DM mapping community. Expect more maps soon from Rob.